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Paul Auster S Hand To Mouth A Chronicle Of Early Failure Is A Fascinating And Often Funny Memoir About His Early Years As A Writer Struggling To Be Published, And To Make Enough Money To Survive Leaving High School With Itchy Feet And Refusing To Play It Safe, Auster Avoided Convention And The Double Life Of Steady Office Employment While Writing From The Streets Of New York City, Dublin, And Paris To A Surreal Adventure In A Dusty Village In Mexico, Auster S Account Of Living On Next To Nothing Introduces An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters While Examining What It Means To Be A Writer

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    This was a reread, and this second time around was just as good as the first time Hand to Mouth is one of Paul Auster s autobiographies This one his first one out of two, if I m not mistaken is very controversial as it deals with Auster s failure of a life and career during his twenties Auster lays out the bare facts and hides nothing, and it s refreshing to read this honest account However, what s peculiar about this autobiography is that only 125 pages is the actual autobiography The rest of the book consists of appendixes I think one of the longest appendixes ever published , which are three hugely entertaining plays, a baseball card game and an unknown novel that Auster published during his failing twenties It s incredible how someone can fail in life at least when it comes to money, love and purpose and still produce this amazing literature This just goes to show that Auster is a master at writing and creating stories and characters, in my eyes I love this autobiography because it s honest, it s raw and it s so damn well written

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    view spoiler I felt too young to settle down, too full of other plans to waste my time earning money than I either wanted or needed This isn t a question of apples and oranges but of two kinds of apples, both the same shade of green All my savings went into that trip Birthday money, graduation money, bar mitzvah money, the little bits I d hoarded from summer jobs 13 If I thought about earning a living at all, it was only in a fitful, haphazard sort of way His job was to laugh at Teddy s jokes and make sure his friend didn t take things too far and get himself hauled off to jail a minuscule hole in the wall that doubled as neighborhood hangout and hotel reception desk I was browsing in bookstores, eating in cheap restaurants, getting to know various people, catching a dose of the clap very painful , and generally exulting in the choice I had made Torn between compassion and disgust, I came up with a coward s compromise I had never been south of the Mason Dixon line but I remember becoming interested in some of the formal problems presented by traditional Vietnamese verse structures, which have no equivalents in Western poetry In light of the great Stein revival of the Seventies Between translating for money and writing for myself, there was rarely a moment during those years when I wasn t sitting at my desk, putting words on a piece of paper It wasn t difficult to understand why I had put too much of myself into working for time and not enough into working for money, and the result was that now I didn t have either one Why not have a story in which an apparent murder turns out to be a suicide In the meantime, all sorts of catastrophes occurred, one upheaval followed another, and the last thing on my mind was the fate of my pseudonymous potboiler hide spoiler

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    God knows what impelled someone at Le Monde to call this flimsy and indifferent work one of the most original and audacious autobiographies ever written by a writer In fact, from its writing, you d never guess Auster made his living as a novelist or even as a newspaper staff member reporting on hit and runs and smog levels From the first line to the very last, this book is a manual on how not to write.He had lots of experiences none of which he deigns to mention , met many people whom he never introduce us to , would never forget his time in Paris he looked into the darkness and for the first time saw himself A shadow This is how much of the writing goes They were buddies, two peas in a pod, not attracted to each other sexually, but buddies Yeah, I get it I also got that he wasn t going to make an effort to bring to life anyone in this book, including himself, his family, his ex wife or his current wife His father saved, his mother didn t His paarents were never meant to be together, yet he couldn t understand why they divorced They stayed together for the ids really, does that happen, Paul Oh, please tell me This is riveting I kept wondering if the last line was, You see, this is proof that, once you ve made it as a writer, you can publish any garbage you want and people will praise you But no gotcha comes Don t expect it or anything else from this book Anyone who praises this is either in love with Auster or a self pitying would be writer who understands you don t choose to be a writer writing chooses you Ah, wise Paul never deluded himself into believing he could make a living as a writer, yet he bores us with how he had not a pot to piss in his words, not mine Oh goodness, poor Paul spent a couple years with no amazing success Let us learn fro his travails Let us learn not to be as arrogant as he Don t be fooled by his brooding eyes not the slightest effort or introspection graces this autobiography It may as well have written by his arm chair The book graciously includes three plays he tries to convince us he doesn t care for, his first novel to enlighten us on the great auteur s beginnings, and a baseball game he had no luck in getting made Was he forced to write this 130 page autobiography so he could enable his earliest works to see the light of page It would seem so And aren t we grateful he s bestowed this gift upon us.But rest assured, a great parlor game can be made from this book Have a group of friends say a cliche, then search for it in this book using an online search engine If the cliche appears, they stay in the game if it doesn t, they lose Continue until only one person remains or no one can think of a cliche Auster hasn t used The winner or winners get a copy of a book by Auster s wife, Siri Hustvedt, who actually deserves to be read.

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    A salto mata es una novela corta que narra los duros inicios de Paul Auster en el mundo de la escritura Paul Auster nos cuenta sus problemas con el dinero, cuya falta le llev casi al desastre Tuvo que realizar diversos trabajos tripulante en un petrolero, traductor, cr tico, etc , ninguno de los cu les tienen nada que ver con el trabajo de escritor, pero que sin embargo le ayudan a conocer a todo tipo de personas Todas estas experiencias vitales repercutir n en su narrativa futura, conformando al actual Paul Auster Se trata de una muy buena autobiograf a, sincera y humana, narrada desde la humildad.El libro se completa con tres ap ndices En el primero se nos presentan tres obras de teatro escritas por Paul Auster entre 1976 y 1977 Laurel y Ard van al cielo , Escondite y Apagones , sin duda la mejor de las tres Son realmente flojitas y solo interesantes a aquellos aficionados obsesionados por completar la obra del autor A mi entender, son completamente prescindibles El segundo ap ndice es otro tanto de lo mismo, ya que se trata de un juego de cartas, B isbol en acci n , que Auster ide en su adolescencia y que resucit m s tarde para ver si pod a hacer algo de dinero con l No pasa de una mera curiosidad.Pero llegamos al tercer ap ndice, Jugada de presi n , una novela polic aca escrita por Paul Auster en 1978, y publicada bajo el seud nimo de Paul Benjamin se trata por tanto uno de sus primeros trabajos Auster realiza todo un homenaje al g nero negro un detective privado contratado por una antigua estrella del b isbol, metido ahora en pol tica, que ha recibido una amenaza por carta En ella nos encontramos todos los ingredientes del g nero negro m s cl sico un protagonista de fina iron a, mafia, infidelidades, polic as pasados de vueltas, amantes despechados, palizas y asesinatos La novela trascurre de manera lineal y te atrapa desde el primer momento Sin ser la mejor obra de Auster, resulta una muy buena novela negra, bien escrita, y con un escritor que ya empezaba a afinar su estilo.

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    Li este livro por duas casualidades primeiro, recebi este livro de oferta na compra de outro, e depois decidi l lo agora devido a uma iniciativa no Goodreads, o National Readathon Day, em que nos compromet amos a ler durante um certo per odo no dia 24 de janeiro escolhi o por ser pequeno e me parecer que a leitura devesse ser r pida De Paul Auster, ainda s li um livro, O Livro das Ilus es, que adorei Lembro me de alguns contornos da hist ria, o que extremamente positivo uma vez que j l v o 10 anos Tornou se um daqueles escritores de quem lemos algo de que verdadeiramente gostamos, mas por qualquer motivo a segunda leitura vai se adiando sem percebermos bem porqu E nem sequer me faltam livros dele por ler, na realidade at tenho tr s A Trilogia de Nova Iorque, Sunset Park e Pal cio da Lua Portanto, parti com expectativas moderadas, com alguma esperan a que este livro ressuscitasse o meu interesse pelo escritor Da M o Para a Boca uma autobiografia do escritor que relata como foi a sua vida antes de se ter tornado escritor, com grande foco na vida errante que levou e nas dificuldades financeiras por que passou Paul Auster d conta da sua irrever ncia precoce, da sua vontade de n o permanecer muito tempo no mesmo lugar e das contradi es que o levavam a aceitar praticamente qualquer emprego que lhe aparecesse pela frente apesar de, por dentro, continuar fiel sua vontade de se tornar escritor.Em termos cronol gicos, esta pequena autobiografia termina praticamente antes de Paul Auster ter conseguido publicar o seu primeiro livro e de ter, finalmente, conseguido juntar o til ao agrad vel poder viver daquilo que mais gostava de fazer At l , assistimos ao relato das viagens do escritor especialmente a Paris , a algumas situa es caricatas e pessoas que conheceu e entendeu relevante referir Para ser muito sincera, n o achei um relato incrivelmente interessante, porque duvido um pouco da mensagem que o autor pretendeu passar pelo menos, segundo o meu entendimento a de que, quando as coisas t m de ser, podem dar muitas voltas mas acabam por acontecer Acho que as coisas acontecem devido a um misto de trabalho e sorte, e Paul Auster apresenta aqui o tornar se como escritor como uma inevitabilidade apesar das muitas voltas que a sua vida deu.Foi um livro moderadamente interessante, mas que na maior parte do tempo me deixou indiferente Ainda assim, continua a curiosidade por ler mais obras de fic o de Paul Auster.

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    A pathetic self serving attempt by an otherwise very good writer There is nothing of worth in this memoir For a person of Auster s literary stature, I am surprised he would want this out there It just was not that interesting and it was written as chronological straight reportage In the long run, this will not help Auster s standing in the literary canon.