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Adopted At Age , Rose Gardens Doesn T Know Much About Her Life Before Her Parents Brought Her To America She Has Vague Memories Of Her Time In The Small Orphanage In The Hunan Province Of China But None Of These Memories Offer Any Explanation As To How She Can Fly And Bend Steel Pipes With Her Bare Hands Naturally, That Didn T Stop Rose From Becoming A Superhero Life Is As Close To Perfect As Rose Could Imagine She Has The Greatest Parents, The Perfect Boyfriend, And Her Career As Star Girl Has Been Fairly Impressive With True Love In Her Grasp, Marriage May Even Be On The Horizon For Rose And Her Boyfriend But When A New Villain Tears Into Century City, Rose Finds Her Heart Unexpectedly Torn Between The Good Man She Knows She Loves And The Bad Boy She Finds Herself Irresistibly Attracted To

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    I found this book to be hard going in a lot of places I found the constant woe is me of the main character to be tiresome The constant you are stupid treatment of the main character from the other characters to be irritating The blurb made it sound so promising and yet I felt disappointed by how much of a slog this was to read It felt like trying to wade through peanut butter It did have an interesting premise but it just felt poorly executed, like it was trying to be something than it was I don t feel inspired to follow up on this series There may be readers out there that loved this book but sadly I m not one of them I kind of expected a decent superhero romp but this was not the case.

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    This wasn t my favourite book, I found myself skipping over the endless annoying banter to try and find the next plot marker The premise is good and it did pique my interest Star Girl continually battles an inexorable robot only to find the person behind the robot is someone she knows Should she destroy or save them However, based on this book, I wouldn t read of this author.

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    Leaves you hangingThe story reads pretty quick I enjoyed it The dialogue was like reading how siblings talked Is Stargirl s boyfriend a villain or a bad guy Is Jupiter a mad scientist or good guy Does he have a thing for Stargirl I guess I will have to read the next book.

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    This was a good and somewhat confusing story It took me awhile to figure out that superheroes are part of the norm in this world.I did love the twists that were thrown in though.

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    This is not your typical superhero book This is a superhero book with a little bit of everything thrown into the story Rose Gardens is a secret hero who in real life is a college student with all that goes along with that including dating the man of her dreams who just happens to be clueless to who her alter ego really is This adds a lot of complications to their relationship, but what fun would a superhero book be without complications Yes, there are superheroes, super villains, but also romance, everyday college woes, the problems associated with just being a good daughter and friend, and as always with Krumbine s books, tons of really fun and sarcastic and witty dialogue Not much you could ask for here Plus, I ve read the followup book and it s even better than this one, but you need to read this one to get to the next Pick up this book for an afternoon full of leisure reading at its best Enjoy

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    It was niceI liked the idea of the blurb than the book itself, unfortunately I had pictured something completely different The book was nice, and people who love superheroes will appreciate some of its elements.

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    I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in one sitting It moved along at a great pace, has amazing characters and a fantastic story that will keep you interested from beginning to end This is one book that needs to be added to your summer reading list, there is no doubt about it.

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    Goofy, sarcastic, fun Really need to read the next book now.

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    Superheroes galoreI love reading and I love superheroes so I m always happy that I m finding and books about superheroes Keep writing

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    Not bad The constant monologuing from every single character got a bit tiresome through.