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    The three stars are for the information provided about Grace Kelly, which is the only reason, in my opinion, to read this one I find this book lacking both in heart and emotional insight Minus this, the reader feels an emotional distance from Grace, making some of her dalliances seem tawdry rather than wistful or sad.There has yet to be a truly great bio of this lovely star whose public image of a woman lovely and kind, fiercely loyal, flawless in grace, is accurate, yet terribly incomplete There is too much of a matter of fact tone to the revelations about her various affairs and life long need for love and acceptance to give the reader anything other than a surface picture of woman behind that famous smile It is the greatest failing of this biography.She married a Prince to escape the stifling atmosphere of the studio system, yet found her restless spirit again stifled as her time in Monaco lengthened Acting in front of the camera had at least given her soul an outlet, a chance to fly Her life long quest for praise and acceptance from her father marred her youth, her career and her private life She hurt easily, loved hard, and needed to be loved in the same way She settled for tender dalliances to soothe her inward unhappiness, while outwardly being exactly what the public saw her as.Tackling this lovely woman s inner frustration behind that million dollar smile was either beyond this author s ability, or he was not inclined to do so For that reason it comes off as remote and distant, making revelations about affairs of the heart seem salacious when in fact they were sad If you re looking to get a three dimensional picture of Grace, you won t find it here Perhaps one day this fine and lovely woman will get a biography worthy of her, one with insight and understanding, one which isn t boring This book isn t it Yet still, even as lacking in empathy and insight as it is, a vague portrait does appear If I had to describe Grace Kelly, I would say this Privately unhappy, trapped like a bird in a gilded cage, she sometimes escaped, finding in various arms, brief moments of love and acceptance that made the cage bearable It s unfortunate this book wasn t better, and that with all the various books floating around out there, a real portrait of Grace that goes beyond the surface, and to the heart of her, does not exist.

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    Hmm What do I think about this book It s not what I expected I literally just finished this book and I am inclined to give it four stars It would not be fair to punish Robert Lacey for not writing some kind of Princess Diaries when Grace Kelly s life was so conflicted This book seems well researched and I found Lacey s writing style to be exceptional Don t read this book if you don t want to look beneath the surface of Grace the icon because you may be disappointed I learned so much about her life while reading this book Whether I am thinking of Grace Kelly, the actress, or Princess Grace of Monaco, she truly surprised me.A poem her father kept framed in his study that was the inspiration for much of his success also reflects Jack Kelly s influence over his daughter s life Never by many are marvels wrought, By one or two are the dreams first caught The dreamer must toil when the odds are great, Must stand to failure and work and wait Must keep his faith though he stand alone, Until the truth of his dream is known Driven by a need to gain approval from her father, Grace lived a life most women only dream about, yet from the rose comes the thorn Sadly, I don t believe she experienced much happiness in her life.

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    Added 8 31 16 first published January 1st 1994 TITLE Grace Her Lives Her Loves The startling royal expos BY Robert LaceyGrace Kelly s life is very interesting to read about She wasn t always the reserved, dignified figure she presented to the public I am currently reading bit by bit my Kindle edition.3 12 17 I finally finished reading this Kindle edition.I found the following interesting quote in the book Poetry reading is the chamber music of the actor s craft found at Location 6035 in the Kindle edition A good analogy Grace Kelly did poetry readings later in her life.Another good quote from the book is as follows It s the love you had that matters, isn t it, not the pain From location 5630 of the Kindle edition of _Grace, Her Lives, Her Loves_ by Robert Lacey PS On the last pages of the book, we find the following poem by Edgar Guest DREAMSNever by many are marvels wrought,By one or two are the dreams first caught.The dreamer must toil when the odds are great,Must stand to failure and work and wait.Must keep his faith though he stand alone,Until the truth of his dream is known.Following the above poem, the last sentences in the book about where Grace is buried are It could be the resting place of some medieval saint She dreamed so hard She earned her glory.

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    A pretty comprehensive biography of Grace Kelly, leaves one with a sense of sadness over her early death and the emptiness of the latter part of her life

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    This was a lovely jaunt of a book I enjoyed my journey through her life thanks to the painstakingly researched but highly sensitive narrative of the author From Philadelphia upper middle class family life to a film star and then princess are the ingredients of a fairy tale However, played out on the world stage she learned quite soon about the devil s pact with celebrity that famous people can never hope to be just a person again.Lacey manages to tread that fine line between salacious interest and truth What comes across is a complicated life brilliantly held together by the immaculate Grace I had always thought her to be a beautiful woman and remain captivated by the stills that remain of her but I also now have a sense of the woman behind who was considered to be a fairy tale princess She was also a product of her time and much of her activities provided a major stimulus to the modern, mass market addiction to celebrity I also learned a lot about Monaco and the role that Aristotle Onassis played in Monaco s history and fortunes.I found it to be a bit of a tragedy There was a time in her life as a princess when it all was too much for her vulnerable self it was like having dinner with two different people Grace seemed to be losing her centre Her natural, human impulses, the old frank and fallible Grace, would not be suppressed, but she seemed confused and wandering, unable to bring the conflicting components of her spirit together She chose to make many compromises in her life, some to please her parents, some to please the prince In the end these compromises led her to lead quite an isolated and somewhat sterile life on the rock of Monaco However, she managed to weave her own delights into her life and the shame is, I got the sense that she was truly maturing into a less vulnerable, independent adult woman when she had the terrible car crash and horrific end of life.I imagine that the experience for her daughter Stephanie who was in the car with her has proved devastating Evidence would suggest that Grace s wild child was rebelling against Grace s wishes at the time and they may have even been having an argument at the time of the accident.A grisly ending to a mythical fairy tale.

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    As should be evident by the fact that this is the fifth book of his I have read, I have such affection for Robert Lacey He is a skilled wordsmith, painting portraits of his subjects both the titular ones and the supporting characters with a wonderful mix of deference and levity, beauty and skepticism, intrigue and self awareness.And, of course, Grace continues in this fine literary tradition of Mr Lacey s He is at his best when presenting royalty with a fair deal of frankness, and this subject allows him to once again showcase his abilities At the same time, his usual routine in this regard is, naturally, disrupted by the fact that Grace was not always an aristocrat in the true sense of the word , and it is when describing her life pre Monaco that the book truly shines.In fact, the brilliant passages come from the first half, which deals with Philadelphia and the Kelly family, with Hollywood and Alfred Hitchcock It seems that Grace The Actress was a interesting subject for Mr Lacey than was Grace The Princess, because the first half of the book is detailed, better structured, and overall indicative of the admirable style of his which melds together reverence and realism Once the USS Constitution docks in Monte Carlo for the Wedding of the Century, however, the story becomes far shallow and ridiculously un selfaware The straightforward, linear thread of the first half becomes a tangled mess of yarn with which a kitten must have played, because the book loses something once Grace becomes royal Which, if it were a novel, would probably be a very clever, Virginia Woolf esque stylistic choice in which the writing style mirrors the aimless feeling of the protagonist , but instead serves only to weaken this Robert Lacey Biography.But overall, it is a beautifully written text, a fairly objective survey of a great and shining life It is delicate, and detailed, and a delight to read just another example of why Mr Lacey is one of the excellent royal biographers.

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    I found this book to be informative and a mostly sympathetic depiction of Grace Kelly, the Philadelphia born actress who later married Prince Rainier of the Principality of Monaco in the south of France Most of what was written in the book was new to me so it held my interest But ultimately it was a sad story of a girl at first afraid to fight for her freedom from the expectations of her domineering father and later afraid to fight for her independence from her over bearing and insecure husband Grace was at her happiest moments when working as an actress in her three films for Alfred Hitchcock Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and To Catch a Thief, all great films and the book was most enjoyable describing this time in her young life But it ended sadly with her untimely death at the age of fifty two, slightly than twenty five years ago in September 1982 The descriptions of her three children Caroline, Albert and Stephanie as adults was also sad to read.There is probably no informative biography of Grace Kelly than this one, but unless you re really interested in her life and times, I can t recommend reading it It s just too sad.

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    A most revealing biography of Grace Kelly There was a passionate soul beneath her very proper appearance Her family especially her father were just really awful to her No wonder she looked for love and approval from older sophisticated men Sad that her marriage didn t turn out as she expected and her daughters were such brats I always admired her and am glad that most people agree she was a kind and caring person So sad her life ended so young.

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    Of all the acting talents in history, Grace Kelly is my favorite In 1954, she starred in Rear Window with James Stewart That wonderful film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window is in my personal top three of favorite moviesever The film s story always captivated me, as did the way it was masterfully crafted in such a timeless and almost otherworldly way by Hitchcock Aside from that particular film, there was also the truly fantastic, twisting and turning plot of Dial M for Murder and the picturesque caper film To Catch a Thief These films are all tremendous, and were representative of the superb, relatively few films Grace Kelly made over the course of her all too brief, but stunning acting career Jimmy Stewart was quoted as saying, Grace brought into my life, as she brought into yours, a soft, warm light every time I saw her, and every time I saw her was a holiday of it s own When I read this, I connected with it as I recalled how much I enjoyed and cherished the films of Grace Kelly It can be a strange experience for a person to read the biography of their favorite celebrated person Will the biographer s story capture the wonderful qualities of that person Will I be able to relate to what is written from the standpoint of a fan In the case of Grace by Robert Lacey, I was very pleased with what I read Lacey takes us into the life and times of Grace Kelly, showcasing his talent for presenting his subjects in a living, breathing way with a mixture if intrigue, honesty, reverence and celebration of the exceptional life lived And Grace Kelly s life was truly exceptional Lacey captured my imagination with Grace The book is a impressive achievement.

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    Ancora una volta fu l acuto Alfred Hitchcock a cogliere il punto Sono felice che Grace si sia trovata un ottima parte L autore guarda a Grace con affetto, ma non per questo le risparmia qualche critica Ne emerge il ritratto di una donna ambiziosa che ha saputo dare molto, ma anche un po infantile e alquanto infelice Non ha intenti agiografici, ma non scalfisce il mito