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Fake Book A Comprehensive Reference For All Classical Music Lovers, The Second Edition Of This Fake Book Features Pieces Added Since The Last Edition Imagine Having One Handy Volume That Includes Everything From Renaissance Music To Vivaldi To Mozart To Mendelssohn To Debussy To Stravinsky, And You Have It Here We Have Included As Much Of The World S Most Familiar Classical Music As Possible, Assembling Than Beloved Compositions From Ballets, Chamber Music, Choral Music, Concertos, Operas, Piano Music, Waltzes And Featuring Indexes By Composer, Title And Genre, As Well As A Timeline Of Major Classical Composers, This Encyclopedic Fake Book Is Great To Use For Playing And Performing, But It S Also A Terrific Resource For Concert Goers, Music Students And Music Lovers The Chords Of The Harmony Are Indicated, And Lyrics, In The Original Language, Are Included Where Appropriate

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    This should be in the library of every serious musician Nearly every fathomable theme from Western classical music can be found here An incredible educational tool Perfect for use in small ensembles,IF the members possess a strong enough understanding of music theory to read accompaniment chords We use it for harp, accordion and piano trios.

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    This book is very comprehensive, and contains most of the major works of classical music Since it is a fake book, it does not contain the complete score, but only the melody line with chords marked above the notes The words lyrics are included for the vocals, and double stops where it appears in the original Also, unlike some other fake books, the compositions appear in their original key It is both an excellent reference to music appreciation students, concert goers and instrumental students as well as a source of material for beginning music students Many of the themes can be used in student recitals.The book is plastic tabbed bound, but since it is over 600 pages long it is somewhat difficult to get the pages placed flatly It also does not feel like it would be that durable because both the plastic tabs may break, or the slots on the pages would easily be torn The size of the notes is also smaller than most music books But for the price paid, this book gives good value as there are over 850 classical themes and melodies in one place.

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    This book is a great pleasure As a piano teacher, I ve found that it provides fun for my young students They can thumb through it and play page after page of marvelous classical melodies, incorporating their own chords That s a great introduction to classical pieces which stimulates their interest in the original versions Some pianists may turn up their noses at the idea of a classsical fake book, but I d point out that many of these pieces were originally written for orchestra, or in the case of the older ones for harpsichord, clavichord, organ, and so on Some are taken from operas Indeed, many of the classical works we use with our students are arrangements rather than ur texts My students and I often laugh at the term fake book especially for the keyboard players, these books would be accurately named creative books The performer is called upon to provide his her own harmony arrangements and rhythmic patterns For talented musicians, fake books are a great opportunity for creative expression That said, it must also be emphasized that students must have a strong foundation in piano basics, and that the teaching of ur texts is vital for any student We love the Classical Fake Book a hoot and a half Highly recommended.

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    If you are reading this review, you may already have encountered a wide range of assessments of The Classical Fake Book True, the 600 classical themes and melodies include neither important American ragtime compositions nor Spanish compositions, as other reviewers have pointed out Also true is the fact that these melody plus chord symbol charts are not error free however, that tends to be the case with any fake book, be it an old pre legit edition of The Real Book, or a recent authorized fake book In the jazz tradition, a fake book is a jumping off point jazz guitarists and pianists often will make chord substitutions and alterations that perhaps reflect famous recordings of the past better than the harmonizations specified in the fake book Melodic pitches and rhythms, too, sometimes are not entirely reflective of famous recordings, or the most commonly known versions of the pieces In the classical tradition, musicians often think of strictly adhering to the score, and that is where a collection such as The Classical Fake Book runs into trouble Even though the material comes from the classical tradition, this collection is most satisfying when one treats it like a jazz fake book as a jumping off point The book contains a wide variety of material and is useful for gigs, in class demonstrations for music teachers, starting points for arrangements, and so on The Classical Fake Book is not perfect no fake book is , but it is a highly useful tool for creative musicians and teachers.

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    This book saved me for a gig where I needed to play classical melodies The melodies are in the original keys, and sometimes in bass clef but that s fine It s a very vast repertoire I think it would be great for a violin soloist for gigs.