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Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a difficult new case Her new clients are a family haunted by multiple ghosts and a poltergeist that wrecks their home at night Their seven year old son's invisible friends may not be imaginary at all but the restless spirits of dead childrenTo clear her clients' house of the dangerous entities Ellie must unravel the mysterious deaths of another family who lived in the old mansion than a hundred and sixty years ago and she must do it before the ghosts can carry out their malevolent designs on her clients and their children

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    Cold ShadowsEllie Jordan Ghost Trapper Series #2By J L BryanNarrated by Carla Mercer MeyerEllie continues with her scary adventures and it is just as good as book one Love this series so far Great ghost series A family is plagued by ghosts and or a poltergeist But what happens is beyond weird So goodThe narration keeps the suspense up great job

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    45 spooky stars from my 14 year old the reluctant reader and meThis was another creepy listenread with my son once again Ellie and Stacey are summoned to a house to catch a ghost I think the two of them work very well together Ellie is a bit of a bad awhile Stacey is of a bit of a scaredy cat this makes me feel a little better about myself The backstory of the family doing the haunting of this house was really well developed I was completely surprised as to why they were still around haunting the house plenty of twists and turns The creep factor was high counterbalance with some humorous moments from the mother of the family that was being haunted it was uite amusing a ghost would enter the room throw things around and the mother’s reaction would be oh my Stars Stripes or oh my LandsEnd catalog really? My reaction would be where is the door??? Anyways it did add some comic relief to some pretty creepy moments definitely a perfect book for Halloween I will be beginning the next book in the series tonight with my son how can I not encourage his interest in reading??? narration The narrator did a fabulous job of adding that spooky creepy atmosphere to this already scary book👻

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    If it weren't for a couple of annoying things it would be as good as the first They are close thoughAnother haunted house and harassed family and Ellie and her assistant Stacey are on the job After reading it I must say that the main twist and explanations are pretty neat and interesting After reading it The thing is it picks up speed in the second half of the storyI don't have many nitpicks but the ones I do have were a bit distracting at times How cluttered the house is and the reason why Gord husband of the woman who called them doesn't sleep upstairs is mentioned at least ten or so times maybe even Stacey was cute in the first book but she didn't grow out of her fangirling over what they do at all I hope she changes since she isn't a bad character Anton Clay the ghost who killed Ellie's parents is mentioned and that is one of the most interesting moments in the book I can't wait for that story

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    After a surprise love of the first book in the series I didn't hesitate to pick up the second And oh boy was this uite the read Creepier darker and full of delicious paranormal woo hoo Ellie once again manages to get herself in way over her head when it comes to the dark and creepy spirits that haunt the homes of those she visits and while this trait isn't a great one it somehow works for the storyline With darkness abound danger around every creak and glowing orb this was a fun seuel that lived up to the first and then somePacked full of ghosts mystery and a slight hint of a romance to be this truly was a hard one to put down and makes me excited to see what else Ellie and her friends can get up to in the next installmentI remain pleasantly surprised and creeped out with this series and I can see it uickly becoming a favorite for when I just need to escape get a little freaked out and want a few hours all to myself immersed in another world where anything is possible and everything goes

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    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCold Shadows was another good readI really liked Ellie and Stacey in this one and i liked seeing Jacob again too At first i didn't think there was as many creepy moments as there was in book one but the second half had loads of them When the mystery of the family who was haunting the house was revealed i was uite surprised I didn't expect their story to end that way Overall A decent seuel I'm looking forward to reading about Ellie's ghostly adventures in book three

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    Footsteps in the attic Toys that play by themselves A dark presence in an upstairs room It's been almost two years since I read the first book in this series I liked it a lot but for some reason I didn't find myself wanting to return to Ellie's world right away I did finally decide to pick this one up though and it was enjoyable I love ghost stories and this one had its creepy moments but there is just something lacking in this series for me I think the main thing is that there is next to no story besides the job they are on I would very much like to see character development and story away from the job Who are these characters besides ghost hunters? We have been told some background on Ellie but I need to see I've read a few reviews for the third book in the series and it seems like that may be coming I'm enjoying this series and even though I don't think it's spectacular it has potential so I'm willing to give it at least one tryReview also posted at Writings of a Reader

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    Cold Shadows is a great follow up to the first Ellie Jordan book JL Bryan has created an interesting team in Ellie and Stacey Rae Calvin and Jacob and Grant are solid peripheral characters though I'm really hoping the romance thread doesn't continue too strongly in later books Seriously if the romance thing heads the way its already looking I'll stop reading the series Ergh Anyways the interaction and relationships between all the characters are believable and mostly enjoyable I'd love to see a flashback bit dealing with Calvin and Ellie's initial team up The situation that Ellie and Stacey face in Cold Shadows was again not your typical ghost story set up JL Bryan is good at putting unexpected twists on set ups that look fairly straight forward There was definitely a scene in here that made me sit up a bit straighter and go What the ?? He kept everything moving along at a decent pace with plenty of action The otherworldly presences have a few appearances that will definitely spook a gleeful scaredy cat reader The Paulding House was described just enough that you got a sense of the layout without having a clear cut picture of everything in your head I think this actually works to make it creepier because you can see it happening in a house you know easierThe Ghost Trapper series is a solid paranormal fantasy with creepy overtones If the books were made into films those would most likely be skewed towards the horror genre They're fast reads that will delight any readers who like their monsters to go bump in the night Also not to be forgotten so far this series has been 'clean' No cursing no smoochies no guts and gore While I wouldn't recommend them for the under 13 age group I'd have no problem recommending them to teenage readers Interest may vary depending on maturity levelOverall Cold Shadows was a good read that thoroughly entertained me Well worth what I paid for it

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    I’ve decided to pick back up this series and continue it I read the first book and got hooked Ever since I wondered what new adventures awaited Ellie Also please note that due to pregnancy insomnia I started this book late at night and could not stop reading it Plus I got a bit scaredPlot This is about Ellie who is a paranormal investigatorghost trapper She reviews the cases and finds the ones that are truly real I really enjoyed reading about Ellie I think she is strong and passionate about her job This story follows Ellie into a haunted house with a malevolent back round I really like that this plot not only moved at a great pace but it gave the reader a great history of the houseHaunted House One aspect of these stories that I truly love is the detailed research that Ellie does When she reviews cases she not only visits but she looks into the past And for me researching the horrific events that happened in that house followed by creepy ghosts really brings the story to life I loved learning about why people did what they did and why they stay there Every creepy movement of a door slamming a cold room and ghost taking form only made me read fasterAnywho this book is awesome The story the history and not to mention it gave me the chills I stayed up past 1am just to finish it and when I did I had to Netflix for a while just to feel better and fall asleep I’m a big chicken If you love ghost stories definitely give this book a try

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    Four Stars Another exciting and scary ghost adventure Ellie and Stacey pull up to the old dark mansion which appear to have a pond in the front yard Stacey jokes that the pond is likely where the bodies will be hidden Ellie and Stacey are on another ghost hunting adventure Once they enter the house built back in 1841 they encounter several terrifying ghosts It is up to Stacey and Ellie to find out who is behind the hauntings and eradicate them but the truth ends up being terrifying than either of them anticipated Can Ellie and Stacey trap the ghosts?What I LikedI was pleased that I didn't have lengthy wait for this seuel and I am happy to say that Mr Bryan delivered with this second book If you like scary suspenseful ghost stories this is a must read series Once again I was fascinated by the ghost hunting I appreciate that Mr Bryan makes this as authentic as possible I love the ghost hunting gadgets and gizmos and I like learning about how ghost hunters go about their business If you are a fan of ghost hunting shows and such this is a series you must readI enjoyed the sinister history of the house and the family that once resided there I especially liked that the history wasn't all laid out for Stacey and Ellie and that they had to dig for the sordid truth Learning the truth about the haunting was creepy and unsettling This book is a fast and furious read It focuses solely on the haunting and the trapping of the ghosts There isn't much time spent on anything else Think of it as a ghost hunting case file If you haven't read the first book you could easily jump in and read this one without missing much I liked that it was a uick fast read that stayed focused on the haunting Jacob the psychic returns and I was eager to see him in action I am fascinated by those who claim to see and converse with ghosts I am hoping he will continue to have larger roles in the subseuent books If you are looking for scary and creepy as far as ghosts this is the book for you I love that has a realistic feel The finale is an adrenaline thrill ride not for those who scare easily I liked that the book wraps up all the loose ends regarding the main story line while leaving a new dangling thread for the next book which will be released February 2015 YeahAnd The Not So MuchEven though I liked that this book was solely focused on the haunting it didn't allow for any character development I was hoping to learn a bit about Ellie but that doesn't happen Jacob is in and out of the picture and I didn't get any information on him either I am hopeful that the next book will be longer and allow for exploration of the main characters I struggled a bit with the family that lived in the house You would think they would have been heading for the hills after their children's lives were put into danger but they don't I didn't buy thatThe book was too short It is like a novella than a novel and I wanted Still you can read this in one sitting as it is fast and furious Cold Shadows is an exciting and chilling seuel I thought this second haunting was scarier and interesting than the first If you love realistic ghost stories this is a must read series I am loving it so far and eager to see what Mr Bryan will cook up next I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review PostedRainy Day Ramblings