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The Past Haunts Two Determined People Looking For Answers In Paula Graves S Next Installment Of The Gates For Twenty Years, Cain Dennison Has Been Haunted By The Death Of A Young, Pregnant Girl Found Murdered At Crybaby Falls Determined To Finally Discover The Truth And Lay The Past To Rest, Cain Quickly Discovers He S Not The Only One Looking For Answers Crossing Paths With Sara Lindsey At The Very Spot That Has Caused So Much Pain, Cain Is Stunned To Discover An Instant And Dangerous Attraction Flaring Between Them Their Shared Goal Of Finding Answers Only Fuels Their Passion And Enrages A Killer Before Long, They Stumble Across Information That Could Affect Everyone In This Small Tennessee Town And Bring The Real Culprit Right To Their Doorstep

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    Cain Dennison was the town bad boy At 18, his best friend Renee female was found murdered and pregnant Everyone thought he did it, even though there was no evidence He joins the Army for 15 years, and then returns to Purgatory to work as a private investigator in Quinn s firm.Sara Lindsey is a police detective She is reeling from the death of her husband Donnie three years ago She was driving in the car when they had the accident that killed him She remembers nothing about the crash His mother still blames her for Donnie s death Sara has been pretty isolated since the death.When Cain is ordered by his superior s to investigate the deaths of Renee and Donnie, he and Sara cross paths Both determined to solve the mystery of the murders, they partner up and sparks fly.I m torn I m really conflicted here.On one hand, Graves has written a decent mystery Gripping, effective, thrilling On the other hand, this is NOT what I want from a romance She never allows her characters to have sex There are two really hot kissing sessions in this book Tension is building, wow, you are excited and then nothing For heaven s sake.I don t want erotica I want a solid story and love, and not sex on every page But the couple at least has to have sex ONE TIME It s even worse because the kissing in the book was some good kissing I was excited to see what Graves could do with her characters in the bedroom But nothing, nada It was very frustrating and annoying.The book itself was a good book, though If I was NOT expecting a romance, if they had not told me that this is a romance book, I would have been pleased with the mystery It was well put together It wasn t automatically clear who the killer was Graves was good at creating tension and misleading readers.Also, Graves has really improved on creating characters since Dead Man s Curve I had a much better idea of who Cain and Sara were Graves gives them emotions and personality, unlike in Dead Man s Curve So she s doing much better on that front.I am going to say, 3 REAL STARS, 1 ROMANCE STAR This fails as a romance book as far as I m concerned But it is pretty effective as a mystery Don t go in with false expectations, and you ll probably do alright.Harlequin Intrigue October 2014

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    Good book in The Gates series I liked Cain and I liked Sara I really wish there had been a bit focus on their developing relationship The mystery was good although I figured out who done it fairly early I still enjoyed the journey The killer makes one threat that is so heinous that a lethal injection would be too kind My biggest complaint was the epilogue was way too short and not further ahead in the future Would have been great to get info of the reaction of Donnie Renee s mom to the identity and motive of the killer dealing with her may be worse than dealing with the legal system and a glimpse of Sara and Cain s relationship if it becomes one This was not even a Happy for Now ending exactly Felt like a Potentially Happy for this Moment.Some quotes All Cain had waiting at home, back then, was a mean drunk of a father who liked to knock him around and call him names Hell, he d named Cain after the Bible s first murderer because he d been the only survivor of his mother s attempt to give birth to twins a fact his father had been only too happy to explain when Cain had come home crying after a nightmarish first day of school You earned your name fair and square, boy Live with it I m neither gay nor working any sort of agenda I simply tire of eating alone in public In a town such as this, a man dining alone provides an opportunity to stare and whisper without compunction It might be your choice of vocabulary, Cain suggested, grabbing his own well worn leather jacket and nodding toward the exit Remind me to teach you a little redneck, Jeeves Cain to his coworker He made redneck look pretty damned sexy.Cain s mouth curved My tastes tend toward Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker Just promise you re not going to pull out your lighter and start hollerin Freebird

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    recieved 4 stars RT book ReviewsMiniseries The Gates

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    Sara Lindsey has returned home 3 years after her husband was killed in an auto accident She has resigned from her job as a police investigator She now hopes to try to recover her memory of the events that led up to the accident that killed her husband Cain Dennison was the town bad boy He has returned home after years in the army He hopes to find the person who killed a young woman Cain was suspected of killing the young woman, but was able to clear his name However, her death still haunts him Cain and Sara join forces to solve these crimes.

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    A non stop suspense thriller I want a sequel to this series with Sara and Cain as the parents of the next generation of law enforcement I d read that two times over

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    The storyline was filled with cliches I figured out who the adulterer was really early on I did enjoy the strong female characters.

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    Very good book Cain has come back to his hometown to take a job with The Gates investigation firm His first assignment is to investigate a murder that has haunted him for twenty years Renee Lindsey had been a high school friend He would have liked , but she was involved with someone else Cain had been a loner in school, with an abusive father that made his life miserable Cain had been a suspect in Renee s death, but as there was no evidence, he soon left town to join the army and make a new life for himself He was surprised to be assigned this case because many people in town still think he s guilty, so he doesn t expect to get much cooperation in his search for clues.Sara Lindsey s husband was Renee s brother and had been obsessed with finding the truth about her death Three years earlier he had died in an accident that had left Sara with no memories of the day it had happened, just lots of questions She has left her job as a detective with the Birmingham police to come home and decide what to do with her life She is also ready to look for answers of her own She is surprised to find Cain at Crybaby Falls at the same time she is, and not too pleased to discover that he s asking the same kinds of questions.I liked both Cain and Sara Both are intelligent, determined people, intent on finding out the truth There is an immediate and intense attraction between them that both are determined to resist First, neither wants the distraction from their main purpose Secondly, neither sees a relationship as a possibility Sara hasn t been interested in anyone since her husband s death and really never expected to be Cain has never allowed himself to get close to anyone, feeling that he s too damaged to make a good bet for anyone But as they agree to work with each other to find answers to their questions, they discover a sense of rightness together Not to say that they didn t still have issues to overcome Sara is afraid to get involved again and it takes a life threatening event to get her past that Cain has to get over letting his past dictate his future, but Sara s support goes a long way toward that I enjoyed the epilogue and really hope to see of them in future books to see the progression of their relationship.The suspense and mystery of the story was good With Sara s loss of memory and the age of the murder case, it wasn t going to be an easy fix I liked the realism of the trouble that Cain would have because of his history with the town, but also that he was determined to succeed As Cain and Sara worked together, I liked the way that each of them brought different viewpoints The intensity went up as their investigation brought them closer to the killer As they closed in on the identity, there was quite an interesting twist The final confrontation was pretty intense, and I loved Sara s ability to stay calm and in control.

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    The Second book in The Gates series..we are introduced to Cain. He had a very tough childhood and was accused of killing his best friend who was a girl many years ago..he goes back to his hometown as a PI for The GatesHe is working the case of that best friend and the reason Sara Lindsey s husband got killed..we find them meeting each other at CryBaby Falls..Instant attraction but wariness on Sara s partThey are trying to figure out who killed these siblingsI had this one wrong til about the time the figured out the killer..I was saying one person over and over but you get fooledA great page turning book

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    In Graves romantic suspense novel, Crybaby Falls, Tennessee was where a dead pregnant girl was found twenty years ago It s a place that has haunted both Cain Dennison and Sara Lindsey who want answers The shared goal of discovering the truth brings on an instantaneous passion that sparks between them all the while enraging a killer Working together, they soon find information that could very well finally identify a killer who has gotten away with murder for way too long.As always, Graves delivers a fast paced, hard to put down story of two people haunted by the past A solid addition to The Gates series.

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    Excellent read I enjoy suspense books where you try to figure out who the suspect is In this book I was able to pick one main suspect and a possible second suspect before the middle of the book The plot kept flowing and it s makes you read faster A must read if you enjoy good suspense books.