Prime Crush (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) By Crystal Hubbard –

So, here s the story Miranda accepts going to a concert with Bernie, her friend, and almost dies in the process until she s saved by Lucas Fletcher Miranda s boss, sensing increased circulation for his paper out of her misfortune, strong arms her into accepting Lucas invitation to meet her because he you know, saved her life So, with friend in tow, Miranda flies to Wales to meet him per publicity agreement Lucas and Miranda meet, get on like a house on fire, and Miranda enjoys the interlude, knowing that she won t see him again.Like heck she won t.The book then takes off from there, as Lucas not only sees her again, but he woos her with great intensity and intent Miranda mistrusts Lucas intentions, seeing as though she dated a relatively famous baseball player who cheated on her In addition, she s grown up seeing her baseball playing father cheating on her gorgeous mum with other women Understandably Miranda has issues concerning men Especially if they are handsome, with a high press profile and on the road Miranda has seen the toad side of the Prince Charmings, and she isn t having it Due to those reasons, the reader can sympathise with Miranda up to a point Then , you want to start poking Miranda by page 201 you want to tell her to put on her big girl panties and take love offered to her on faith especially when it comes in a package of black haired, blue eyed, hottie musical voiced sex god, and enjoy the ride Sometimes, the ride outweighs the bruises.Lucas, on the other hand, is ready After spending all the years with groupies, and meaningless relationships, he s been ready for a long time to give his heart to the right woman Lucas knows what he wants, and he wants Miranda and can t move on Miranda wants Lucas but she s too afraid to give in, to take the risk The book is about that tug of war, as it spans oceans, and how two people try to get it right.Eventually, it all comes right in the end, and you close the book happier for it.The characters in Ms Hubbard s books are a trip Her supporting characters are just as fun as the lead ones Miranda s best friend is Bernie, and I want him to be my friend, because he is fabulous Feast, Lucas band mate is complicated he loves Lucas as a brother, and hates him at the same time, but we can t despise Feast, because we understand him Miranda s sister is lovely, and in love but not obnoxious with it, and yeah, in short, I probably know these people in real life That s probably why I m a hermit, but never you mind So, why does the book get a three star rating, you ask Because I can t give it 3.75.The language used for lovemaking is a niggle Although, from what I gather, in certain romantic publications, the writer is obligated to avoid the generic names for genitalia and has to go all poetic Fair enough, it s in the contract, but I was laughing out loud at the flowery language It took me out of the story at key times, when the physical act should only underscore the emotional one Since these two have sex a LOT of times whoa, Nelly , the language is intrusive than one thinks Especially when you compare that narrative to the tight, structured one in the rest of the novel, it s a contrast that falters, at best.Overall, I liked the book Ms Hubbard s voice is a strong one, and she only gets better I ve read her latter books the ones after this one , and they are much better than this one although this one isn t bad.Of course, an American writing British terms will get stuff strong, but I m impressed with the fact that she got right There s a sort of tweeness in terms of Wales of course a rock star will live in a castle Wales has a lot of em , but the book is solid, and it s Wales I recognise in passing, instead of not at all.Give the book a try if you come across it You ll be glad you did. When Sportswriter Miranda Penney Is Pulled From A Frenzied Crowd At A Lucas Fletcher Concert By The Gorgeous Welsh Superstar Himself, She S Immediately Smittenand The Feeling S Mutual But Miranda Is No Stranger To The Pitfalls Of Dating A Celebrity, And Lucas Will Have To Overcome All Her Doubts And Teach Her To Believe In HimThe Daughter Of An African American Baseball Player Who Frequently Cheated On Her Beautiful, Accomplished Brazilian Mother, Miranda Also Bears The Woulds Of Having Been Cheated On By The Ballplayer She Herself Dated Although She Can T Deny Here Attraction To Lucas, Miranda Can T Force Herself To Accept The Love The Handsome Welshman Wants To Give Her Their Careers Keep Them Surrounded By Gorgeous, Wealthy Men And Women Of Every Color And Description, But For Lucas And Miranda, When It Comes To Love, Race Doesn T Matter But Fidelity And Trust Do, And Those Are The Two Things Lucas Is Determined To Teach Miranda To Believe In Ah the other book about a Rock Star IMO its on a completely different level I liked Miranda She was very independent compared to another Heroine who falls for a Rock Star who is sheltered because of the small town values she was raised with Miranda is a go getter and has taken care of herself for the most part and really didn t have that strong family parental connection But she has these silent issues that affect her and her relationships That is what makes her unique She knows her shortcommings This book was IMO a story about personal growth and leaving the negative behind, recognizing that if you live in the past, you ll miss out on a wonderful future Miranda has baggage when she meets her Rock and Roller and from page one untill the last paragraph I was treated to the adventure of watching her work her way forward and Ms Hubbard did an excellent job doing so There were times in the book I didn t like Miranda but that s only because I believe in Love Conquers All and I felt Miranda wavered sometimes and I do not like a heroine that wavers on the hero LOL But she or I should say Ms Hubbard reeled me back in I hate the comparisions between the Rock Man Books its unfair to both writers who wrote totally different stories, both equally as good, with heroines and heroes as different as night and day. I am a late comer to romance novels having started reading them in this my 57th year This is my fourth Crystal Hubbard Book This one is my favorite.Crush is well written, edited and well paced I liked the chemistry between Lucas and Miranda and did not find the story over the top I enjoyed the secondary characters her BFF Bernie, who tried valiantly to reason with Miranda about her fears, and his BFF Len Feast As much as Feast initially did not want Lucas to get emotionally involved with Miranda, he recognized Lucas s love for Miranda and came to plead his case to Miranda.While some may decry Miranda s fear of marrying an unfaithful man, when dating a celebrity, infidelity is a very distinct possibility Knowledge of her father s philandering and her ex boyfriend Jordon s infidelity and opportunistic tendencies made her understandably reticent to throw all caution to the wind Even Lucas asked his Dad, whom Lucas and Miranda both recognized was still very much in love with Lucas s mother after 40 years, if he had ever been tempted.As a BW in an interracial relationship, I liked that it showed race is not always a major issue in a mixed relationship There are often other key elements that may derail a relationship. Okay, so I read this book for research , because it s the closest thing I had yet found to my own contemp romance novel i.e it s about a relatively ordinary chick and a famous rock star and their romance and I will say I enjoyed the story and didn t want to put the book down Miranda got on my nerves sometimes, and yet I could see where she was coming from I have to say though, if I was Calista and my sister just happily went along interrupting my wedding RIGHT at the point when the whole deal was about to be sealed, and then didn t even pay attention at the part where I finally became my husband s wife I d be a bit pissed I mean, that day is all about THE COUPLE GETTING MARRIED, not the bride s prego sister and her wedding crashing rock star boyfriend PAnyway, in conclusion If you want a romance that has everything extremely annoying antagonists Meg , descriptive but not all that original sex scenes, the well rounded happily ever after i.e marriage and a baby then this book has all that Personally I am of a fan of the non princess style happily ever after, and the less showy rock stars D But whatever floats your boat Description When journalist Miranda Penney meets Lucas Fletcher, the lead singer of an internationally acclaimed rock band sparks ignite But can Miranda overcome her emotional baggage to receive love The Good This is the first Crystal Hubbard book I ever read and it s one of my favorite romance novels of all time The writing is not only good but also funny And the sex scenes are both sweet and fabulous This book has it all The Bad Like many women, the main character struggles with low self esteem, but her issues are never fully explored or overcome Also, this book is only available on through private sellers and not yet available as an e book Boo Hiss Genesis Press needs to get with it They re leaving so much money on the table.The Naughty Sensual.Editing issues NonePublisher Genesis Press Indigo Length 250 pagesFinal Grade AHappy Reading,Theodora from I loved the hero The character of Lucas is one of the best heroes in the IR genre, in my opinion He was solid and steady in his love for the heroine He has faith in himself, in his love and in the heroine I was rooting for Lucas to find someone worthy of his love Unfortunately, I didn t think that person was Miranda I felt like the majority of the book was Miranda s issues, her baggage and her stubborness I got that she had things to work through but somehow I felt that she wasn t working hard enough To me, that translated to her not caring about Lucas enough to banish her insecurities and fears It s not a good thing when I spend the whole book wanting the hero to give his love to someone other than the heroine Miranda killed this book for me Killed it deader than dead Despite that, I hope that Lucas friend Feast gets a book I would read it. why wasn t Miranda suing her employers when they were obviously treating her so bad And she was right you know, Lucas wasn t for her She was this strong girl who was surviving in a field that is left solely to the guys, Then Sir Lucas comes and she loses her identity, gives up her job and becomes a spineless girl Why I am a sucker for fairy tales and Hollywood stories, but I just hated this couple When they broke up, I thought finally something is happening which was supposed to happen, but no, sir lucas manages to crash her sister s wedding Loved to hate Jordan though He was truly a selfish and shallow man Definitely not what I was expecting.She has issues because of the last relationship she had with a famous man, but had no problem jumping into bed with the hero on the second date with the famous rock star hero They had no time for deeper connection, none in my opinion.It seems that s all they did when they were together,have sex, sorry this is just missing the romance.I give props for not reducing this to smut or written porn.It s just that it was easier to give her body than her heart Something is backwards here.I hate she didn t treasure her whole self as a beautiful,special woman as she did her heart.I really wanted to love this I really like Lucas the male lead in this book but I did not like Miranda her reasons for constantly rejecting Lucas seem really shallow I understood her being scared but I just could not connect with her She came across as really selfish He had to do everything that she liked to make her happy It was never about the two of them as a couple I cried for Lucas broken heart not hers I cheered for him when he finally got what he needed from her.I really liked the words used to tell the story but this is not one of my favorites by this author.