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How Much Trouble Can One Small Female Be To A Modern Day Shapeshifting Viking Well It Really Depends On Local Gun LawsConall V Ga Feilan, Direct Descendent Of Viking Shifters, Never Thought He D Meet A Female Strong Enough To Be His Mate He Especially Didn T Think A Short, Viper Tongued Human Would Ever Fit The Bill But Miki Kendrick Isn T Some Average Human With An IQ Off The Charts And A Special Skill With Weapons Of All Kinds, Miki Brings The Big Blond Pooch To His Knees And Keeps Him ThereMiki S Way Too Smart To Ever Believe In Love And She Knows A Guy Like Conall Could Only Want One Thing From Her But With The Pack S Enemies On Her Tail And A Few Days Stuck Alone With The One Man Who Makes Her Absolutely Wild, Miki Is About To Discover How Persistent One Viking Wolf Can Be

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    Looks like feminism just committed suicide again Surprise, surprise This is Feminism, my once evil, nefarious cat, self defenestrating after reading this book Sad.A note to talented PNR authors everywhere making your heroine an obnoxious, vulgar, hateful, rude, selfish, foul mouthed bitch doesn t magically turn her into an assertive, bold, strong female character I kid you not Even when you give her an IQ of 170 view spoiler hide spoiler

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    5% into the book She put her free hand to her face to rub her eyes in exasperation, but she smelled her scent on her fingers again Dammit Masturbating in her sleep again.Um I m going to put this one down now.And I didBut I m not quitter, dammit So I re downloaded this sucker from the library a few days ago and finished it Why Well, it was recommended to me by my good pal, Sara, so I wanted to give it a fair shake In her defense, she recommended the series to me because I enjoyed Laurenston s Dragon Kin stuff that she writes under the name G A Aiken.But since I m an ass, I m also going to have to point out that some of the descriptions of the sexy stuff kind of made my nose wrinkle and my gag reflex kick in just a bit.Now, I m not blaming you, Sara, but I m going to have to toss out an example here clears throat He needed to know this was what she really wanted She ran her small hand across his jaw and down his neck I know what you re thinking This doesn t sound so bad, right Wait for it Then, slowly, leaned forward and began to lick her juices off his mouth and chin I guess I m just a prude, but I don t wanna read a sentence like that ever again Ewwww Ewwww Who does that Licks her juices off his mouth and chinGAK GAK GAAAAAK Ok I m in my Happy Place now, and everything is all better.And really, other than a few really squicky lines like that, I actually liked this book In fact, I m kind of interested in reading the rest of the series.Apparently, these Packs and Prides are all fighting over something, and it got pretty interesting there before the big showdown Also, I like the OCD wolf guy that we meet toward the end of this book, so I m thinking I may go back and read book one to find out what the story is between him and his wife.So, yeah, believe it or not, I had fun reading this one.I m not going to go out on a limb and recommend Go Fetch to any of my friends like Juicy Chin Sara as she will now forever be known did, but I m probably going to read this rest of these.It was an overall fun and fluffy ish PNR

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    Firstly, let me state for the record I AM MIKI I claim her somewhat questionable behavior and her unapologetic geek girl dom I read Go Fetch as an e book and not only was it hilarious the first time around, but now that it s available in print, it s even funnier Yay I say, an interracial romance WITH NO ANGST Lots of lust but no hand wringing Lots of humor and hot sex with characters who actually feel like they do exist No perfect bodied heroines or fits of the vapors Nice Conall and Miki make a wonderful couple they remind me of those screwball romantic comedies of the 40 s sans the language and the sex What I LOVE about Miki and all of Laurenston s heroines is that they re nonplussed by the fact that the hero sprouts fur or wings She s constantly telling Conall to go fetch hence the title of this book She s also unafraid of the leader of the Magnus Pack and her best friend s husband Zach Conall has one hell of a time convincing love shy Miki of the genius IQ and Doc Martens that he s there to stay Conall s friend and leader Zach thinks he s nuts for pursuing a woman he knows is psychotic but love and hormones are blind Miki s a kick butt kind of woman, but not to the ridiculous slayer extent She s also warm, kind and fiercely loyal to her two best friends Sara and Angelina.Most of those familiar with me know that I have grown tired of the paranormal romance genre because of it s predictability and cardboard characters Everyone s either a vamp, were, shifter, slayer or some combination of those I have a few authors whose work somehow manages to remain fresh and Laurenston is one of them Her heroines are quirky, not always ladylike but they just feel REAL And though her heroes are alpha, they re not over the top Tarzan types.But you ve all been warned, I m MIKI

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    Love this series b c both H h are strong willed No damsels in distress in these booksI think that makes the males even dominant and a little insane b c the females don t take orders very well There is also a lot of humorlike smart ass humor I love it In This 2nd book, Connal lovingly dubbed the Viking , persues Miki, a genius working on her dissertation and is far from looking for a mate Of course there is a little mystery, but there is a lot of sexual tension and humor This is a new favorite for me I am diving right into Angelina s story in book 3 Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

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    This was a nice, funny and steamy read It didn t blow me away however.I think part of that is really my own fault, because I skipped book 1, so for some parts, I didn t know what was going I liked the heroine in this one, she was smart and feisty and didn t take crap from anybodyshe was quite dangerous actually The hero was a hot alpha maleyou can never go wrong with that In short.this book is about a human female and a hot Alpha wolf not the alpha, that s book 1 They get it ona lot and end up being completely and insanely in love, eventhough this was not what they had planned for themselves The steam was very hot..I liked it I also liked the snarky humor 3,5 stars, because I was just too confused to fully enjoy it Still gonna read book 3 though, I want to know about the alpha shifter in that one

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    Considering that I didn t like Pack Challenge, the 1st book in the series, very much, I approached this book with some apprehension But I was willing to give Ms Laurenston another chance, so I kept my mind open Well I m glad I did, because I really enjoyed reading this funny and sometimes downright hilarious story.I m not much into the Viking Thor like look, but I wouldn t mind having Connal howling after me, LOL Once he decided Miki was his, there was nothing she could do to turn him away While every other male in the vicinity was smart enough to be afraid of her, he was just proud of her kick ass attitude And boy, she was really something to be feared I didn t buy her reason for being wary of getting involved with Connal come on, how many times am I going to read about a hero heroine who s commitment shy because their parents had a crappy relationship but, thankfully, she didn t drag it on and on.As for the story, it was fast paced and kept me entertained, but I really didn t get WHY those hyenas were after them Maybe I missed something Or maybe those hyenas were just vicious Anyway, all s well that ends well at least, with Connal and Miki, because her friend Angie had something else going on Darn, I need to get Here Kitty, Kitty to see what happens next.

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    Stayed up late again last night to finish GO Fetch by Shelly Laurenston This is the second book in her Magnus Pack series and it s just as erotic and humorous as the first one If there s one thing I can t resist, it s an author that can combine hot sex and humor WELL Shelly Laurenston seems to have the knack and as a result, her books seems to find their way to my keeper shelf with regularity.Conall hasn t been able to get the short, nasty tempered friend of his Alpha s new mate out of his head He s spent so much time in the shower trying to take care of his problem that his Alpha is complaining about the water bill So when said female appears to be in danger, wellConall decides she needs her own guard wolf.Miki is a genius who can t NOT think She learned her lesson about love very early in life and decided it just wasn t for her And the whole sex thing toowho needs it Now if she could just quit thinking about the Viking shapeshifter I mean he s like, twice her sizeand really really hotand he won t stay out of her dreams These two are a riot She keeps trying to drive him away, and he just won t bite hahahaha The sex is smoking, the plot is a continuation of the first book even though you don t need to read it to be able to follow But I think that if you read this one, you ll want the first one and Here, Kitty, Kitty which will be reprinted in May09.

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    Light smexy fun with Aplha shifters Loved the Mega Man Viking Wolf shifter Conall, that man is the stuff fantasies are made from He s big strong, sensitive and has a fabulous sense of humor.Miki, she is a genus, but acted like a freaking idiot many times She drugged someone not knowing if it would kill them, she didn t listen to advice and put others in danger She was rude, nasty even to people just trying to help her Her few semi redeeming excuses did not sway me to enjoy this character I did not like her, not at all AS a character reader I had to kick one star off for her.

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    Not good, not bad I would have enjoyed it if it wasn t for the loud and potty mouthed heroine, who irritated me all the way through the book Apart from that I enjoyed Shelly Laurenston s sense of humor and I adored the hero Connall What a wolf Growl

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    Okay, ich bin leicht fasziniert Der Klappentext klingt nicht so, aber im Grunde besteht das Buch aus 320 Seiten Sex mit wenigen Szenen zwischendurch, in denen was anderes passiert xD