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therapy expensive adding books with the fake dating trope to your TBR free This book is amazing one of the best of 2019 for me Pre order it now, or ask your library to do it. YOU GUYS THIS BOOK It s my life except the fake dating I mean, every ethnic house hold can relate to the whole dating within your race nonsense and juggling your culture alongside the society you actually grew up in Our parents, man Goodreads giveaway win Reading Rush Read a debut authorY ALL T.H.I.S B.O.O.K I loved it But first can we just take a minute to discuss the fact that David Yoon Nicola Yoon are one of my new favorite couples WHY AM I STILL SO SINGLE Now on to the review..Frank Li has two names Frank Li, his American name Then there s Sung Min Li, his Korean name Frank barely speaks Korean He was born and raised in Southern California Even so, his parents still expect him to end up with a nice Korean girl Which is a problem since Frank is dating the girl of his dreams Brit Means who is white Desperate to be with the girl he loves Frank turns to family friend Joy Song, who is in a similar bind Together they hatch a plan to make their parents think they are dating each other so they can secretly date who they want to.And I think we can all guess what happens next Frankly In Love is so precious and sweet and hard hitting David Yoon not only gave us a cute contemporary with my 2nd favorite trope Fake Dating Enemies to Lovers is 1 but he also deconstructed racism in Korean American culture and he explores what its like to be the child of immigrants As an African American I wasn t shocked at all by the racism expressed by Frank s parents towards African Americans That is a known thing to most African Americans I know, so much so that I don t shop or eat at Korean owned establishments and neither do most people I know So I appreciated the way David Yoon wrote about this I don t think I ve read a book not written by an African American author that talks about the tension between the black community and the Korean community I loved how this book didn t shy away from Frank s parents terrible views towards non Koreans and it really broken down how difficult it is for the American born children of immigrants to find a place where they belong Frank and his other Korean American friends refer to themselves as Limbos Bonus points for the delicious food descriptions This book made me so hungry I loved this book I think its gonna be one of my favorite books of the year I can t wait for this book to come out so you can all enjoy it too Recommended to EVERYONE High School Senior Frank Li Is A Limbo His Term For Korean American Kids Who Find Themselves Caught Between Their Parents Traditional Expectations And Their Own Southern California Upbringing His Parents Have One Rule When It Comes To Romance Date Korean Which Proves Complicated When Frank Falls For Brit Means, Who Is Smart, Beautiful And White Fellow Limbo Joy Song Is In A Similar Predicament, And So They Make A Pact They Ll Pretend To Date Each Other In Order To Gain Their Freedom Frank Thinks It S The Perfect Plan, But In The End, Frank And Joy S Fake Dating Maneuver Leaves Him Wondering If He Ever Really Understood Love Or Himself At All hands down one of my favourite books of the year. I am FRANKLY IN LOVE WITH THIS COVER 4 Oct, 2018 It s going to be a movie whaaaaat The Yoon s are slaying 1 Oct, 2019Nicola Yoon s husband I can t wait to get my hands on this Penguin is promoting Frankly in Love very heavily It appears they are banking on David Yoon becoming the next John Green Maybe he will, we ll see If you are a big John Green fan, and like his nerdy humor, precocious pretentiousness, fascination with girls as otherworldly creatures, you should give this book a go A cute romance Frankly in Love is definitely not Frank s love life is the weakest part of this novel, IMO Buton that later Frankly in Love isof a coming of age story, of a teen boy growing up and coming to terms with his family and his own identity David Yoon adds his Korean American experience to this pretty typical scenario He writes about Frank s challenges with not being able to identify fully with either Korean or American culture If you ve read some think pieces about the newest Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe, you probably know that that film is lauded for its breaking of Asian American stereotypes Frankly in Love doesn t take that route Yoon s story shows Asian community with overbearing, demanding, hard working parents who speak broken English and only want to circulate in their own Korean diaspora, with all their kids high achieving and set for Ivy League futures These kids are also obedient, well at least in front of their parents Which brings me to the romance.David Yoon wanted to address the racism in Korean community And not just racism that Korean Americans experienced themselves, but racism they inflict on people of other ethnicities and backgrounds This is clearly a very important and painful topic that Yoon wanted to get on pages of his debut The romance story centers on Frank s parents disapproval of his kids dating anyone but Koreans Frank s older sister is disowned for dating a black man When Frank falls for a white girl, he is so scared to bring it up with his parents, that he hatches a plan with one of his Korean girl friends who is also dating a non Korean boy , to pretend to date her in front of their parents while seeing his white real girlfriend in secret None of it is cute, to be honest First of all, to me, after reading books by Maurene Goo or Helen Hoang, this seems like a problem of the past, and this need to hide dating someone of a different ethnicity, entirely overwrought for our time I was apparently wrong about that and corrected in the comments Secondly, David Yoon doesn t do either of the girls in Frank s life any justice There are cute dates, but there is no real knowing of the girls he falls for Signature John Green there, if you ask me Frank s relationships with Brit and Joy are sudden and lacking convincing backstories, making him seem like the kind of guy who will fall for anyone if only opportunity arises The fake dating trope is an unnecessary distraction in this novel.I liked the exploration of the Korean community much , especially when Frank talks about his family and friends with no unjust judgment His journey to accept the duality of his identity and his parents flaws is compelling Although I found the major conflicts resolved very quickly and easily.Read this novel to learn about Korean American experience in John Green like coming of age package Lovers of romcom might find the advertised fake dating scenario underwhelming.Morris commitee will probably like it, as well as actual real teens Maybe. 4.5 My first arc read before the book is published I m so excited Thank you so much Penguin NZ for gifting me this for being happy for me to share my opinion of the book.I used to say about my parents,I just can t talk to Mum DadBut American born Frank really couldn t talk to his parents their English was bad and his Korean was worse A lifetime of misunderstanding come to a head in Frank s final semester at high school Frank is clear on two things he doesn t want to live by his parents racist beliefs But he also doesn t want to hurt them These two goals look to be on a collision course.I absolutely loved this book and it was a 5 read for around the first 90%.Yoon s words just flowed on the page and I found it very hard to put the book down I m Canadian born We moved to New Zealand when I was seven and I did spend the first half of my life feeling I didn t really belong in either country, so I identified with some of Frank s confusion.I just feel the last part of the book tried to pack too many events in, and while this may work in the future film, it is just too much on the page.Still highly recommended this husband wife duo truly invented YA this sounds like a fantastic story about Korean American identity and also fake dating