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When Ethan And His Sister Ilana Decided To Use Much Of Their Wealth To Buy, Secure, And Outfit A Luxurious, Isolated Shelter, They Didn T Expect TEOTWAWKI To Become A Reality When It Happened, They Didn T Expect To So Quickly Find Three Others With Whom They Could Share The Shelter As Family When They Did, They Welcomed Them, Secure In The Knowledge That Together, They Would Be Able To Survive And Flourish As They Began The Process Of Rebuilding Humanity And Civilization They Thought Of EverythingOr Did They Culmination Is The Story Of What Might Happen To People Faced With Difficult And Disturbing Decisions As The World Falls Apart Around Them

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review WOW The author jumped in with both feet and didn t stop running until the end The story is based on the world ending as we know it One couple, a brother and sister and a single woman form a quick bond and unite together to live a life of solitude in a prepared cave designed and paid for by the brother and sister The siblings planned for everything to continue survival and to even repopulate mankind if needed Did they really think of everything though As the world around them crumbles with disease and starvation these five people have to make lifesaving and life altering decisions on what to do to ensure their continued existence At times I did have to look up from the story and think solely on the level of survival and what human beings would do if faced with world destruction Some parts of the book are hard to handle and grasp but was well worth the read The ending was a pleasant surprise for me and wrapped everything up nicely I will definitely read another book written by this author.

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    I was given this book in return for an honest review There were times when reading this book when I wanted to put it down and never turn another page This was not due to the writing but the subject matter that was the main focus of the book There are parts when you have to look up take a deep breath and then carry on reading The book is brave on so many levels and for this reason unique The book will leave you asking questions such as, if desperate enough would I go to these levels The character development is brilliant and you become invested in all the characters The depth of character writing makes this book flow and allows you to carry on reading past the harrowing aspects I have to admit when I started reading I found it extremely convenient that these people with this skill set all met in one area but, this is soon forgotten as the book progresses The description of the bunker makes the area come alive and I could imagine myself walking through the rooms The book is well written and flows effortlessly The book has a feeling of Lord of the Flies about it and would be an excellent topic for schools and book clubs alike Many discussion topic are evident from this book including your own mortality and how far you would go to survive If your not easily shocked then I urge you to try it for yourself.

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    I had to sit and really think about what I wanted to write I finished Culmination yesterday I sat thinking about what in the heck some of the characters could have possibly been thinking It also left me day dreaming about certain scenarios throughout the day yesterday and again today I am guessing Culmination may be compared to other YA books including, Hunger Games That being said, Culmination is refreshingly unique and draws you in It is packed with action and will pique the interest of Sci Fi fans The story transported me to their enclave and I had a difficult time putting it down It is a fast paced story with strong male and female character development It successfully reveals a sect of people who chose to separate themselves from mainstream civilization So many times during my reading, my heart would almost stop The details are masterfully crafted and kept me on edge wondering what would happen next I loved the character development, as I sort of mentioned earlier I found myself struggling not to like some of them and struggling not to hate others The concept behind the story was also intriguing Although I would live in their enclave any day, I do not think I could live with myself if I engaged in some of the decision making they participated in with the notion of ensuring survival This is NOT a book for everyone It will disgust and drain you three quarters in.Culmination is one of the goriest dystopian worlds I ve visited There is much violent death Although this book is disturbing, it s well written and extremely thought provoking I am glad I read Culmination and wouldn t change a thing In fact, I may read it again I am happy I chose to breathe through some of the scenarios and extreme situations because otherwise, I wouldn t be bragging about one of the best books I ve ever read I can t wait until Smith releases a sequel The book was written in a way that leaves room for a sequel.I highly recommend this book.

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    I received a copu of this book in exchange of an honest review The plot is built around a sudden event that made the world and any kind of organization our society had ever known collapse People who had never ever worried about such events were caught by surprise, but not Ilana and her brother, Ethan They were much than prepared for an TEOTWAWKI the end of the world as we know it event, but they needed people who shared their same views so they could be successful and survive.They were lucky enough to find those people, and that is when the story truly begins.So, have you ever wondered what you would be willing to do in order to survive Would you break your own beliefs and convictions, if this meant you would be kept alive What is the price you would be willing to pay This book embraces these questions and some with no euphemisms each page is a shock and makes you wonder what you would do on the characters shoes It is a strong book, with some explicit sex and violence scenes, so any issue was addressed strictly to the point, which was shocking for me in some of its parts.My only issue with the book was that it became too unrealistic sometimes, with some characters simply accepting tabus with no further questioning, saying ok and nodding, but with no further explanations In my humble opinion, the book could be longer, but dive a bit deeper in some issues instead of making the characters most of the time simply agree with everything However, the end really surprised me and I liked the book I even think, truly honestly, that this book could be adapted into a movie It would be a huge success So I do recommend it, but as I said, I just finished it wanting to have read difficulties from Ethan and Ilana in convincing others about some issues.Has anyone read it and has a different opinion or point of view I would love to know it And please check my blog for other reviews and opinions

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    Definitely not the kind of thing I usually read, but I liked it because it was mostly about people figuring out how to get along in a secret shelter after a worldwide disaster It got kind of gruesome for awhile but I really liked how it ended.

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    This book is disgusting It is about a commune of cannibals after a solar flare causes societal chaos The writing style is juvenile with gaps in logic throughout.

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    The apocalypse is a rather popular subject when it comes to books and movies The important thing is to offer a perspective with a tint of freshness to it Culmination uses this theme as a backdrop to highlight human condition and how people could react in the most difficult of situations.While a young couple is enjoying the first moments together as newlyweds, their honeymoon drastically changes due to a total electrical blackout, which they will soon learn was a global phenomenon But at least they are not alone, as they find people with whom they soon become close friends As it turns out, two of their new acquaintances are survivalists who have long prepared for the dawn of civilization So, the group moves into a high end cave, equipped with anything they need to survive in luxury However, even if things should have ran smoothly, since everything was anticipated, it seems that one element was gravely overlooked, human nature, and the cost of this oversight is to be discovered in the pages of the book Actually, Holly Smith offers a good example of a self fulfilling prophecy, if you believe that something will happen strong enough, you will mold your perception of reality in such a way as to see it realized Culmination is a good addition to the ever growing literature on the apocalypse, the focus on human nature and the manner in which it is dissected reflects on Holly Smith s formation as a psychologist Still, I would not recommend this read for all ages, since there is some graphic content throughout the novel young adults however, should find it quite interesting Further, some of the characters are a bit one dimensional they seem a bit too focused on a single aspect, like cooking Also they tend to overlap This is mostly observable in their similar speech patterns As far as the plot goes, although at times the action is predictable, there are some mesmerizing twists which compensate for this aspect All in all, the most striking aspect is the author s ability to manipulate the perspective of the reader Holly Smith s Culmination is above all, about the resilience of civilization and the vulnerability of humanity.

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    Riveting and an absolute page turner until the very end.