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Many Of Our Favourite Movies Come With A Side Of Iconic Food Moments The Comforting Frothy Butterbeer From Harry Potter, The Sumptuous Apple Strudel From Inglorious Basterds, The Delectable Deli Fare From When Harry Met Sally, Or Remy The Rat Chef S Signature Ratatouille In RatatouilleIn This Cookbook, Author Andrew Rea Of The Hit YouTube Channel Binging With Babish Recreates These Iconic Food Scenes And Many With Recipes From Than Classic And Cult Films, Eat What You Watch Is The Perfect Gift For Both Movie Buffs And Cooks Who Want To Add Some Cinematic Flair To Their Cooking Repertoire Love the content of the book itself, but the quality of the binding is subpar Pages have come completely out just from flipping through it Really disappointed.. As a movie freak and a foodie this was the perfect book for me If you want to make quick easy Mac n cheese with whatever is buried in the back of your pantry, Andrew Rea is not your guide If you want to make that magic Mac n cheese like they made in the movie that made unicorns cry, this is your book. This book is fine, but the binding completely split from the pages after about three reads What a shame. So I got this today, Opened it up, paged through it for a few minutes opened the book wide to scan a page and the binding immediately fell apart This is so disappointing, I haven t had this issue with any of my cookbooks It s like the glue is barely there. This cookbook is so fun If you watch his youtube series you ll really appreciate it The simple, streamline process he is so good at on his channel translates surprising well into print The recipe selection is great, a nice mixture of easy and classic, with a few challenges built in Definitely a cookbook for people that appreciate food in entertainment I especially love that every recipe has a photo to go with it A great book for every food and movie lover The recipes are great and the design of the book is great