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Retra Braves The Intense Pain Of Her Obedience Strip, And Stows Away To Seek Her Brother Joel, Gone Two Years For Ixion Island Of Ever Night, Ever Youth And Never Sleep Retra Is A Seal Sealed Minds, Sealed Community No Craving For Parties Or Pleasure What Are The Night Creatures Retra Can See In The Shadows What Happens To Those Who Grow Too Old For Ixion Without Joel, Is Her Eternal Bond With A Riper Guardian Enough To Save Her Listen Well, Baby Bats Burn Bright, But Do Not Stray From The Paths Remember, When You Live In A Place Of Darkness You Also Live With Creatures Of The Dark 4.5 starsIn a YA market fast becoming saturated in dystopia s BURN BRIGHT shines out in the crowd It s a dystopian tale with splashes of sci fi It is, in fact, so vibrant and unique and convincing that it makes me feel embarrassed for other recent often flailing romantic YA dystopia s It is fantastically original, creepy, riveting and atmospheric I can honestly say BURN BRIGHT is unlike any book I have ever read complete WOW experience.de Pierres makes it easy to sink into a complex world her prose is lush and rich, evoking vibrant imagery She doesn t patronise her readers with an overabundance of explanations or bore us with oodles of backstory she just throws us into the story along with Retra Not everything instantly makes sense or is explained away and I think this is a strength it truly made me feel as if I was submerged 100% into the story along with Retra.I went into it not knowing much apart from the blurb and had no idea what to expect It s hard to give you a feel of this evocative book in such a short review so rather than run down a synopsis I prefer just to share how brilliant I thought it was and give a little teaser There s pirates and gangs and secret passages and pills and dark creatures There s parties and a hot musician and mysterious creepy happenings There s a world bigger than Ixion, which skitters on the horizon, with even bigger dystopia themes It s ominous and daring and spectacular LOVED the climax where some of the islands secrets are revealed while leaving me craving I LOVED THIS It s dark and wild, unpredictable and somehow enchanting I found it unputdownable, sensory rich and utterly absorbing It had been a while since I have been so pulled into someone else s story I loved being in Retra s world and can t wait to return with the sequel.Recommended I very nearly missed out on reading this by thinking it wasn t a me book I thought it may be too paranormal ish, too hedonistic LOL or too fantastical GUYS I know it may not be raved about by everyone but if you re in a reading slump or looking for a completely addictive absorbing experience I absolutely recommend Burn Bright It s truly original and you can completely tell the author loves her world and characters Brilliant stuff it s in my top ten reads so far this year Listen well, baby bats Burn bright, but do not stray from the paths Remember, when you live in a place of darkness you also live with creatures of the dark. Also on Strange with Bonus Material and an Author Interview with Marianne de Pierres and a campaign to bring Burn Bright to the US Welcome to Ixion A place of constant darkness, the Ever Dark It is a bazaar of the bizarre On this strange island, everything is a party Modesty is a sin.Ixion is like Party Zion You know that scene in Matrix Reloaded with the rave where everyone is going crazy and dancing up on each other That is how Ixion is ALL the time But instead of Machines lurking outside the walls, there are the Night Creatures.After her brother runs away to Ixion, a distraught and lonely Retra follows him there in the hopes of bringing him back home She gets way than she bargained for in this bizarre land and discovers a world full of things unknown to her A place of gratification and self absorption with a war brewing in the dark A place that can change her She will become someone else and she will call herself Naif.The island of Ixion exists purely for pleasure and purely for young Anyone considered an over ager mysteriously disappears, unless they are first taken by Ruzalia the pirate Rumor has it that she uses the over agers as slaves or pets Since no one knows what happens to those that disappear, some would rather risk slavery to Ruzalia than the possibility of disappearing off the island into oblivion or death In her case, Retra would rather risk the unknown than live without her brother She would possibly even risk death, because she can t bear the thought of life without him.This book got me thinking a lot about human motivation Why we do a lot of the things we do Because don t many of the things we do come down to what we feel is the better case scenario There s even a game we invented called would you rather Who ever picks the option that sounds the worst to them Is that why war exists Some feel the better option is to attack others, rather than risk being attacked themselves Things may be said like Get them before they get us Their sinful ways will be the death of us It s you or me, buddy We see this kind of reasoning a lot In movies, books, and even in reality Defending yourself isn t wrong but there is a thin line between defense and offensive defense In adventure or sci fi fiction particulary, it isn t often that a true line of communication is opened War just seems to break out It makes me wonder how often talking it out is overlooked in the real world.In this world that we live in, ruled by information and communication, where no one is left unspoken for, where open mindedness is encouraged why does war still exist I think true dystopia raises questions about human nature.Dystopia should have a life all it s own A life that thrives on our our fears, skitters away from our comforts, draws questions from our concerns Burn Bright does just that A few examplesIs it the rules and restrainsts in your life that have made you self sacrificing Is guilt the foundation of your kindness They re passionate in their beliefs They are misled as passion most often is Beware it, baby bat Beware the foolishness of passion This book is unlike the new wave of artificial dystopias that plague the YA shelves This is infused with passion for the story and the author seems to have a great love for the characters The prose is vague and haunting, with scant background information.The beginning requires a difficult adjustment period from the reader I feel like we are so used to instant gratification that we struggle when things aren t easy to understand This is not a book to be read lightly You can t skim this Bits of information are worked in so scarcely that you will feel lost if you try to read it quickly.Burn Bright contains unusual dialogue and things are often mentioned without being fully explained You are left somewhat to your own devices a lot of the time, but I find myself okay with that Sometimes, it s a necessity for me because I find myself to easily bored if I understand and know everything right away.Marianne s imagery was so different from what I m used to with YA and strangely vivid for such a dark world The descriptions are not all too well defined and the reader is required to make their own assumptions about the details of the world and their surroundings, but I actually enjoyed that part of it and found it to be very Hitchcockian Sometimes, less is More exciting, at least.This world is fully immersive, but not for everyone It s eerie and untraditional You are required to see things in different shades of darkness, multiple shades of gray I tend to like things that are a bit off the edge, those things that lie in the dark of the deep end.If you have a similar craving for something different, then you just might love this the way I did. Imagine a place where there are no Elders No rules No punishment Only music and laughter and freedom.Deadly pleasures await on Ixion, an eerie island where young people are transported twice a year when they want to indulge in hedonistic pursuits It is always night here, and every conceivable vice is available and encouraged Retra has gone to Ixion in order to find her brother Joel, but her sheltered upbringing makes her cringe at the excess on display She knows, however, that she cannot stand out and must give into pleasure before she can find what she most desires.This is a wildly exciting novel filled with visual splendor There are balloon gondolas Sleek, stingray shaped powerboats Female pirates Cloaks made of bat skins Electro eyes that spy on citizens Obedience strips that control people with pain And deadly night creatures who pounce if anyone dares to stray off permitted paths The island of Ixion feels cool and edgy and treacherous, and the author does a fantastic job of allowing the reader to clearly visualize the thrilling world into which Retra is thrust I love this passage in particular, which describes the clubs on the island Despite her nervousness a thrill pimpled her skin as she absorbed and made sense of the view lights of every colour, some in soaring arcs, some in clusters, others scattered ruby, glowing cobalt and bullion gold A streak of emerald snaked through the middle, dividing the vista in two The light haloes bled into each other, forming a misty night rainbow.Ret wants nothing than to find Joel, so she s determined to forgo the dancing and the music and the drugs and the sex But she s constantly thinking about Markes, an attractive musician who catches her eye, as well as Lenoir, a dangerously seductive and powerful member of the Ripers, who are the guardians of Ixion I have to say that I m not quite sure what Retra sees in Markes other than outward attractiveness, as he seems relatively indifferent to her attentionbut it s hard to say what s going on with Lenoir too, since he s holding so much back.I was incredibly excited by the atmospheric lure of the island, and I liked many of the characters that populate it I was surprised to find, however, that some of the dialogue was not nearly as elegant as the surroundings, and actually bordered on being a little stiff at times I would also have liked to have seen emotional depth with the relationships between Ret and her brother and her friends and her love interests The author describes the sensations of pain and confusion and temptation so well that it would have been great to see that matched with equally vibrant emotional connections.Still, the story is really fascinating, and the world is superbly immersive in a way that most dystopian YA novels are not It s also very daring, in that there are frankly sexual though non graphic encounters in Ixion as well as startling violence There are interesting ideas about the pursuit of pleasure and the nature of human beings surviving in a totalitarian society, and it will be exciting to see whether the whiff of rebellion fully forms in the second installment of the trilogy There is dark, seductive beauty in the world that Marianne de Pierres has created, and I think most readers will quite enjoy their visit This book was part of the Aussie YA Reading Challenge, hosted by my friend Nic over on Irresistible Reads It s the second book I ve read by an Australian author this year following Rebecca Lim s Mercy, and I m really enjoying this challenge so far Sadly, Burn Bright is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand, but hopefully Random House will give it a wider international release soon If, like me, you cannot wait and would like to order it in the meantime, it s available for international shipping from the Australian bookseller Dymocks This review also appears in The Midnight Garden. Listen well, baby bats Burn bright,but do not stray from the paths.Remember, when you live in aplace of darkness you also live withcreatures of the dark It s been a long time since I ve felt this excited about the opening of a new series I m not yet prepared to give it 5 stars as it s only just begun but, you know, I m thinking this could potentially be a 5 star series Hurray for the aussies again who, after dazzling me with a series of awesome realistic fiction, have now provided an exciting fantasy world.And yeah, that s right, fantasy Sorry to break it to you but the only reason this is marketed as dystopian fiction is because that seems to be what everyone s hooked on right now There are some vaguely political elements to it like rules v anarchy but it s mainly a novel that straddles the line between fantasy and urban fantasy So, just don t expect dystopia and you should be fine.I should warn you, the plot takes some time to get going in this but, like Darkfever, it wasn t a problem for me I found the author used the initial lack of plot well and successfully built up her world and characters who I really loved the writing and the introductions to Retra, Suki, Markes and Lenoir kept the book interesting and made the story all the exciting when it did get going.As the cover would suggest, the book is quite dark, but also the author manages to keep up a continuous feeling of darkness throughout so by the end you can t imagine any of the characters existing in a place with sunlight There s also this very sexual element to the writingAs they walked along, the warm air played over Retra like a wet tongue, making her skin pimple And there are plenty phrases like that one Though, no in your face love No instalove No obsessive love No forever love Just a whole lot of lustiness, and I like books that create a sexy atmosphere without being overtly sexual.As for the protagonist, she interests me a lot Retra comes from a place where men make all the rules, women wear veils, the wardens watch everything you do and punishments are severe I suppose you can see some parallels being made between this and some strict religious societies today Anyway, Retra arrives at Ixion a place of freedom and pleasure with only one goal to find her brother who ran away from the constraints of where they used to live.It soon becomes apparent that Ixion is not as it seems, that even anarchy has unspoken rules, and that there are creatures in the darkness far worse than any of the wardens back home It s creepy, exciting and original I really can t wait to read Angel Arias. Ixion a place of eternal night and eternal pleasure but nothing, nothing, comes without its price.Admittedly, Burn Bright was one of my most anticipated releases of 2011 First, there s the darkly beautiful cover that brings to mind the fashion of Lady Gaga and the gothic wonder of Tim Burton s movies right from the first time I saw it, it ensnared me in such a way that for months I thought,I must have this book, I must have this bookThen there s the synopsis, speaking of a dark place called Ixion and a heroine who plunges into this night world to find her brother even though she has no desire to cavort and party as other Ixion migrants do Burn Bright is of those ideas that just lit fire to my imagination and made me wonder what this story would entail and what dark delights would lay within its pages.Thus, you can imagine that I came into reading this book with high expectations Perhaps it was wrong of me, but I really expected this book to be a dark and heady mixture that made me think of the works of Laini Taylor or Melissa Marr Instead, I received something that was bittersweet in texture and feel.and I honestly don t know if I liked it Burn Bright is a book that thrives on being different It is very much a dark supernatural fantasy, and there is nothing quite like it in the young adult book market at the moment Since it s fresh in that respect, I can see why other readers would be enad with it When you re faced with something so different from the norm, you re going to either embrace it or run away from it Me I was caught in the middle.Where the story really succeeds is the world building which, again, is so different from anything else that it s really rather fascinating and intriguing as you learn about Ixion right alongside its heroine, Retra Ixion is a place where teenagers flee to lose themselves in wild parties and no holds barred behavior, but there are people who act as guardians in Ixion the Ripers, a group of overseers headed by the dark and secretive Lenoir Why must the baby bats the newcomers to Ixion stick to the lighted paths And what happens to those who grow too old for Ixion Honestly, Ixion is a fantastically realized world, holding the madness of Lewis Carroll s Wonderland and the strangeness of J.M Barrie s Neverland However, a world on its own is not enough to carry a book there also needs to be a balance with characterization and plot too In Burn Bright, I couldn t help the feeling that the world of Ixion itself was so rich that the characters seemed flat and colorless by comparison To me, the characters here felt like puppets moving against a backdrop that didn t help to ground or solidify them but rather outshine them when, really, it should be the other way around The characters are what move the story forward, and they need to feel like live players instead of figures at the mercy of unseen twists and turns Yes, the world building offers so many fantastic ideas and concepts but, meshed with the characters and plot, the story didn t seem so stellar of a package as it could have been.The plot itself is mostly a mixture of uncovering the secrets of Ixion and seeing a battle for dominion over Ixion begin to stir and Retra finds herself caught up in all of it and forced to change because of her involvings in Ixion In and of itself, the story didn t really offer me much that I hadn t expected You have the heroine who becomes a key player in a world to which she is still only a newcomer You have her love interests, neither of whom seem really good for her in the long run You have her friends, most of whom have brighter personalities than she does but who take a backseat as mere tagalongs for much of the story Needless to say, I wasn t very much impressed as far as the characters and plot go.While others will love Burn Bright for its ingenuity and freshness, I m sad to say that it just wasn t enough for me However much I liked the world building, it wasn t the book I had expected to read Whether it will be a hit or miss with you.well, you have to read it to find out I hope it will burn bright in your eyes as I wish it had done for me. Imagine a place where there are no elders, no rules, no punishment only music, laughter and freedom Welcome to Ixion Island of ever night, ever youth and never sleep BURN BRIGHT This is the place where modesty is kin to sin and baby bats run to in search of pleasure But remember, when you live in darkness, you also live with creatures of the dark.Woah What a creeptastic book in the best possible way Burn Bright definitely commands your attention from page one as Marianne de Pierres takes you on a journey filled with bizarre twists, sinister settings, and uniquely subtle characters I found myself captivated as I traveled an undefined time and place along the paths of Ixion leaving me continually on the edge of my seat This book is a definite contender for top spot among note worthy ya dystopic novels that deserve a captive audience Now if only US Publishers will start picking up these worthy books and making them available to us avid readers so we don t have to scour the net and pay hefty shipping prices in order to own these little gems, but I digress As I mentioned, the setting is so completely vivid that it just feels dark and sinister as you turn the corners and walk down dark paths with the cast of this book The characters are carefully crafted that it s impossible not to fall for them, but simultaneously wonder what their hidden agendas might be Retra was a worthy main character as her journey throughout the book was one of growth, constant challenge and increasingly bold moves Markes and Lenior added a good balance to the mix of intriguing characters where they all played equally vital roles none commanding the stage than others.Marianne de Pierres cleverly adds several moving parts such as established gangs, including the White Wings, Freaks, Ghosts and League who oppose the Ripers or Guardians that are in place to protect the baby bats There is also the Youth Circle which somewhat serves as the judicial system within Ixion, but isn t highly trusted by the inhabitants especially the gangs Lastly, there are the outlaws headed by Ruzalia, who execute rescue missions for the inhabitants on the verge of being faded out of the system All very clever and unique, which provides for constant surprises and twists Now the writing What can I say that I haven t said before about Aussie writers They come from this mystical land filled with magical water or food maybe it s the vegemite I don t know But it goes without saying, their writing sets them apart and their prose is elegantly crafted I can t for the life of me figure out how so many Aussie writers so seamlessly dominate the literary world with their fantastical stories Unlike vegemite, though, their books are easy on the palate and leave you craving for They feel completely real and full of depth and Burn Bright is no exception.I will warn you now, this story grabs your attention from the beginning, so if you start this book late into the evening, you ll likely be pulling an all nighter So, take the journey to Ixion, it s well worth the adventure.Thanks to my Street Corner Booker friend Nomes for rec ing this story to me I can t wait for the next installment Okay that s it I am packing my bags TODAY and moving to Australia I don t know what they have over there that we don t but I really wish somebody would share the secret In the past few months I have read several books and I can only think of a few US authors that have made my top 10 Every Aussie book I have had read is on that top 10 list and this one is no exception First I have to thank Nomes for sending this one out on Tour Nomes you are the absolute bestest ever Now on to Burn BrightRetra, a Seal from Grave, decides to run away from home to find her brother Joel who left to go to Ixion A Seal is a person who is taught to seal off their minds and emotions They are never to interact with others unless necessary and they are also limited in their knowledge of other places Joel decides he can t live like this any and runs away leaving Retra to pick up the pieces and to be punished for his actions He goes to Ixion which is a place where young people go to forget about rules and just live It is built on a island in a cave like place where there is no light All new baby bats the new girls and boys are told to stay on the lighted path and to just enjoy their new life ie Burn Bright When Retra decides to find Joel she discovers that there is going on than just parties and her new life may not be all that great She is used to modesty and in Ixion there is to be none of that so right off she stands out Her agenda is not to party and partake in the many drugs that are offered but to just find her brother and try to create a new life somewhere with him Things get complicated when she helps a friend fend off a Guardian and finds herself put into danger for her actions With Joel not being the brother she remembers she has to learn how to save herself I loved the creepiness of the novel The author really brought out the dark creatures and all the imagery very well I could feel the darkness closing in on me while I read this book.What follows is a deep and dark tale that has many twists and turns I am very excited to read the sequel as I think the story will be even better than the first I have so many questions that I want answered and I really hope that I get to read the next one because I have to know what happens with Lenior and Retra.Thanks again Nomes you are the bestest I don t know what I would do without you and Nic Okay, you know that guy, THAT guy The one so insanely hot that any flaws, personality issues or intellectual deficiencies pale in comparison to his smoldering sex appeal image error Hmmm I have to say that I m neither over nor underwhelmed The concept was definitely interesting, and the world building and overall atmosphere well done But everything remained superficial I am sure that there will be details revealed about Ixion in future installments, that there are a lot things to discover as this series progresses, but I am missing the hook The incentive that makes me want to read on To make things worse, I didn t really connect with the characters They remained pale and mostly uninteresting to me I didn t understand Retra s infatuation with Markes and Lenoir, and Joel was kind of a jerk The prospective love traingle is a huge turn off for me Retra s friends were okay, but nothing too special either And, of course, there had to be the standard mean girl At least she wasn t a cheerleader I liked Retra as a heroine, though Strong, yet vulnarable because of her past and reluctant to let herself go I could relate to her mistrust concerning the Ripers, I understood her reluctance to party non stop and take the sense enhancing drugs she was offered seriously, how could the others be so unsuspicious and quick to accept them She knew exactly what she wanted and was willing to sacrifice a lot for it She had suffered deeply under the conditions at home some issues were only hinted at and I really felt with her.All in all, I have to say that I found the first half very captivating and addicting despite the book s flaws the pages just flew by but the second half not so much Retra s transformation to Naif didn t sit too well with me Maybe because I could relate so well to her before and it seemed weird to me that she d shed everything she believed in in a few seconds And as much as I liked her at the beginning, new Retra got annoying At the end, we are of course left with a cliffhanger and I just don t like these much in general even if the book is part of a series I think there are better ways to keep the reader interested Nevertheless, I wasn t really frustrated, and to me, that s an indicator I didn t particularly care for the book and its characters I am not desperately awaiting what will happen next, mildly interested.Not entirely sure if I am going to read the sequel probably not.Nomes, thank you so much for touring this and giving us the possibility to read this otherwise unobtainable Aussie book4 Aussie YA Challenge 2011