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    Open for a review of one short story at a time view spoiler1 Security 1I wished there were negative ratings This was the single most unerotic thing I have read in a long long very long time The story of a security guard who blackmails female shoplifters into fellating him until he meets with the ultimate shoplifter of hell Not all women find BJs in any way shape or form erotic I sure don't Neither do I consider physical shaming of people erotic be it the small penis of a man or the aged or dishevelled looks of a woman And lastly humiliation of the enforced non consensual sort from the vantage point of the humiliator is the very last thing I find eroticDefinitely not BDSM2 Winnat's Pass 1Well for literary erotica there's a lot of vulgar and obscene language around This allegedly is some 18th century historical with necro leanings but the feel is entirely modern An illicit couple of handyman and rich lady get waylaid and killed and she comes back from the grave Unfortunately and I like necro stories this again was entirely unerotic and didn't even read horrific I suggest the author reads Orion Rising by Angelia Sparrow to see how it's done sensually and with lasting cloutDefinitely not BDSM3 Fruits de Mer 1Too much vulgar language again These stories come across as written for male readers They are porny rather than erotic Then the author needs a course in female anatomy I've yet to see labiae pulse especially without an orgasm in sight or the Musculus ischiocavernosus guard the clitoris And again uite frankly I don't at all care for cunnilingus and the association of fish or mussles with the female genitalia gives me indigestion It doesn't turn me on it left me ueasy Oh and I adore eating fruits de mer I sincerely hope I won't remember this short the next time I do That would be the real horror Patently unerotic and slowly but surely I'm becoming irritatedDefinitely not BDSM So far I don't get why this is touted as BDSM4 Sherlock Holmes the Curse of the Moonstone 1Duh The author writes about nothing but oral sex and in a truly rote manner The same every time Zzzzzzzzzz Plotholes galore Watson at one point is written to be ignorant of the female orgasm next he knows about the French version of it Unfortunately neither Watson nor Holmes were anywhere close to being in character though I've read my share of excellent fanfic of the two The sex was so atypical for what could have taken place between them it was downright jarring The end had some anal to it as well not very erotically described either I'm close to a DNF because so far every story is a turn off They all come across as written for male readersDefinitely not BDSM 5 Dirty Phone Call 2aaaaaaaaaaaand we're at it again Now masturbation mixed with oral sex Vulgar samey language Obviously this author as well thinks all women adore lace panties and French lingerie newsflash some women dislike the stuff The MC hasn't had an O in ten years? Really? And now wants to draw it out when she finally has a chance? Are you kidding me? The end adds a point Erotic? NoDefinitely not BDSM6 Body Swap 2The magical hymen of a 21 year old that the cock of the deflowerer feels splitting upon entry Aaand we have a paranormal PI story with the step daughter entering the household as a baby no less Oh newsflash no one can ejaculate directly into a woman's womb short of splitting open her cervix which sure as hell wouldn't find her agreeable to the deed Just saying Literary doesn't mean you can take liberties with anatomy Oh and yeah right we have a virgin who passionately comes her first time around With her dad no less Guh The basic idea is interesting an extra star for that but the way it was written was boring and also unerotic Again Six stories in none in the slightest erotic so far I wished the author would get her act together and cease writing as if she delivered to The HustlerNo BDSM7 Retribution 2The author still has an anatomy problem up to the first digit up to the first phalanx Also still the same coarse off turning and denigratingly negative language usage I'm by now heartily sick of it This is the opposite of sex positive and keeps this story from being eroticThis is the Seuel to Dirty Phone Sex As a femdom style story I liked it and it could have achieved 3 if only it had been less porny in language and hadn't carried the non con stalker vibeBDSM fail8 Sanctity 1Ugh Not everyone has a taboo about religion or priests Dirt hole for anus is just about the most unerotic term I've read in such repetition yet And present tense is ugh A real turn off this one When do any of these stories become erotic? Or not geared to the male gaze?No BDSM9 La Frotteuse 1Since when can wombs spasm at memories? Sure with an orgasm or with cramps or with labour But a memory? Dear me And a womb which floods with liuid upon sexual arousal well it has a health problemAlso why is anything sexual and erotic always described as being filthy or dirty Once again the absolute opposite of sensual and sex positive also what I associate with a malecentric POVAnd now a taste of Ana The Goddess My arseNo BDSM and very boring10 A Holiday Romance 1And we have again such wonderfully unerotic vulgar language with sex which of course is filthy and dirty a wife who of course refuses the wishes of her husband and a Mistress who doesn't need consent or heeds basic safety measures Yeah Right How very sexy Not As to the rest of it Just as unerotic Chewing chunks out of a man's scrotum? Ugh Yeah how very unsafe insane and definitely not consensual Why do so many authors believe they need to turn BDSM into something sordid so it supposedly is erotic or edgy?BDSM fail 11 The Diary 1Slut shaming Bi phobia Womb spasms again Juices soaking so much I wonder whether she has a disease A whinging wimp A husband so vile he sueaks Duh The last thing I now want is anything related to sex BDSM fail all the way and back12 Anastasia 1my clitoris beat a sweet rhythm Yeah RightHere the author rides what apparently is her personal hobbyhorse or fetish Sorry it doesn't even remotely coincide with anything I find erotic Possibly for others into humiliation and withdrawal kink hide spoiler

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    Wowthis collection was a hot mess Poorly written short stories that showcased the expected fetishes but not uite getting to the whyA few of them didn't make any sense at all like the ending of 'Winnat's Pass' for example featuring a dead woman's teeth being found to make dentures for another oneWTF?On top of that many of the stories just ended abruptly as if the author figured that the explicit sex was all that was needed to create a story Bam The end Much of the language used throughout the book wasn't hot at all Maybe Brits see it differently but the term 'dirt hole' for someone's asshole was a complete turn off The only story with a tiny bit of redeeming value was 'A Holiday Romance' which was similar to Billerosie's 'Enslaving Eli' This shit is being deleted from my Kindle now Don't let this beautiful cover here suck you in

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    There were some unmentionable atrocities mentioned he he which made me want maybe not read but at least skim through to witness the abominations firsthand

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    Some great stories in this collection although I thought the last two were a bit pointless as one virtually re told the story of the other 810

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    Author Billierosie is at it again Only this time she's concentrated a burst of her erotic short stories into a single location the new book Fetish Transcendence available now through com for the KindleThe collection of sexual tales featuring new and previously published stories begins with “Security” a smoking hot tale of nearly forced sexual surrender which can be a tricky kind of tale to tell especially without crossing the border into rape or other unsavory elements of storytelling In this short readers meet Freddie who takes his job as a security guard to the next level by giving the small time criminals he encounters a choice; perform a degrading sexual act and be set free or be humiliated by arrest and court Male or female It matters little to him But the sensual Ellie also known as the shoplifting criminal called The Shadow might prove to be his matchFans of Billierosie's tales might recognize one or two popular entries published in various anthologies by the erotica imprint Sizzler Editions These include the fascinating homo erotic tale of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Moonstone” and the darkly erotic “Winnat's Pass” but her stories have never appeared in one place at least not until nowFor those fans of hardcore lust abandon masters and servants and other forms of sexual depravity the wait was well worth it

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    Well written short stories around sex themes that I didn't find erotic I am one of the few readers that didn't appreciate these short stories so maybe my sex batteries were low As I think about it it wasn't the themes or storyline as much as the hotness factor to these stories I have another one of the author's full stories so I haven't given up with this author

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    Some good stories some GREAT stories 😜

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    Title Internal and External Desires“FetishTranscendence” by Billierosie Reviewed by T’s Blogging03172015242 pm Billierosie’s “Fetish Transcendence” has the ability to peak reader’s curiosity just from reading the book’s title A collection of short stories involving peculiar fetishes Billierosie exposes a world in which characters explore their sexual needs This read is hot and intense but does it suffer because of its lack of the normal reader and character connection? And does the read confirm the stigmas that are attached to those who partake in the mentioned sexual fixations? Billierosie doesn’t waste time building up to the climax no pun intended Nor does the author waste paper offering descriptive physical or internal traits that usually builds that character and reader connection There is one trait however many of the characters all seem to experience humiliation Oddly enough as a reader you will find yourself so caught up in these tales and trying to decipher or understand the people in this book along with their fetishes that you’ll find yourself reading every word in hopes of understanding the reasoning’s of these characters This book is centered on fixation point blank and the period From the tale of a man that enjoys feet and all the freaky things he does with them; to a story about a submissive finding contentment as a slave This book is raw and direct and gives readers the opportunity to explore a world that is shunned by so many It is not for everyone but that doesn’t imply that it isn’t a good read because it is Yet the concern with this book stems from the overuse of the word humiliation It is very possible that the stories told play right into the hands of those that view fetishism and submissivedominate relationships as a type of mental and physical abuse regardless if it is consensual Yet you be the judge I give “Fetish Transcendence” 4 out of 5 stars Happy Reading T’s Blogging wwwmcwpubblogspotcom

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    Fetish Transcendence is a collection of a dozen deliciously short perverse stories each a product of an even deliciously perverse mind and I know the author will be smiling with approval at thatWhen I read this book I had literally just finished Enslaving Eli by the same author a novella of considerable depth and very thought provoking From a novella with depth to a series of short punchy stories was an interesting transition I found myself reading each story stepping back and pondering but with little framework to crystallise my thoughts and eager to get onto the next That was not a negative rather It is the beauty and probably an aim of such stories to provide a sketch upon which the reader can emboss their own thoughts That I did but only after I had finished the book and returned to consider some over again As I say an interesting transition One of the things that kept reoccurring to me was how much each story could be expanded to provide the subject of a book in itself; is that the way a book evolves?I enjoyed all the stories all very different and I definitely have my favourites There is a story here or for all readers and probably one or two that will raise eyebrows in disapproval; all the reason then to read them Punchy short stories that excite and plant seeds of thought excellent It won`t take you long to read them but the effects will linger

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