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When You Wake Up In The Morning And Your Eyes Take In The First Hints Of Light That Shine Through Your Window, The Dust Motes Catching And Reflecting The Sun S Rays Like Little Diamonds, The Shimmering Hues Of Yellow And Orangey Gold Breaking Through Into Your Room, The First Thing You Think About Usually Isn T How You Re Going To Make It Through The Worst Day Of Your LifeUnfortunately For Grace Shelley, That S Exactly What She S Facing As She Ponders What To Do Now That She S Going To Be Starting Out Her Last Year In High School Without Her Best Friend She S Not Exactly The Most Popular Girl In School Well, Not The Most Popular Girl In School To Like, Anyway And Everything Seems To Be Hinting At Another Status Quo Year For Her Until She Bumps Into A Stranger Who Leaves Her Stumbling For Words And Chasing After Her HeartThe New Guy In School Is Different Robert Doesn T Care About The Rumors He S Heard About Her Or That No One Else Seems To See Her The Same Way That He Does He Only Wants To Be Her Friend That S When Things Get Complicated When Grace Learns That He S Not Your Typical High School Boy And That He S Actually A Wingless Angel Who S Looking For Someone To Trust, She S Thrust Into His World Where Not All Angels Are Meant To Protect Human Beings, And Where The Changes She Brings Into His Life Changes Everything In Hers

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    So I cant tell you how excited i was to read this one It had stellar reviews At the time I ordered it, the average goodreads rating was something along the lines of 4.5 or Hell, with reviews like that this book couldnt possibly be a bad read Right Unfortunately i was wrong very very wrong I hate writing less than stellar reviews but I think people should be warned before buying this is not a 4 star book I just wish someone had of warned me beforehand But no, i bought it.So. reasons why this a 1 star book, in numerical form 1 The main character and her freakiness.Watch out guys, Grace is a freak Or so we are told, numerous times and from numerous characters Why you ask No freaking idea pun intended Literally everyone, including Grace, reminds us she is a freak at every freakin too far opportunity When explained why, it s because she is different, dresses for comfort, doesnt hang around the cool kids and her mum died in a car accident Yeah, because apparantly that constitutes wierd and freaky 2 Insta LoveThere is no build up in the relationship between Grace and Robert, nor is there much chemistry He simply turns up as the new kid at school and has decided he cares very deeply for Grace LITERALLY 3 Descriptions GaloreThe over use of descriptions that were completely irrelevant to the plot were not only frustrating but only pro longed the amount of time I had to spend reading this book At times, paragraphs were so boring i was skipping two at a time to get to the actual point It was like watching the bold and the beautiful i can miss 2 months of episodes to turn it on and know exactly what is going on, as if ive missed nothing in that 2month period.4 Twilight rebornOkay, so im not quite a Twilight hater, nor am I a Twi hard fan But there s still no denying that, the plot was eerily similar to twilight, just replace Vampire with angel Girl meets boy, boy is in love with girl Girl is convinced she is an average nobody, and how could this guy possibly be in love with her Note Twilight is actually much better than this Just comparing plots here Also, i never got to the stage in Twilight where i wanted to skip sections Good luck reading this if you choose to do so, personally i found the story and the characters rather forgettable, but who knows, perhaps I missed something There does seam to be a questionable number of people who did outrageously love this book though

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    Grace was so boring The plot was so boring, the story was so boring And come on, things like this wouldn t happen even if angels and all that stuff did exist When you read a book like this paranormal, urban fantasy, whatever you have to think if angels vampires, etc were real could this happen In this case NO Grace is considered a freak by all the school, she doesn t care about her image and I can t believe this, but here it goes a hot guy falls in love for her Yeah, I know, UNBELIEVABLE The book says Hey, you wanna have a hot boyfriend You Yes And then it replies So make yourself a total freak, dress bad and look bad to everybody eyes less the hot guy Please.And there was no chemistry between Grace and Robert It was Grace God, you re so beautiful, I admire you and I need you Robert You re different, you re not superficial and pretty, by the way, and I don t have a thing against that and, well you know what I wanna kiss Bleh.There was no equality in their relationship Grace was obviously in an inferior level and Robert well, he was above her Those things just do not work any since it worked with Twilight

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    I read a review on about this book and I had to shake my head because it sounded like the reviewer didn t even read the book I wanted to make a few corrections because some of the things said were wrong.1 The person said that teenagers don t talk the way they do in the book I m 16 I talk like that and my friends talk like that ALOT.2 The person said they rolled their eyes alot at what happens in the book The things that Grace does in the books are what lots of kids do We are young and we aren t adults so of course the things we do aren t going to make sense Why get upset because a teenager is acting like a teenager in a book 3 The person said that the favorite saying of Grace oh dear bananas is stupid My BFFS and I say lovescoobie all the time Are we stupid Or are we being teenagers Just like I said in my 1st correction, teenagers talk like that ALOT She acts like an expert on how we talk but she proves that she s wrong when she criticizes Grace s saying.4 The person said that the characters laughed at things that weren t funny They weren t funny to her maybe but they were to me and my friends and importantly they were to the characters Once again we go back to correction 1.5 The person said she didn t understand why they talked about the things they did or felt the way they did The story is about a teenage girl who is feeling all kinds of new emotions for the first time with an angel who is doing the same They are confused by their emotions and they are addicted to it at the same time Anyone who has ever fallen in love for the first time knows what that feels like Anyone who has ever fallen in love at sixteen or seventeen knows that it s even crazier.6 The person said they didn t understand how surviving a car crash when their mother died, or dressing differently can cause other people to treat you poorly Obviously this person hasn t been to a public high school Grace wears 2nd hand clothes to a school where everyone is wearing the latest trends She s half white half korean girl in a town that s pretty much all white except for one other family Her mother died in a freak accident and she was found on the road completely unharmed If you think that a kid s going to have all of that going on and be treated like she s normal, you re an idiot.Falling From Grace isn t a regular YA book and I think the reviewer was too busy trying to find flaws with it to actually read it.Grace isn t normal She says she s different from the very beginning and everyone else does too and that s important because we get to see that different isn t bad RObert tells her she is different in a good way Her friends do too She embraces her difference when she makes a very important decision at the end of this book To the reviewer who thinks she s normal, you prove you didn t read the ending.I put this book on my chicks who don t need saving shelf because in the end, she saves herself and she proves that she s the kind of character YA books meant for girls like me need to have.

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    1.5 Stars This review might as well be for the entire series There are like 4 books I read most of the 1st one, and for reasons I ll go into below, I committed a cardinal sin in reading I flipped through books 2 and 3, skimmed every now and then, and skipped to read the last half of the last book 4 I did this to see if it was worth my time actually reading the books in between 2 and 3 Answer No What I liked There was a lot of good angst in the first part of the book Grace s situation was kind of heartbreaking and I really just felt for her As sick as it sounds, I sort of enjoyed reading it Call it catharsis maybe I enjoyed feeling the depth of emotion, compassion, sympathy, etc that I felt for Grace Robert was okay I went back and forth with him Sometimes he was truly lovely What I didn t like In the same breath, I kind of got over Grace s heartache by about mid way in the first book I wanted to shake her a little It became a lot like a broken record And I wanted to understand what exactly made her so damned freakish cause I didn t see any freak in her TBH The whole relationship with Robert just didn t work for me He was TOO nice, TOO caring, TOO everything I didn t buy his sudden appearance and draw to Grace He kept saying she was different lalala, but meh I never really accepted their connection just no believable chemistry Sure, I read it in black and white, but the whole time I was scratching my head going BUT WHY I also got really tired of Robert constantly being the one to save Grace mentally, physically, etc The villains in Grace s HS were meh and their behavior came across as just another forced angst device Grace was a weak protag in general I know that by the end of the last book she wasn t weak per se, at least not in terms of what she was she was, in fact, the heroine But emotionally, mentally, etc, she just came across as another weak damsel in distress that needed Mr Mary Sue Perfect to be her salvation and in the end magically found herself and saved the planet Yeah, been there, done that Give me a better female lead, please The plot over reached I think the author was trying to do too much and incorporate too many plot elements into this story The result was a an incohesive world with LOTS of holes Parts were okay, but overall, just didn t come together in the way I d have liked The cliche epilogue Because everyone needs a baby make the world right eye roll The sex scenes Ugh Really, I think it s just better to fade to black in YA in general I m not saying that if you can t aren t allowed by the genre to write smut don t do it but fade to black is, IMO, far better than sappy, overly emotional talking around the action scenes Too many Twilight parallels And executed poorly I LIKE Twilight, so it s not that The similarities were glaring and just didn t work at all All in all, weakest angel book series I ve picked up Suggest skipping this one.

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    Umm what can I say about thisutter disappointment I couldn t even get through the first couple of chapters because what I was reading was neither believable nor executed in a way that readers could relate I feel like some elementary school kid was writing this and pretending to be a teenager which would be understandable with how two dimensional and pathetic some of the characters were I could certainly buy it if some child were playing make believe with the woes of a teenaged soul but an adult wrote this who should have experienced some from of teenage life at some point so I don t understand how this mess was even published.I skimmed through the rest of the book and I m just not impressed at all I ve read better stories on fictionpress.com that had depth and character development I regret that I bought this book If you re going to write a story make the characters believable and make them your own Don t ride off the coattails of other authors and just make your characters the opposite of theirs and throw them into some half tail plot and call it a day.I m so sick of these crap freaking books turned into series and they re not worth the gum off the bottom of my boots Why can t people write with quality and not conform to the bull that s been spitting out of bookstores these days Geez Save yourself the trouble and don t read this unless you are age 12 and under.

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    Woahthat has to be one of the longest books I have EVER read Excluding Kingdom of Ash of course

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    So, at the first part of the book, I begun to get bored because I thought that my judgment that this book would rock, seemed to be wrong what with all the sad story of the pathetic girl who had her heart broken by her best friend turned jock who happened to be dating the pretty and popular but bitchy girl in their school.Up until then, I was seriously contemplating if I would continue reading this book since it s somewhat long and I really just jiggle reading in the very little time left I had aside from school works and stuff, but thankfully I did I have read quite a few books about angels and fallen angels like the Blue Bloods series and the Mortal Instrument series to name I few so I think that I m quite qualified to give praise to this book When Robert came to the picture, everything became better, and it reminded me of Meyer s Twilight when Bella seems to be the lonely teenager who found company with Edward, and that s when I decided to give this book another try Like I said, it somehow had its resemblance to the world known vampire series of Meyer s that give vampires a different view from readers and movie buffs alike because for me, this book also set my standards on a higher level on books starring angels I liked the book not because Robert was hot with his mercury colored eyes or not because he seems so understanding not at all Hahaha , but because it shows a strong heroine, Grace who seems to belittle and criticize herself at the first chapters of the book, she was the motherless girl who will have a new stepmother because her dad wants to marry his girlfriend who is pregnant with her brother, everyone in their school calls her freak because of her surviving the accident that killed her mom, adding the fact that her only friend, Graham the one she confessed her love to , happened to be not a very good friend because he babbled things about her in her back to the bitchy girl he was dating In those tough times, Robert entered the picture and he did seem like the angel he was because he brought Grace to see herself on a different, much confident perspective I also liked, no love, the book because it has constant twists that were difficult to guess, like when Robert had his wings, when Sam tried to lull Grace and when Grace found out who Robert really is what kind of angel he is To every readers who are drawn to angels good and bad alike , I highly recommend this book as I m sure that it will meet your expectations.

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    Grace Shelley is an outcast Having lost her mother to a car crash as a child, one she managed to escape without a single scratch, made her an oddity to her peers and neighbors Through this she s always had her best friend Graham Hasselbeck at her side Graham who is handsome and popular and who would defend her against their cruelty.But Grace committed the ultimate friendship no no and revealed her hidden love for Graham Right before the beginning of senior year Now she s left to face her final year of high school completely and utterly friendless That is until she meets Robert.Robert is immediately drawn to Grace He notices something in her that no one else has before Something that allows her to let down her defenses not only with him but with her family and with a new friend Something no one else has ever been able to do No human anyway.Robert is an angel While his friendship is all that is saving Grace, his beauty not only begets jealousy but also danger Befriending an angel may be than Grace ever bargained for And falling in love with one could cost her her life.Falling from Grace was simply wonderful A suggested read by due to the genre of books typically purchased, it was such a surprise to find a self published book that hit all the notes, and then some, of the fully vetted and marketed novels being published.Grace is such a sympathetic character a young girl grieving the loss of her mother, the loss of a best friend, her father s new relationship and being a misfit in school and in life And the author has created a friendship, and , between her two main characters that is tender and heartwarming and devastating and heartbreaking This angel themed story has definitely creative and distinct ideas and a storyline that is intelligent and magical.While Falling from Grace and the next books in the series, Bird Song and Black Halo, are not short in length, they are all very quick reads with each book getting just a little bit darker and tragic as the story of Grace and Robert continues, culminating in Black Halo with an absolutely heart rending scene.

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    this is one of those books that are super confusing but you can t stop reading it I don t know why I keep falling in to these writing traps So this story line was ALL over the place Not much was resolved by the end, in fact there was so much info dumping that I couldn t tell you what the story was really about It was a giant cargo plane stuffed with fireworks that crashed into an oil tanker You can imagine right And I just couldn t look away Strike one info dumping I mean, it was in almost every chapter And it wasn t even relevant This book needs a developmental editor stat Strike two insta love Like three days in Cue the petty eye roll Strike Three No real plot Boy meets girl, boy likes girl Girl has massive self confidence issues and keeps him at arm s length Boy takes offense and misunderstands ALL THE TIME Then they make up, wash, rinse, repeat shakes head Oops, sorry, did I spoil it for you Strike Four The climax What the eff It was confusing and again, didn t make sense with the rest of the storyline It all seemed a bit thrown together with no real direction, no focus This story could have been fantastic if an experienced editor was employed to take out the massive fluff in this book Definitely not reading any in this series Truth be told I should have DNF d it but I kept holding out hope it would redeem itself And in some places it felt like it was going in that direction But then some random piece of info would get thrown in, complete with a long drawn out explanation, and by the time I realized there was no resolution I was done with the book I felt like I was Jedi mind tricked

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    I hate young adult novels I hate them with a passion.But a friend whose reading tastes I trust, and whose likes and dislikes run parallel to mine, suggested that I read this book She lent it to me on my nook without telling me that this was a book in the young adult genre The intro is a snippet from a poem by EAP, one of the greatest poets and short story writers in America s history, and I became intrigued.I was done with the book before I realized what I had read, and the realization that I had just completed a young adult novel without once having a headache or needing to read some Dumas in order to clear away the brain sludge that usually appears after attempting to read one of those ridiculous Twi whatever books that are out there was astounding.The story was intriguing, the characters so incredibly lifelike that I became smitten with the protagonist and dangerously obsessed with every decision she made and every person she encountered The fact that she and I share the same name is inconsequential the last young adult book I was tricked into reading featuring a character named Grace put me off so badly, I refused to finish the book.Again I say I hate young adult novels But I ve already purchased this book for myself as well as downloaded the sequel and reread both several times If it can turn me, it can turn anyone.