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From The Popular Multicultural Author, Latrivia S Nelson, Comes The Highly Anticipated Second Installment Of The Medlov Crime Family Series, Dmitry S Royal Flush Rise Of The QueenFor Dmitry And Royal Medlov, Money Doesn T Equal Happiness Forced To Leave Memphis, TN And Flee To Prague After A Brutal Mafia War, The Couple Nestled Into The Countryside To Raise Their Daughter, Anya, And Lead A Safe, Quiet Life But When Dmitry S Son, Anatoly, Shows Up With An Offer He Can T Refuse, Dmitry Is Forced To Go Back To The Life He Left As Boss Of The Most Feared Criminal Organization In World Consequently, The Deal Could Not Only Destroy The Medlov Crime Family But Also Dmitry And RoyalRoyal Hasn T Been The Same Since She Was Attacked Three Years Ago Where She Used To Be A Sweet, Innocent Girl, She S Now The Jaded, Bitter Mistress Of The Medlov Chateau However, A Reality Check Is In Store For The Pre Madonna When Anya S New Teacher Shows Up With Her Sights Set On Stealing Dmitry, And Ivan S Old Ally Shows Up With His Sights On Killing Him Can Royal Save Them All Will She With A Family In Such Turmoil, The Only Way To Survive Is To Stick Together Read The Gripping Tale Of A Marriage Strong Enough To Stand The Test Of Time As Dmitry Realizes That He Has The Best Cards In The House As Long As He Has A Royal Flush

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    Same thought as the previous oneI received Ms Nelson s book as a gift from a girlfriend while I was sick in the hospital along with a pile of other books Because of it s theme, it was the last one that I read I m not really into romance at all, and I m really not into interracial romance Since reading Dmitry s Closet, I ve become a true fan of her work, and I believe that this young woman has a world of talent to share Obviously, if you have read any of the reviews, which I did out of curiosity, or if you have read her books, you know that there are a great deal of grammatical errors in the book But as I read about the author and her drive to get books out on her own because she was turned down by agencies and larger publishing houses, I started to appreciate her ambition and really pull for her And the errors were not that dramatic that it prevented me from reading and following the storyline Everyone is entitled to their own opinion That is what makes this country great However, I feel that many readers are incredibly cruel and give facetious remarks about this book because of its edgy subject matter and the pairing of a white man and a black woman They want to say that it s unrealistic, but I didn t read anything in the book that was farfetched It s my opinion that some of the horrible reviews either come from authors or undercover racists who don t like what she has to say and are trying to muffle the voice of a young talent To me, once this author finds a strong copy editor, we will see her soar And I don t want her to give up because of the pressure that has been put on her by pessimistic and critical reviewers In addition, when I was able to sit in on a recent book signing of hers, I found out that she wrote these books while working a full time job, caring for children and her seriously injured husband who was nearly killed while serving our country and working on a graduate level degree In my eyes, she has done than most women could with little to no help I ll continue to support her and share her books with my circle And I believe that she will come out on top as long as she keeps her determination I will continue to give her great reviews and encourage others to do so to counter people who find it easier to read than ever write I don t think that I m alone with my opinions And I hope that I m not the last to say so.

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    I really enjoyed this installment of the Medlov crime family After a very violent war in Memphis Tennessee The principal players Dmitry and Royal have relocated with their young daughter to Prague As promised to royal Dmitry is no longer the boss of the Medlov crime Family As he would put it he s just a dress shopkeeper along with his wife But some terrible things happened in Memphis and Royal is not herself in fact she s very damaged And all the money and power that her husband has can t help her I guess there s nothing better than having a crisis to pull you out of a funk And that is what happens to Royal I m off to the next installment.

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    I thought it was OK I enjoyed Dmitry s Closet More I was really hoping that Victoria s character would be eliminated Why make her and Anatoly a fall in love They are both crazy We all know what happens why you put two absolutely nuts people together And what happened to Bridget The ending left alot to be desired Maybe the second read will work better for me.

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    My enemy is my friend Dmitry s Royal Flush was a hodge podge of emotions for me Tears, laughs, and OMGoodness moves This story takes place three years after Dmitry s Closet and Royal Medlov, now named Chloe after her covert, fake death in Memphis, TN, she now lived in Prague with her ex Czar husband, Dmitry Medlov and sweet daughter, Anya She is going through the past pains of rape by Dmitry s deceased brother, Ivan and struggling with major mood swings while on heavy medications and alcohol Dmitry has hired a young teacher from America for Anya and Royal isn t happy with this at all Royal is very bitter, always sarcastic and cold to her husband which is not her norm It takes Anya s teacher to bring her around and things seems okay until Dorian Ivan s friend comes to her shop telling her that Dmitry has returned to the Vory v Zakone Dmitry was keeping secrets from his wife but he was only helping his son, Anatoly close a a large deal and purchase because he was a rather young Czar who needed his father s advice and support Concern Victoria, the gold digger is going to be a major problem to Anatoly After all she did something cringe worthy to both Royal and Dmitry Poor Anatoly seems to be listening to the wrong head once again. should have listen to Papa Medlov Again, I LOVED this addition to the Medlov Crime Family and I give it 4 RISE OF THE QUEEN stars

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    Enjoyable follow up This book catches us up 3 years later on the Medlov family Royal has some serious issues which really needed professional counseling, however, she refuses, and Dmitry is working hard to stay out of the family business I kept wanting to say that line from the Godfather about them pulling him back in Anotoly is visible in this book, and, I think he could be as captivating as his father,however, we will see in the next book, which I believe is his story maybe with Victoria As far as Victoria goes, I am trying to like her, but, her introduction to the storyline does not make you want to embrace her Even though the author appears to try to redeem her character, I am still a little distant I am surprised by the number of African American women with the Russian men, but I guess I shouldn t be This seems to be a celebration of the beauty of African American women and I must say I love it I would recommend this book Not as on edge as the first, but a worthy IR read nonetheless Refreshingly different than the normal IR.

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    This was a very captivating read for me I sat by my pool and watched the kids play while I devoured Dmitry s Royal Flush It was a quick read but it only made me love this author The passion was pronounced this time around and the characters showed of their inner workings I have respect for Royal She had a backbone this time around and stood up for her wonderful family As usual, I felt like I was right there with them And although I ve never been to Sochi or Prauge, the pictures that she drew were amazing This was amazing I recommend it and I can t wait for the next one If all transition books were this good then many series would be a lot better I had such a good time with this book I laughed and cried I felt the pain Royal must have felt with Dmitry and the anger with Victoria I understood Anatoly and the confusion of being so powerful at such a young age and I liked Dorian and Davyd Good Job, Nelson You continue to set the tone for interracial romance You make me proud, girl.

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    This book was grrrrreat Latrivia write a realistic mafia story that keeps you well entertained through the whole book.I absolutely loved Anatolyhis good side, his bad side, and his don t cross me side I especially love how Royal and Dmitry s relationship evolved Royal grew up but Dmitry remained a constant without easily giving up on his relationship But near the end Dmitry show why he IS the man You will love this book even through the uncertain parts you will find yourself getting sucked in.

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    This was the first book that I have read by Latrivia Nelson She has become very popular within the Russian community here in Seattle I really liked the action and the romance and I liked Dmitry very much I will read all her books now Even though I am going backwards I plan to read Dmitry s Closet next.

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    UYARI bu seri insan n ak l sa l na zararl ba tan belirteyim D lk kitab n sonunda olanlardan sonra ikinci kitaba b yle h zl bir ekilde ba lamamam gerekiyormu 2.kitab m z 3 y l sonras yla ba l yor.Royal ve Dmitri evli 3 ya nda Anya isimli k zlar ve arada da onlar ziyaret eden Anatoly ile Prag ehrine yerle mi.Tabii sanmay n ki her ey ge mi te kalm Royal 3 y l boyunca geceleri kabuslarla uyan yor kendini i kiye ve ila lara vermi t m d nyaya k zg n bir kad na d n m Tabii bunun zerine k k k z n n da vana benzemesi ki yazar burdan k n yorum sen ne istiyorsun bu kad ndan diyesim var Tecav ze u rad yetmiyormu gibi imdi de bu stelik kocas Dmitrinin akl na eve Anya i in teacher getirmek gibi dahiyane bir fikir gelir.E be adam tamam teacher istiyorsun bari ya l bir biri olsayd.Yoooo olurmu hi Victoria isminde bitch bu i e uygun tabitabii bu da meydan bo g rd ya hemen Dmitriyi ba tan karma olaylar na el atar.Tabii Dmitri harika bir sahneyle Victoriaya cezas n keser e lenmedim desem yalan olur D ondan sonra Royalle aralar ndaki anla mazl klar falan hallederlerki o sahnelerde ben l p l p dirildim resmen ok duygusald beahan da her ey d zeldi derken Anatoly gidip Victoria ile ili kiye ba lamaz m t m bu karga an n i ine gemi den bir d man n dahil olmas ve sona yak n da olaylar n h z n n artarak neredeyse katliama varmas sonucunda bende kafa falan kalmad.anlad m ki bu h zla bu seriye devam edersem sonum b yle olur D O y zden bir ka ayl k ara veriyorum D

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    I want give this book full stars like so many reviews GR but so many intrigue in this book, feel like my heart skip a beat.Royal, she must deal with her trauma after the rape and her emotion about her daughter Oh jeez so many women who had bad experienced like Royal, but she so bad bad bad, so sad to read how she struggle with the nightmares every night She shut down and reject her love for her husband and her daughter.She can t made love completely, and Dmitri feel so helpless.Dimitri a man who had BIG LUST.and then BANG come to their home teacher for Anya Beauty woman with perfect body Jeeezzzzzz so freaking crazy How can Dimitri lust after OW when he seems so love Royal i know i know, how man can survive after reject and humiliated over over and over gain for a YEAR.if Dmitri just see how attractive Victoria, for me it okay.and he s a man right feeling desire is normal over after not have sex for months.BUT There was a sexual energy between them that he hadn t felt since Royal dismissed him He recognized it right away yeah like that, Click and then Dmtri say to Royal like this Victoria Fuck her She s just a teacher She s here to teach Anya I don t give two shits about her Then why do you look at her like you do Like what Like you used to look at me, She cried Like before Ivan I barely see her I don t have time to look at her WHAATTTT are you kidding me Dmitri so how come Dmitri feel energy sexual with Victoria if he say that he barely look at her Damn and this so many proof Royal, I don t want Victoria at all and then when Anatoly ask her Father about his interest to Victoria Yes I thought that she was very persuasive If I had not been married to Royal, I would have had her but hey you are a man so its normal WOW That doesn t make you a bad man it just makes you a man huh, bad bad bad i understand when victoria seduced Dmitri, and then he feel steel erection, HUMAN When man love a woman, he just look at her not OW but its just, i forget1 how can Royal forgive Victoria the bitch who seduced her man and GOD you HUG her Jeeezzzz so freaking awkward 2.Victoria you Winner seduced father and son at one time Great.