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This book was very good It was one of the best books that I ve read on Diana They the Royals have confidantes of the opposite sex as a good friend when they are married. I found the beginning of this book interesting but as I continued to read I got the distinct impression that Lady Colin Campbell did not like Diana I found the book to be derogatory towards a beautiful lady who was treated cruelly by the Royal Family and her Prince Charming Charles Diana was a young 19 year old girl who truly had a crush on Charles and eventually loved him and being a Princess I will leave the reader to his own opinion but I was very disappointed and will try and find other books by other authors about Diana to see if they relate the story in the same light. Fascinating, and in all likelihood probably true, but nonetheless suspect because Lady Colin Campbell refuses to name than one or two sources The book comes across as Lady Colin Campbell airing her own opinions about Diana under the guise of an anonymous source I mentioned this in my review of The Royals by Kitty Kelley , though as Diana was nervous about the book s publication, one does wonder about the veracity of Campbell s allegations Yes, it could be that Diana was worried about her image being tarnished by the book s publication, but England has extremely strict laws against libel and Diana never sued Campbell Interesting. What I liked about this book is the reality which Lady Campbell brings to the legend of Diana Celebrity status is deceptive nearly 100% of the time Princess Diana lived in some ways an impossible life, struggled deeply and though we may or may not approve of some of the things she did, understanding what she d been through previous to her marriage and something about her childhood sheds an understanding light Every living person has issues but when you re a worldwide persona, those issues are magnified I always had a sense of compassion for the inner little girl that was Diana, and this book showed me why.May she rest in peace. It s rare to find an aristocrat and someone who moves in the royal circles to tell all about one of their own, so this bio by Lady Colin Campbell is unusual for that alone Written in 1992, it was rushed out before Andrew Morton s Her True Story to tell Prince Charle s side of the breakup story It s very pro establishment and unflattering to Diana It s rud that she hated this bio and what Lady Campbell wrote about her Not one of my favorites Lady Campbell s book on Princess Diana was very entertaining I like how it showed how she was a real person With this book I saw many sides of Diana that have never been presented in other books I was disappointed though with all the name dropping, but when it came to sources she gave practically none Some of the dates need to be checked All in all very nice read. It seems Princess Diana had another side to her I read this when it first came out, but now in retrospect, it seems like the author got a lot right Near the end, she uses the phrase barring great catastrophe to say that things were looking up As we know now, they were not, and there was indeed an enormous catastrophe I thought she was very fair, compared to other aristocratic and snooty authors like Penny Junor She presented the princess as a wonderful person with faults, which I think is true The whole thing was so sad. I very much enjoy the work of this author, who has used her contacts and position in Royal circles to interview many people who knew both Charles and Diana, as well as the Royal Family and the Spencers She looks at Charles and the string of girlfriends he had, looking at their suitability as possible Royal brides and why each relationship ended The author looks at each of the problems in the relationship and gives reason for what caused them She is critical of Diana s behaviour towards Charles but I did like that she gave valid reasons for why Diana was behaving the way she did ie lessons learned in her chaotic upbringing, her parents divorce, her need for approval and the dreadful side effects of the bulimia There is no doubt that Diana had mental health issues and her insecurity and paranoia certainly started to destroy her marriage It gave me sympathy for both Charles and Diana, who never had much hope of staying together once the children were born.The author looks at the chaotic upbringing of Diana and her siblings, the divorce of her parents and how she was in a family that lacked discipline and standards of behaviour This led to a sense that Diana was always able to get what she wanted if she played up so it is not surprising that she tried this tactic to get her way with Charles, something he hated The book reveals that Diana was pretending to love all the things Charles did so that she could hook Charles as a husband so you can imagine his shock after the wedding to discover they really had nothing in common and that she was no longer willing play the eager young woman who follows all the rules It led to chaos in her marriage and with Royal protocol I really felt for Charles as he ended up with a bride totally different from the fiancee he adored Diana couldn t accept that she was not going to be able to change a man set in his ways and the conflict ripped them apart It was a really great book that delved into the marriage and showed all the issues I recommend it to those interested in the Royal Family. 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