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Of all the children to grace the silver screen, perhaps no one deserves the title of Child Star than Shirley Temple In her aptly named memoir, Shirley Temple Black reflects on a childhood that was spent in front of the cameras At a young age, she enjoyed a greater level of fame, popularity and success than many of her peers in the business Her success at the box office helped a floundering Fox Film Corporation rise out of debt and near bankruptcy and created a career that allowed her to work with some of the great actors of the time and meet influential people all over the world Although this volume of her autobiography doesn t address her career in later years as a United States ambassador to the Republic of Ghana and Czechoslovakia, her inclusion of her experiences meeting J Edgar Hoover, the Roosevelts, and the Prime Minister of Canada helps the reader to see how she made the transition from movie star to diplomat.Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, to George and Gertrude Temple in Santa Monica, California According to Temple s description, her mother was not the typical, overbearing stage mother Although her mother did enroll her in a school for the performing arts at a young age which would eventually lead to her discovery and recruitment for short films known as Baby Burlesks , Temple Black paints a portrait of her family life as supportive and stable Her mother acted as a liaison between her daughter and studio head Darryl Zanuck, while her father helped manage her income Shirley was a Hollywood institution by the time she was six, a curly haired, precocious scene stealer whose spunk and talent helped offer hope in the Depression era United States and around the world Her films such as Little Miss Marker, Curly Top, Bright Eyes and The Littlest Rebel made her a household name Today, her famous dancing with Bill Bojangles Robinson and her rendition of The Good Ship Lollipop in Bright Eyes remain embedded in film history.Having grown up with Shirley Temple movies, I was interested in learning about her life and acting experience Although the autobiography recalls her childhood in great detail from a child s perspective, she also incorporates the point of view an adult telling her story retrospectively She comments on her life in its historical context and discusses the economic struggles and successes of the studios and the nation, her experiences living through both the Depression and WWII, and the famous people she met and befriended throughout her career She is a capable writer while I enjoy reading actors autobiographies for the insight into their careers, I rarely expect high caliber writing, since it s usually not their primary vocation Temple Black defies that stereotype, delivering a readable and descriptive narrative that is rich with dialogue and engaging story telling Her book follows her through childhood success, her teenage transition to slightly adult roles, her first marriage at sixteen, the births of her children, her divorce, and second marriage to Charlie Black The book ends with a memory of her enjoying her role volunteering at one of her children s school productions of The Wizard of Oz I was surprised that the book ended where it did, as I expected on her later years after Hollywood, but according to the official website , the second volume of her autobiography is in the works.This book would most be appreciated by people who are familiar with her films who may want to read it as a nostalgic memoir, but it s also an interesting story of a child star who did not descend into a world of drugs and bankruptcy Her story stays surprisingly grounded, even through stories of meeting Amelia Earhart and Orson Welles, threats of kidnapping, and a difficult first marriage Temple Black relates an unfortunate story of how she discovered that those entrusted with her money had not saved enough from her earnings to leave her set for life, but the anecdote serves to show her as a grounded and sympathetic person who never let fame go to her head It s a pleasant memoir, and although lengthy at 517 pages plus a filmography, it s certainly worth the read. I ve read A LOT of biographies memoirs set during the golden era of Hollywood so I thought this was a very interesting book I enjoyed all the anecdotes about various celebrities I had read a bio of Lionel Barry so I had heard that story from his perspective I liked getting her side of the story She meet just about anyone who was anyone And shooting Eleanor Roosevelt on the butt with her slingshot was pretty funny.I still can t get over what a talented dancer she was at such an early age She must have a genius IQ Also, that horrible black box punishment she recounts receiving at the age of 4 must have also helped her growth as an entertainer Harsh but effective on her I never really understood why Zanuck was so against Shirley I need to read his biography to find out why, I guess It made me wonder what would have happened to her career if it had been nurtured By the end of the book I was actually rooting for her to retire After all the creepy sexual harassment I will never be able to watch an Arthur Freed movie without thinking about him exposing himself to Shirley when she was 12 and the terrible scripts and the lack of financing due to the rise of tv the fall of the studio system how her family just totally leeched off of her took all her money.I would chose to leave the industry too She seems to have lived through her famous childhood without becoming a bitter drunk I don t think I would have reacted so sanguinely to my dad stealing all my money I would like to read a memoir about her political career as an adult She is still alive who knows maybe she is writing one. Shirley Temple Black The Quintessential Child Star Of The S And S Tells In Her Own Words The Colorful Story Of Her Life As An Actress Born In In Southern California, Shirley Temple Was Extraordinary From The Start At The Age Of Three, She Began Acting, Often In Exploitative Films Directed And Produced By Some Abusive Studio Executives But Shirley S Talent And Perseverance Could Not Be Thwarted, And She Soon Entered A Fruitful Relationship With Twentieth Century Fox Before Long She Was Making Films With The Top Stars Of The Day, Including Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, Lionel Barry, Joel McCrea And Many Others There Was Something Magical About Shirley Temple That Cheered The Soul Of America During The Depression She Was The Number One Movie Star Of The Nation For Four Consecutive Years, From Through In Child Star Shirley Temple Black Reveals The Whole Story, The Ups And Downs Of Life As A Hollywood Prodigy Including Numerous Kidnap Threats And Even A Murder Attempt Against Her Fascinating As a fan of Shirley Temple, I was easily taken into a lost era of Hollywood and able to observe a life of one of the first child stars ever A remarkable woman who stayed strong and is a role model to this day for common sense, decency and priorities in spite of circumstances. I loved this book Shirley Temple Black has a wry sense of humor that shines through, page after page Her memory her record keeping, or both are exquisite as she offers an often unflinching look back at her past She is straight forward and even blunt about the way things were There is a no nonsense quality about her and the way she tells her story With every page turned, I felt that this is a wonderfully fascinating lady whom I would love the chance to meet This book has issues but I still liked it Firstly I love when she shares the juicy tidbits of personal info on fellow actresses or actors However the down side is her writing is very scattered and paragraphs jump from topics so extremely different it takes you awhile to figure out what she is talking about The other issue is she gives code names during certain topics to avoid giving out certain celebrities names The issue is she doesn t say the boy, lets call him Lancelot, tried to kiss me she just throws in the word in without explanation So you are reading During the party Lancelot tired to kiss me or I thought that Wizard was going to rape me Then often, as when she talked about Wizard trying to rape her, she let it all drop off without telling if something did or did not happen Huh If you are going to do a tell all book, then tell it all and spill it in detail like Christian Crawford did in Mommy dearest. In 500 pages, Shirley Temple Black really could only get as far as her young womanhood her life was and is just that full The never ending attempts of the studio to keep her as a little girl, her growing pains and her disastrous first marriage are all detailed here in an engaging style Even if you re not a fan of her films, it is worth the time to read about her life. The behind the scenes stories of actors and actresses are never as glamorous as you think they will be, especially in the case of child stars. True to being a child prodigy, Shirley Temple Black s memory is remarkable In her autobiography, Temple Black vividly captures her remarkable childhood and noteworthy encounters with anyone who was anyone during the 1940s Once, Temple shot a sling shot at Eleanor Roosevelt s behind Actors with genuine friendliness and actors afraid of being upstaged by a child all surrounded Shirley Despite being the most famous child star of all time, Temple had normal childhood experiences too When most children had lemonade stands, Shirley set up her own business in front of her house with concrete mud pies siphoned from the construction workers remodeling the Temple home A sightseeing bus drove by her house, and tourists bought Shirley s concrete pies for a nickel to fifty cents Fans asking for her handprint in cement had to pay an additional 50 cents Naturally ambitious and a hard worker, Shirley was disappointed when her mother shut her operation down.The over 500 page autobiography is heavy handed toward her youth, but Temple Black does write about her first, unhappy, marriage and her second marriage and children Plus, I never realized that in her childhood, Shirley made over 3.2 million dollars but as an independent adult only had 44,000 dollars left for her in an account thanks to her father s mismanagement of her money Any Shirley Temple fan will not be disappointed in learning the true story about this child star. That plucky little Shirley She s the very personification of pluck And, oh, but she plucked at my heart strings here, too I m ashamed of myself for not even SUSPECTING how entertaining this was going to be but it was I wanted to be the Depression era s darling as well What a jolly life I was moved by the simple secret of her success she just made people happy And SHE was happy That s what so especially delightful about this autobiog She had a whale of a time Alright, there was that bit about idiot dad and the squandered millions But I guess I forgave it just like Shirley did because they were such deeply loving parents And husband number two sounded dead sexy Consolation prize.