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I have not read the first book written on Princess Diana by Andrew Morton I think this book may have been relevent when read at the time it was published instead of years later, after Princess Diana s death etc Still, it was interesting reading about how sad and difficult her life was All she ever wanted was a husband to love her, and she married one who loved someone else a very good book The Publication In Of Andrew Morton S Number One National Bestseller, Diana Her True Story, Shook The British Royal Family To Its Very Foundations The Book S Many Revelations That Prince Charles Had Been Having A Long Term Affair, That The Marriage Of The Prince And Princess Of Wales Had Been A Sham, That The Princess Had Been Suffering From An Eating Disorder And Had Made Several Halfhearted Suicide Attempts Were Initially Greeted With Disbelief But As Time Passed, It Became Clear That The Book Was, As Its Title Claimed, Diana S True Story, Especially When The Couple Announced Their Separation In December When Prince Charles Eventually Admitted His Adultery On Television, He Put The Final Seal Of Confirmation On Andrew Morton S Claims Diana S Friends Were Hopeful That The Separation From Charles, Which Ended Years Of A Torturous Existence, Would Bring Diana The Freedom To Find Happiness In A New Role But Has She With Her Marriage In Limbo And Her Children Only Occasionally By Her Side, Diana S Position In The Royal Family Is One Of Increasing Isolation Diana Her New Life Chronicles The Secret Battles That Have Raged Behind Closed Doors, And Diana S Constant Frustration As She Endeavors To Break Free From The Restrictions Of Her Semi Detached Royal Life Again With Unprecedented Access To Some Of Diana S Closest Friends And Advisers, Andrew Morton Is Able To Strip Away The Royal Propaganda And Reveal How Diana, Who Became A Princess Before She Had Reached Maturity, Is At Last Learning To Become A Woman In Her Own Right Rather Than A Puppet Of The Palace Andrew Morton Exposes The Infighting And Intrigue Behind This Most Sensational Royal Crisis, As Well As Diana S Private Thoughts On Her Retirement From Public Life, Remarriage, The Men In Her Life, And The Grooming Of Prince William For His Future Role Illustrated With Pages Of Remarkable Color Photographs, Diana Her New Life Is A Revealing, Explosive Look At The Struggle Of One Of T Please see my detailed review at.co.uk Graceann s Diana Her New Life Review Please click that the review was helpful to you at so that my rating continues to climb Written from a clearly pro Diana point of view, this overview of the years between late 1992 and early 1995 was interesting, if one sided I m looking forward to reading the even handed books that cover her whole life. I cried with my mum when we heard the news, the woman I had been brought up to admire and see as an icon for so many causes and pains After she died, we read so many books, too many for me to even recall She was fascinating in life and her death created a void for my generation as deaths of other amazing people in the decades before her.Whatever the state of the royal family and all their drama, Diana brought change that we all wanted to see in the world Ever her name used after her death, she still continues to do than the Royal Family has and can ever do in all their lives combined A symbol of hope taken too soon, too good for this earth, and definitely a precious rose too good for the Windsors to spoil. Diana Her New Life book was a good biography and you found out many things at one does not normally know about royalty I read this book at the same time as my mother because she was so interested in Princess Diana It is a good biography that caused many conversations and would be good for mature teenagers to learn another area of the world and of royalty but still has many similar problems that we have here It touches base on her unlovable childhood to the affairs and even has excerpts of things she said in it The plot is just her story of her life and the author explains it very well The emotions throughout the books are from one extreme of happy to being depressed, the emotions are constantly unraveling One thing I would have my students do is research all of the things in the book to make sure they are all correct because some of it is so hard to believe. Let me start off this review by saying this isn t a book I would have chosen for myself I recently received 3 boxes of books from an aunt and apparently she s purchased every book there is about Princess Diana.This book seemed like something from a gossip column or a tabloid magazine It seemed far fetched and I really felt like a lot of quotes were perhaps taken out of context to fit the authors personal view. WOWI am sad that she had to live a horrible life The royal family really treated her like crap, as did the media She did not deserve that treatment from a man who CHEATED ON HER She is such an amazing woman who overcame the horrible life in the royal family and media I feel she is in a much better and safer place I got inspired to read of biography style novels from this novel onwards The emotional upheaval , suffocation and confusion that Diana went through was heart breaking, the book got me hooked to read about Diana and other books written on her I would consider reading this book again. I have not read Diana Her True Story We got this copy from an aunt who bought all the commemorative books and magazines capitalizing on Diana s demise.This to me read like a tabloid book, especially since most of the sources were unnamed I couldn t get a firm grasp on the timeline either, as the author didn t seem to prioritize chronological order But in some ways it was still an enlightening read hoping what he reported are all factual and I have understanding behind the activities of the royal family I noticed also the children were only mentioned a few times and in passing But it is understandable for the need of privacy since William and Harry were mere children at the time.Reading this book now, what with Catherine and Prince George, and also Prince Charles finally marrying Camila, it does make me wonder what could have happened or how Diana would have felt had she survived or if the accident didn t happen I wonder, too, what else she could have done had she time to spread her wings.I read scathing reviews about Morton s biography on Angelina Jolie and it was dubbed as the worst book of the year when it came out I also remembered he also wrote one on Madonna, and that I have a copy of it somewhere, I just haven t gotten around to reading it Knowing that Morton writes biographies without the subject s consent, I really don t put much stock into his words.