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Groomed to become the people’s medicine woman smart and resourceful Jesi Taimanglo has been hiding in a cave in Guam hoping to escape Japanese treachery during WWII Having noticed frequent and louder bombs on the eve of July 21 1944 Jesi realizes the Americans are finally rescuing her people Instead of waiting for her family to come for her she leaves her hideout to find them She is caught by the enemy but the American who soon rescues her appears just as threatening Blaming himself for the death of his beloved Johan Landers enlisted in the US Army in February 1942 and ends up in the middle of the war on Guam Hell bent on putting himself in harm’s way a marauding airplane blows him from his platoon Awakened by terrified screams Johan is enraged to find a native girl pinned by three Japanese soldiers in a nearby shack Ignoring his injuries he eliminates her attackers one by one Jesi is expected to marry a Chamorro man but the one who’s awakening sensations in her heart and body is not a man of her own race Still grieving Johan has vowed to keep his heart closed forever yet the girl that patched him up with her strange eyes and beautiful smile has crept into the deepest place of his heart Unable to resist forbidden passion Johan and Jesi must hide their growing attraction As time nears for Johan to ship out they must choose between their love for each other and their duty to those that rule them

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    This historical novel was very interesting in many ways The main characters were from two different worlds and through their love they managed to breach that gap in their heritages The scenes were realistic and the war raging in the background of the story gave it a heightened sense of urgency It was a little graphic than I usually read but it told how much they aroused each other so it didn't bother me in the least I struggled a little bit with the words and terms but I became accustomed to them This is a book that erotic readers will enjoy It has a great backstory and I loved the addition of maps and recipes