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I liked this book the first time I read it, now that I ve read Into the Night, which is both a turning point and set up for this novel, I like it even A definite keeper ETA 2018 as time goes on, and certain things have changed, like the military s discontinued use of the shameful DADT Don t Ask Don t Tell policy as well as who the current players are in the Islamic terrorist groups, this book has begun to settle into its early 21st century setting in some ways In others, it s still as fresh as the first time I read it Good stuff. To say I ve been waiting for this book with enthusiasm is an understatement It s not like I was delayed due to the release date These books have been out for years Since I read the second book this summer, I ve been dying to get to the rest of Sam s story My friend Jule almost had to bash me over the head so I wouldn t be tempted to book skip Then she joked that book 6 wasn t that great and I should probably skip it anyhow Juleso not funny It s just that the way Suzanne Brockmann tells these stories makes it impossible to book skip Each book centres around one of the men that we ve met in previous books but often, as in the case of Max and Sam, their stories start well before their books.We knew, after reading Into the Night, that there was one heck of a story building with Max and Alyssa and Mary Lou and the rest of the folks Gone Too Far hit the ground running I mean, HOLY CRAP My head was spinning and I was texting my Troubleshooters Book Mentors like a crazy woman They helped me through with unhelpful comments such as Keep reading and by pasting stupid emoticons A lot happened with this book I was thrilled that we got of Max and Tom as well as Sam s story from his childhood I enjoyed the historical backstory in this book but perhaps not as much as the ones in other books in the series I ve also said this before There is a whole lot of crying in these books I know that Brockmann is trying to tell us that real men can show their feelings and not be afraid to cry but WHOA I think they cry than the women But as Jule says, These men are hawt and can do whatever they want One of the things about Sam is that I don t think he s my favourite of the men, but somehow his story has sucked me in I question his decisions and I don t always love the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but I guess that makes him interesting.This series is incredibly addictive There are definitely cheesy moments but also some awesome lines and I ve never been bored I feel a little lucky that so many of them have been published and I m discovering them for the first time Now that Sam s had his book, I m impatient for Max I mean, it s MAX I really wish I had time in the day. In Her Sizzling, Award Winning Novels Of Suspense, Bestselling Author Suzanne Brockmann Delves Into The Adrenaline Rushed World Of Counter Terrorism And Taps Into The Real Passions Of Its Brave Men And Women Now In Her Widely Anticipated Hardcover Debut, She Spins A Story Of Action, Intrigue, And Romance, As A US Navy SEAL And An FBI Agent Race To Unravel A Mystery While Confronting Their Own Unresolved Feelings For Each Other In His Career As One Of America S Elite Warriors, Lt Sam Starrett Can Do No Wrong In His Private Life, Sam The King Of One Night Stands Has Done Little Right Now, He S Waiting For A Divorce And Determined To Stay Active In His Young Daughter S Life But When Sam Shows Up At The Door Of His Ex Wife S Home In Sarasota, Florida, He Makes A Grisly Discovery His Daughter Is Gone And The Body Of A Woman Lies Brutally Murdered On The FloorFBI Agent Alyssa Locke S Relationship With Sam Has Been Overwhelmingly Intense And Nearly Catastrophic, Yet It Refuses To End The Last Time She Saw Sam Was Six Months Earlier, When They Worked Together To Stop Terrorists From Assassinating The US President Much To Her Dismay, Alyssa Is Assigned To Lead The Murder Investigation And Once Again The Two Are Face To Face When Explosive Information Surfaces Linking Sam To The Still Unsolved Assassination Plot, The Stakes Are Raised With Her Reputation Hanging In The Balance, And Her Loyalties In Question, Alyssa Is Faced With An Impossible Dilemma Arrest A Man She Believes To Be Innocent, Or Risk Her CareerWhile Alyssa Tries To Fight Their Intense Attraction, Sam Is Determined To Heat Things Up Between Them Once Again And The Complex Case Pushes Them Both To The Wrong Side Of The Law And On The Run To Discover The Truth As Agents Step Into The Chase, And With Sam S Daughter Still Unaccounted For, Neither Alyssa Nor Sam Can Predict Just How Deadly Hot This Situation Is About To Become A Thrilling Novel That Ranges Back Into The Days Of World War II, Into Friendships, Families, Liaisons, Betrayals, And The Code Of Honor That Binds The US Navy SEALs, Gone Too Far Is An Electrifying Experience In Suspense And A Brilliant Tale Of Lives Lived On The Edge From The Hardcover Edition Lt Sam Starrett travels to Florida to visit his young daughter But when he gets there, he discovers a decomposing body on the floor of his ex wife s house With no sign of his daughter s whereabouts, Sam quickly calls his FBI contacts for help They send FBI Agent Alyssa Locke to lead the murder investigation Sam and Alyssa have had a roller coaster relationship They ve both been hurt by the past, but the attraction is still there Sam is the primary suspect in his ex wife s murder Alyssa must help him in the search for his daughter while dealing with her feelings for him.Finally We ve been reading about Sam and Alyssa s rocky relationship for the past five books Now in book six, they finally get their chance The story pulls you in from the first page There is a lot of suspense when we learn what exactly is happening in Florida and how it involves the things that happened in the previous book This book also shows us a WWII story of Walter and Dot Gaines and how it ties to the present We also get to see Joe Paoletti and the problems he is currently having in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the President But my favorite update was about Max and Gina s current relationship I m looking forward to of them My rating 5 Stars. I don t have any real complaints about this book I loved it I wish I had to say, it s harder to write long detailed reviews about series books because I feel like I m just saying the same things over and over I ll just list a few things,1, This was a great wrap up for Alyssa and Sam It was a long time coming, and it ended on a very satisfying note 2, I m super excited for the Max Gina story I hear it s Max Gina and Jones Molly and those are two of my favs.3, Jules is awesome 4, You re so right Regina, this was definitely the best flashback story I loved the insight we got into Sam Starrett.5, I was so happy to get Tom and Kelly.Fun series, I agree with Leea, Brockmann really excels at multiple storylines and relationships Sometimes it feels stunted, but it s wonderful to get glimpses into those lives. Luke Skywalker s proof that paternity amounts to squat, Noah told him And you are too my brother 4.5 stars I m completely hooked with this series, I can t stop now I ve never read another author that is able to balance so many story lines the way that Brockmann does in Gone Too Far The main story about Alyssa and Sam has been several books in the making but we also get a glimpse of a future for Gina and Max The SEAL team is not left behind, Tom and Kelly are in this book at lot and they are HOT Learning about Sam s past is one heartbreaking story and with that we learn about Walter and Dot, both war heros but under appreciated by their country.Max talking about Gina, loved this quote That s not love, he countered That s something else, something possessive, something, Christ, I don t know, greedy and twisted and obsessive and chaotic and I want to own her, Alyssa I want to wrap her up and keep her safe and put her in in some closet somewhere and take her out when it s convenient for me to to Okay Yes Sex It s about sex and it s about power and control and it s about her looking at me with those Bambi eyes and adoring me when she should goddamn hate me, and that s not love Alyssa describing Sam Cuffed to the door, with his pants unfastened and his hair messed, he looked like some kind of fantasy accessory There was no doubt about it These cars would sell like crazy if they came equipped with Sam Starrett handcuffed to the back Damn, he was handsome with his hair cut short and his entire face showing Some women might not agree because there was nothing pretty about this man His good looks were rugged and he had a smile that was loaded with testosterone He had the kind of big, lean, man sized face that was going to get craggier as he got older But he d be just as handsome, possibly even so, at seventy than he was right now Max describing Gina Her legs were incredibly long and her hair spilled down around her shoulders Her skin gleamed, and those breasts With the exception of her belly button ring that sparked as it caught the light, she looked like a movie star from the days when movie stars were allowed to have hips and breasts and smooth, slightly rounded, marvelously female stomachs Raquel Welch Sophia Loren Gina Vitagliano She came toward him, looking at him as if he were something special Yeah, he kept in excellent shape, but it didn t warrant that look Of course, it didn t mean he didn t like it A lot Sam finally finds his true name Sam was lying on his back on the floor Haley was on his chest, and they were both fast asleep He looked so at peace, so content And Alyssa knew Roger Ringo Sam had finally found a name that was going to stick Daddy. A wonderful conclusion to the Sam and Alyssa storyline Their story really begins in book 2, and heats up fast I would recommend reading the earlier books first, but there is enough backstory provided to make this a stand alone read The secondary storylines were also very interesting We have Max and Gina, who later get their own book in 8 I think The WWII story didn t dominate as in previous books, which I really appreciated I don t always care for the WWII storyline, but this one was interesting and directly tied to Sam Jules Alyssa s partner continues to be gem His attitude is priceless and we get to see plenty of him in this book Love him This is a great series with a few misses, but so worth reading. For me the best so far It s not the best because of Alyssa and Sam even if I m glad they finally got together but because the story was really really great It begins with Sam going to Sarasota for her soon to be ex wife and suddenly we are into a huge coordinate action which involves Tom Paoletti, the FBI and mostly everyone I understand now why the previous book was so lacking I think that 5th and 6th books should be read as a whole story to understand them better.I love Kelly finally becomes Tom Paoletti s wife LOL And I read some wonderful scenes between Max and Gina, I love them and I cannot wait for their story to come Great great great Such a wonderful story, how could I resist Finally Alyssa and Sam It was a wonderful readbut..This is NOT a standalone My first thought at first read was finally Alyssa and Sam, if you have read this series back when I first read itfrom book 1.you just might say the same thing But, lucky you you do not have to wait You just NEED to read the first 5 books This is one of my MOST favorite s couple EVER Next to Savannah von Hopf and Ken WildCard because I love the just as much But, San and Alyssa s story drags through many books Making this a read I was happy to devour And it was well done as well as well drawn out I do not regret a minute of these two and will NEVER grow weary of their love story But man oh man these guys did EARN their HEA through much blood sweat and tears For me reading all the books in a row was a mega project Be prepared this series turn s into a mammoth read But, gosh even years later returning to these books are like returning home This book brings this series forward And, it has.A solid storyline.Awesomely paced action.Fantastic MC and lovable SCsAnd, well thought out drama, Mary Lou dramaI Love it This alone is not a short read, but it is pretty quick read, as the pace is good NowI m ready to move forwardBring onGina and MaxAnd..Jules Okay so I am re reading this book and this time I am actually enjoying it I ve struggled with Gone Too Far so many times usually didn t make it pass the 2nd or 3rd chapter and I would toss it aside for something else but on every IR group I belong to the famous Sam and Alyssa are always touted as the best IR couple ever so I always go back to this book to try to get a glimpse into WHY they are so love This time, I made it pass chapter 3 and man do I get it Not the Sam and Alyssa are the greatest but finally AT LAST why this book and Ms Brockmann are so damn good The single most satisfying thing I love most about this book is the way Suzanne wrote the character of Alyssa Alyssa is a strong, positive, character There are none of those ridiculous stereotypes that some writers black white fix to black heroines It was refreshing Race was an issue but it was not in your face every other page which was extremely refreshing, but at the same time it was not glossed over Wonderful delivery thru out the book I applaud Ms Brockmann for the way she wrote it And I applaud Ms Brockmann for the way she mingles so many characters and her ability to let each and everyone of them shine thru out the book I must admit Sam and Alyssa are adorable but there are so many other characters that have stolen the book for me, specifically Max and ta da Jules I m on page 339 and have about a fourth of the book to go As with all good books I read, I m beginning to experience that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I am so close to the end In other words, I am going to hate reading that last page because a story or in this case a multitude of stories is coming to a close The good news is, there are like 11 or 12 other books in the series so I will be able to troubleshoot for a while I have Force of Nature Jule s story next on my list because I love Jules and I am definitely seeking out Max Gina s story Breaking Point.So far the best line in this book is not anything Sam Ringo Roger has said although my boy has a lot but when Jules Got to Love this Guy Cassidy says to Max Ah sweetie, you re going to hate this I about lost it I was like, did he really say that to Max To MAX Yeah that takes place on page 338 Had to stop reading and do a shout out for this book then and there.She i.e Suzanne Brockmann has a new fan and I, At Last am truly a member of the Elite Sam Alyssa Fan Club.Back to the book.