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With Astonishing Honesty, This Memoir Reveals What Mental Illness Looks And Feels Like From The Inside, And How Healing From Borderline Personality Disorder Is Possible Through Intensive Therapy And The Support Of Loved OnesWith Astonishing Honesty, This Memoir, Get Me Out Of Here, Reveals What Mental Illness Looks And Feels Like From The Inside, And How Healing From Borderline Personality Disorder Is Possible Through Intensive Therapy And The Support Of Loved Ones A Mother, Wife, And Working Professional, Reiland Was Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder At The Age Of A Diagnosis That Finally Explained Her Explosive Anger, Manipulative Behaviors, And Self Destructive Episodes Including Bouts Of Anorexia, Substance Abuse, And Promiscuity A Truly Riveting Read With A Hopeful MessageExcerpt My Hidden Secrets Were Not Well Concealed The Psychological Profile Had Been Right As Had The Books On BPD I Was Manipulative, Desperately Clinging And Prone To Tantrums, Explosiveness, And Frantic Acts Of Desperation When I Did Not Feel The Intimacy Connection Was Strong Enough The Tough Chick Loner Act Of Self Reliance Was A Complete Facade

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    I thought about not putting this on my reviews, because my penchant for mental health recovery memoirs is getting embarrassing, but this one was really good Not falling into the fallacy of the moment I was saved nor falling into the but I was a victim of my bad brain chemistry abusive childhood, Reiland narrates rather unemotionally what it takes to get from crazy to sane In her case what it took was a loving, patient partner, a committed, ethical therapist who didn t buy into the health insurance industry s 20 sessions and then you re sane rule, a community of people around her sympathetic priests, a church choir, and a softball team all make contributions to Reiland s recovery And most importantly, as Reiland stresses again and again, it takes commitment from the crazy person herself She s very clear eyed in distinguishing between the moments when she wanted to wallow in her sickness, and the decision she had to make every day that she was going to get better Not one time, but the same decision every single day for four or five years This is perhaps the best memoir of this genre I have read for demonstrating that discipline is needed for full recovery from mental illness but also for carefully pointing out that what most people think of as discipline pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, behaving, punishing yourself for misdeeds is actually a part of mental illness In this book, real and healthy discipline always emerges as a part of one s membership in a community that really loves and values you.

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    What is it like to have Borderline Personality Disorder It is like having a different person inside you whom you have subconsciously neglected for a long time It is true that I have Borderline Personality Disorder It is true that I have been gone through what Rachel had suffered self destructive thoughts and actions, depression, abuse, manipulation, black and white thinking, hatred, and disintegrated personality Tiredness, emptiness, chaos, and intense passion, I ve had them all.However, I am not fortunate like Rachel She has her own loving husband and beautiful children she also had a caring psychiatrist Meanwhile, I only have her book as my own therapy I ve realized so many meaningful lessons through the book I ve learned to accept myself, learned to forgive people who never apologize, learned to feel calm and peaceful I cannot love myself totally right now, yet I know I will keep trying There is one thing I ve learned through the book Borderline Personality Disorder or any other Personality Disorder should not define you You are much than that You are a precious, independent human being So, don t let your mental illness label you, ok

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    I guess this is why there aren t many memoirs written on Borderline Personality Disorder This book was hard to read Reiland being entirely unlikeable and frustrating for the majority of it However, it was written fairly well and it did end on an uplifting and inspiring note.Besides Reiland constantly pissing me off which began in the first quarter of the book when her therapist threatened to send her to a state psych ward and she in turn wrote a horrid little paragraph of how rotten that would be to be locked up with the real crazies the junkies and homeless people Ew So there s a lot of upper middle class privilege, a decent amount of homophobic slurring she likes to call her therapist a faggot and a pansy and every variation thereof, which granted is based on issues relating to her father, but still, it s grating and lady, you have BPD not fucking tourettes and some frustrating shit relating to gender social constructs so much confusion relating to her own childhood and then her children s.So, thoroughly self indulgent and her petulant, stroppy tantrums almost got the better of me but I thought I d persevere I m not sure whether it s Reiland herself, or her being someone with BPD though I loathe labels but it simply wasn t the easiest book to read I m not sure if it could have been cut down, it felt long and tedious theres a hell of a lot of therapy talk and not much back history whatsoever In hindsight, I guess most of it was necessary to give a complete picture of BPD Complex, just like BPD itself.

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    This was probably the best book I have ever read on Borderline Personality Disorder Told from the perspective of someone diagnosed with it, it did not pull any punches and gave a very honest, revealing look at what the disorder is like for the sufferer and for those around him her Best of all, it went into great detail about the relationship between therapist and patient that eventually led to the CURE BPD is commonly called the garbage ground of psychiatric disorders professionals do not want sufferers as patients because of their all consumingness and recovery seems like a pipedream This book goes a long way in reassuring both camps that BPD can be erradicated It s not easy or pretty but it can happen.

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    Among the ideas from this book that are likely to stay with me For all these years, you ve lived under the illusion that, somehow, you made it because you were tough enough to overpower the abuse, the hatred, the hard knocks of life But really you made it because love is so powerful that tiny little doses of it are enough to overcome the pain of the worst things life can dish out Toughness was a faulty coping mechanism you devised to get by But, in reality, it has been your ability to never give up, to keep seeking love, and your resourcefulness to make that love last long enough to sustain you That s what has gotten you by From Chapter 11 You survived by seizing every tiny drop of love your could find anywhere and milking it, relishing it, for all it was worth Your parents weren t all hate or all abuse There were tender moments, whether or not you choose to remember them now There were those moments, however brief, when you felt safe You felt loved, and you savored every minute of it and held it closest to your heart And as you grew up, you sought love anywhere you could find it, whether it was a teacher or a coach or a friend or a friend s parents You sought those tiny droplets of love, basking in them when you found them They are what sustained you From Chapter 11.

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    I read this book having been recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder myself To begin with, I was honestly unsure whether I wanted to read it, incase it made me feel worse about my diagnosis However, since it was about someone s recovery , I thought that it would be worth reading, in the hope it may inspire me For the first 300 pages or so, I didn t like it It was one of those books that I didn t want to continue reading, but I couldn t put down I couldn t bear to think that this could possibly be my future, or that I currently behave in ways that Rachel did It really depressed me.However, things began to turn around for Rachel, and this gave me so much inspiration Her situation was worse than mine, and she managed to make a life for herself She made it out the other side If she can do it, so can I.I think that this book gives a very accurate, and explicit insight into the complicated world of someone with BPD If a loved one suffers from it, I would recommend you read this it really lets you see what they are dealing with, and that may make it easier to deal with If you suffer from BPD, I also think that it s a good read, however, be careful It could potentially be triggering, and at the beginning, you ll probably wonder why you re reading it, but please, persevere It will give you hope, I promise.This is probably one of the favourite books I ve ever read.

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    Reading this I raged at the author, well not quite rage, as it was the author s rage that infected me She spread it like stinking manure on a field Everyone, medical professionals, family, fellow patients and readers got enveloped in the stench The author wrote the book from the 1,000 page journal she kept of her progress through therapy and it is only on reflection you see through the madness to the woman suffering terribly from Borderline Personality Disorder She wavered between pyschosis and neurosis Between floridly mad and uncontrollably moody Did she come through Yes She s a sweetheart and I love her for not attempting to show herself in a good light, but a rather a true one Since her disorder made her very nasty, that took some guts 4 stars.Written on reading the book This is self indulgent and harsh view spoiler It is repetitive, full of cursing, nastiness and rage Rachel Reiland was a mess I m not sure of her motives for writing the book Was it because she could write and writing about her mental illness was a good project, might even make money Did she write it altruistically so that we could all know just how awful it is to suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder Or was it part of the illness all the rage and vileness on a page rather than in a person s face hide spoiler

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    Dreadful Don t read this if you have BPD or know someone who does The author sounds like she has narcissistic personality disorder as well as BPD and her behaviour is extreme not like the average borderline The so called therapy she describes as well is very old fashioned and dated so I feel this could be dangerous to people trying to get help with the disorder It also perpetuates the myth that BOD sufferers are awful people which is very harmful, I wish this book could be taken off the market I threw mine in the bin so no one else would read it.

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    I can t believe why there isn t too much criticism to this book, as having BPD myself, this is painful to read First of all, the title, My RECOVERY from BPD I m pretty damn sure people with BPD can t possibly recover from it, it s part of who we are and we somehow learn to live with it.It is a memoir, but an awful one, through the entire book, it described how she coped her mental problems by going to mental hospital, talk to therapist and finally recover from it, sorry this just seems like a bullshit to me.Don t take me wrong, I don t doubt the authenticity of this book, I just think it was just a useless book which speak highly of therapist s effect I personally don t believe in treatment like having meds and talk to therapist.People without BPD might find this book intriguing because they don t really understand but as having a BPD myself, this book is a useless read.

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    Realistic, hopeful, compassionate, and validating.Good read for anyone who has loved and or lived with someone who struggles with Borderline PD inclinations or anybody who has BPD Its autobiographical nature prompted me to feel empathic for and forgiving of those with BPD, but alsomade me keenly aware of the need for establishing clear limits or boundaries as a means of establishing healthy, enduring connections with family members, friends and co workers who have BPD tendencies The book is long 440 pages , but hard to put down P.S The 5 star rating is intended for readers who have either suffered with BPD or people who have known loved ones with BPB just because is is so validating These readers will really get the irrational nature and all of the associated frustration, confusion, and anguish of the disorder I would probably give a 4 star rating for readers who have, to date, only an abstract or book learning appreciation of BPD just because it may seem rather lengthy and drawn out to these readers Nonetheless, I believe this is an extremely valuable resource to obtain a first hand understanding of BPD a way to understand it in a personal vs DSM category way.