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Such Wonderful Children Such A Beautiful Mother Such A Lovely House Such Endless Terror It Wasn T That She Didn T Love Her Children She Did But There Was A Fortune At Stake A Fortune That Would Assure Their Later Happiness If She Could Keep The Children A Secret From Her Dying FatherSo She And Her Mother Hid Her Darlings Away In An Unused AtticJust For A Little WhileBut The Brutal Days Swelled Into Agonizing Years Now Cathy, Chris, And The Twins Wait In Their Cramped And Helpless World, Stirred By Adult Dreams, Adult Desires, Served A Meager Sustenance By An Angry, Superstitious Grandmother Who Knows That The Devil Works In Dark And Devious Ways Sometimes He Sends Children To Do His Work Children Who One By One Must Be Destroyed Way Upstairs There Are Four Secrets Hidden Blond, Beautiful, Innocent Struggling To Stay Alive I know, I know this book is tawdry, it s tabloidy It s the one book I secretly coveted and acquired in my tedious pre pubescent soul searching I d lay under the covers, flashlight in hand, knees up to make a psuedo tent and I d search for the dirty parts I knew there was something naughty between these pages, something to be whispered and giggled about later on with my girlfriends, something I didn t rightly understand.I went back and read the entire Dollanganger series as an adult, and yes, it is tacky But it s also elegant, like a beautifully written yet laughable soap opera It s pedantic yet fluid Monotone and a little stale, but it works, damn well And oh, the melodrama And above all else these books are fascinating The series is truly epic in scale, reaching back far before the children in Flowers were even born And it stretches further into their future, when some of their lives have ended, or been drastically altered.Andrews is relentless in her portrayal of parental indifference The mother and grandmother characters treat their progeny with such disregard, and yes, they do lock them in the attic, for years They never get to go outside, they re starved and slowly poisoned They get sick and grow weak, they re bones don t grow right, it s interminable And you begin to wonder, Jesus Why am I reading this terrible book And then it dawned on me.The gist, the grist, the core of this saga is the lasting and far reaching effects of incest, abuse and neglect The worst of which occurs in this first book And these things happen, all the time In our world, the real world, all around us I think this book is important I think it tells a universal story and I was often moved by it and by the series as a whole But it made me wonder, it made me wonder about the author, about her story if she was raised in similar circumstances And I think that s the point because you never know, you can never really know what someone else has been through, where their lives took them, and why they are the way they are. These days, I m always hearing people opine, Say what you want about Harry Potter, at least it s getting kids to read Well, you could make a very good argument that Flowers in the Attic did the same thing for a generation of pre teen girls When I was 12, everybody was sneaking this novel under the covers or behind their math books I remember a girl actually got in trouble for bringing it to free reading period in English class Seemed a little hypocritical to me, since the whole idea of a free reading period was to instill reading for pleasure, but whatever If I had a dime for every hypocrisy I witnessed in school, I d be writing this review from my villa in France.While the incest angle of this story held undeniable appeal for me, I have to say that it was really the premise that captured my attention The whole notion of a mother who hides her children away in an attic was fascinating to me I ve always loved stories about people who are forced to survive in abnormal surroundings, whether it s Anne Frank or Patty Hearst or Pocahontas The sick, twisted conditions that the Dollanganger kids endured made for great reading, especially as a preteen undergoing her own hellish circumstances Contrary to what a lot of other readers have said here, it isn t just the sex that accounts for this book s popularitythe plot is also a strong point in its favor.Although it s been many years since I ve read this story, its characters remain vivid This is definitely a sign that the author did something right I particularly enjoyed the two villians the glamorous, narcissitic mother and the pious, sadistic grandmother Looking back, I still hate those bitches They were sort of like Godzilla vs Mothera Speaking of good stories It may seem like a small point, but I remember enjoying the ballet angle of this book I loved how Cathy used to practice her ballet moves in the attic with the elaborate costumes her mother bought her I also remember how the bodice on one of them was too tight, because dear old mom hadn t recognized that her daughter had developed breasts This scene may seem salacious to some, but I actually appreciated it on a whole different level As a young girl venturing into adulthood, I could really identify with Cathy s desire to be acknowledged as a young woman, only to be treated like a little kid.Believe me, I m not saying this is a great work of geniusthe writing is so bad it s goodeven at 12 I laughed at expressions like Great golly lolly Still, Flowers in the Attic is the literary equivalent of a Krispy Kreme doughnut It s delicious on the way down, but its lingering effects are vaguely sickening Still, that won t stop you from having anotherand anotheruntil the whole box is gone and you re left bloated and groaning on a smelly old mattress, only to be raped by your brother Sorry, I got my metaphors mixed there for a second Anyway, taken in the right spirit, Flowers in the Attic is a decent read, especially when you re being force fed rubbish like My Brother Sam is Dead and Where the Red Fern Grows Get thee behind me, sixth grade I met a friend for drinks last night She came up and took one glance at the back cover to this book and her eyes widened No, she breathed Seriously Of course she recognized it from the back She read it around seventh grade I read it around seventh grade You read it around seventh grade An entire generation has this lurking in our collective adolescence.So that s why I re read it Okay, that and I thought it was hilarious just to hold it up on the subway I wanted to know just how creepy it is To be honest, I couldn t really remember, nor could most other people I talked to There s a vague sense of ickiness and illicitness, but that s about it.Here s your answer it is very, very creepy Friends, there s like a whole page where VC Andrews describes a five year old s underwear in loving, lavish detail Andrews is willing to eroticize anything. Here s a whipping My eyes bulged at the site of those pitiful welts on the creamy tender flesh that our father had handled with so much love and gentleness I floundered in a maelstrom of uncertainty 91 Floundered In a maelstrom Of uncertainty.Not that that s what we re here to discuss, though, is it We re here to discuss brotherfucking I m not gonna do a spoiler alert, dude If you didn t know Flowers in the Attic is about brotherfucking, you wouldn t be reading this So let s get to it And that is where he took me, and forced in that swollen, rigid male sex part of him that had to be satisfied It drove into my tight and resisting flesh which tore and bled Long strings of clouds blew across the face of the full moon, so it would duck and hide, then peek out again And on the roof, on a night that was made for lovers, we cried in each other s arms Don t hate me, Cathy, please don t hate me I didn t mean to rape you, I swear to God There s been many a time when I ve been tempted, and I was able to turn it off I don t hate you, Chrisit was my fault, too Oh yes, my fault tooI shouldn t have worn skimpy little see through garments around a brother who had all a man s strong physical needs And all we could see in the murky gray and cold, damp clouds was that single great eye of God shining up there in the moon 357 359 Ladies and gentlemen, this was your puberty How our generation functions at all, with this in our pasts, is beyond me.But we do, somehow, and some of you now have kids of your own And you re worried about them being exposed to too much sex and creepiness on the internet Listen, parents your kids are lucky They won t have to slink through library stacks looking for smut like this they can just go check out bukkake videos on Youporn There is nothing on the internet nothing worse than this fuckin book.And they ll be spared the godawful writing, too.I m not gonna give this book stars Flowers in the Attic transcends stars I hope you re happy, Jayme Just because I feel like someone ought to make this list, here are the books Cathy reads Something about King Arthur unclear which specific book Jude the Obscure Wuthering Heights Lorna Doone A Romance of Exmoor Little Men Jane Eyre UPDATE I ve just been alerted to the existence of VC Andrews original pitch letter Awesome UPDATE 2 It s been pointed out by no less august a publication than the New Yorker that Flowers in the Attic is not so much about brotherfucking as it is about the dangers of reading to induce brotherfucking So basically it s Don Quixote With brotherfucking Thanks, alert reader El No s qu pensar, sigo un poco en shock por todo lo que se revela al final aunque varias cosas ya me las esperaba, CORRINE ES UNA MALDITA Ughhh, llor demasiado con este libro, pasaron cosas muy injustas y sobre todo muy tr gicas Al final yo estaba deseando venganza igual que Cathy, espero que esa mujer a la que llaman momma jam s sea feliz, pues no lo merece Al inicio Corrine s lo me parec a d bil y est pida, pero su personaje fue cayendo m s y m s hasta que termin odi ndola con toda mi alma view spoiler ES QUE C MO PUDO, yo ven a sospechando desde la mitad del libro que el abuelo ya se hab a muerto y la muy bitch simplemente los ten a encerrados porque s , y s El abuelo ya estaba bien muerto, ughhhhh, y luego lo de Cory CORY C MO PUDO En serio que en esa parte estaba llorando como una loca Y luego cuando Cathy sue a a que su pap va por Cory al jard n lleno de flores tuve que parar de leer porque ya no pod a m s y mis l grimas no me dejaban ver hide spoiler