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E ARC from Edelweiss PlusIn 1929, pretty much anything that could be made a contest became a contest, and the bigger, better, anddangerous, the better Flying was still fairly new, and air shows attracted big crowds There weren t a lot of pilots, and there were fewer pilots who were women, since women were deemed weaker and less mentally able to handle the rigors of flight This, of course, was ridiculous, and the women who entered the first Air Derby were all different examples of this The most familiar name to modern tweens was Amelia Earhart, but others, like Pancho Barnes, and Elinor Smith may ring bells as well Starting with the childhoods of these women, Sheinkin shows us how they all defied current conventions to embrace air travel, from jumping off roofs as children to fearlessly taking lessons and even, in the case of Marvel Crosson, building their own planes Once we understand all of the women involved and some others, like Bessie Coleman, who didn t fly in it but contributed to women s aviation , we get to experience the race Starting in California, weaving through Texas, and ending up in Cleveland, Ohio, the course was not easy to navigate, and perils were rife The women s planes were sabotaged in many ways that weren t fully investigated and were never proven, even though they most likely lead to the death of one of the flyers There were also accidents, sudden landings, and midair mishaps The weather was hot, comforts were few, and the evenings of rest were filled with banquets and too many chicken dinners, but the women were determined and fearless The rave hinged on not only the flying skill of the pilots, but the eccentricities of their planes, as well as sheer dumb luck Several women had to stop out because of plane issues, and one woman flew past Columbus the next to the last stop and went straight to Cleveland, thereby disqualifying herself In the end, Louise Thaden won With the Great Depression starting just a few months after the Derby, aviation took a lot of blows, but many of the women continued to be involved in aviation and certainly set the stage for women to be active in the field.Strengths This will put some new names before many readers I especially was intrigued by Pancho Barnes and Marvel Crosson and might have to see if there are any books about them The details of the race are very exciting, and there is a good mix of what is going on and what the women felt abou tit The research is remarkable luckily, there are memoirs by the flyers and lots of newspaper articles detailing every move This reminded me a lot of Speno s The Great American Foot Race Ballyhoo for the Bunion Derby which is set during this era Great nonfiction choice for readers who want an exciting tale Weaknesses There are some photographs, but there are also a lot of illustrations I find that my students prefer photos if any exist I know it is probablyexpensive to include them, but the drawings never seem to be a draw for my readers This was also a bit confusing at the beginning, since there were so many people who needed to be introduced.What I really think Definitely purchasing, and can see this getting a lot of use. Born To Fly Is The Gripping Story Of The Fearless Women Pilots Who Aimed For The Skies And BeyondJust Nine Years After American Women Finally Got The Right To Vote, A Group Of Trailblazers Soared To New Heights In TheAir Derby, The First Women S Air Race Across The US Follow The Incredible Lives Of Legend Amelia Earhart, Who Has Captivated Generations Marvel Crosson, Who Built A Plane Before She Even Learned How To Fly Louise Thaden, Who Shattered Jaw Dropping Altitude Records And Elinor Smith, Who At Age Seventeen Made Headlines When She Flew Under The Brooklyn BridgeThese Awe Inspiring Stories Culminate In A Suspenseful, Nail Biting Rate Across The Country That Brings To Life The Glory And Grit Of The Dangerous And Thrilling Early Days Of Flying, Expertly Told By The Master Of Nonfiction History For Young Readers, National Book Award Finalist Steve SheinkinFeaturing Illustrations By Bijou Karman Sheinkin has done it again His story like narration brings to life historical events readers will devour We ve all heard of Amelia Earhart and maybe Bessie Coleman Here readers will get to know some incredibly brave and daring women of aviation Their bravery went beyond the early and perilous days of flying to breaking the glass ceiling as we call it today for women Women in the 20 s were considered delicate and frail, definitely not suited to handle an airplane That was for big strong men Women definitely should not work outside the home or God forbid, wear pants.Born To FlyIn August 1929, a talented and outspoken group of female aviators spearheaded women s rights when they participated in an all woman nine day, cross country air race that kicked off in California.Quoting Henry Ford , I pay our women well so they can dress attractively and get married The women were fighting centuries of bias This aside, they were solely interested in becoming successful fliers Changing public opinion of women s capabilities was a secondary outcome To name a few of the brave Marvel Crosson, Amelia Earhart, Louise Thaden, Ruth Nichols, were among the 99 nearly all white licensed female pilots in 1929 Flying opportunities for women of color were even MORE sharply limited Only African American Bessie Coleman is mentioned in this account Sheinkin is a master at storytelling where the facts are WELL researched and founded This Women s Air Derby was highly controversial which became evenso when a pilot was killed in a crash that may have been caused by someone tampering with her plane Some wanted the women to fail so desperately to sabotage the planes Born to a Fly explores the 1929 race in detail, using the event to reveal the lives of many of the early female fliers The book includes a large number of period photographs and illustrations and outstanding backmatter round out an engaging and enlightening historical novel.Suspenseful, informative, exciting, tragic and uplifting Nonfiction 11 16 I will never say no to a Steve Sheinkin book and this one was no exception Born to Fly tells the story of the first women pilots and the first Female Air Derby It is a fascinating story with a lot of names I was not familiar with Of course everyone knows who Amelia Earhart was, but what was interesting is that she was not the best pilot only the most famous and she knew it At the time there were other famous female pilots like Pancho Barnes, Marvel Crosson, Louise Thaden and many others who flew the derby They were beset by sabotage and problems that were never really investigated The pilots believe that the sabotage actually led to the tragic death of one of their members I am now fascinated by Louise Thaden, the winner of the derby, and several of the others Sheinkin does a fantastic job showing how they all got their start in flying, generally from jumping off a roof Marvel and her brother even built their own plane He also shows the prejudice against women flyers and how they each had to fight for their place in the skies The Derby itself was so very interesting They flew from California to Ohio with multiple stops along the way Each night was spent eating rubber chicken at a banquet the pilots would have rather worked on their planes or slept There were mishaps, crashes, breakdowns and so muchalong the way Flying was definitely different in 1929. I learned so much, as I always do with a book from Steve Sheinkin but the best part about his books is that you don t realize how much you are learning, you just want to knowMost of us are familiar with Amelia Earhart but few people know about the stunning feats of her peers like Marvel Crossen, Pancho Barnes or Louise Thaden They all came from different backgrounds, different parts of the country but shared a common dream to fly The other focus of the book is the first Women s Air Derby which was a cross country air race lasting nine days and covering over 2, 750 miles It was grueling, it was dangerous and it was the first time women competed in this relatively new industry Not only did they have to prove that they were brave, talented and very skilled fliers but they had to prove it to a society that believed their women should be at home and not taking jobs and honors away from men The mystery surrounding the race and some of the accidents that happened only sweetened the pot and I would love to see another book just on that My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy. Fell into this while in between two other titles and delighted by all the accounts of what women did to pursue their passion for flying Building a plane from scratch , saving up for lessons, working in the aviation field and of course, launching oneself off the roof.The arc I read had some photos which helped show how planes at the outset were really nothingthan wooden boxes, and some photos or art was listed TK The only drawback I found was the quick pace of writing and rapid switching back and forth from one woman to the next made it difficult to keep track of who was who.Nevertheless, each woman featured had her own personality and the writing does show the determination and focus of brave woman aviators Will look for finished version in September and re read.Marvel CrossonLouise McPhetridge ThadenRuth Elder Evelyn Bobbi TroutFlorence Lowe Pancho Barnes Elinor SmithBessie ColemanAmelia EarhartNeta SnookRaymonde de LarocheHarriet QuimbyMatilde MoisantBlanche Stewart Scott One again, Steve Sheinkin s nonfiction storytelling prowess reigns supreme Yes, we know about Amelia Earhart but I m guessing most of you and me don t know much about other badass aviatrixes such as Ruth Elder, Louise McPhetridge, Marvel Crosson, Bobbi Trout, even big personality Pancho Barnes, all women who were as Sheinkin s title claims born to fly I d never heard of the Women s Air Derby But, boy oh boy, did I love following these savvy competitors their trials and triumphs, dangers and heartaches as they sought over and over and over again to prove their skill, competence, and need to fly I enjoyed how Sheinkin introduces readers to each character before the derby even began so, by the time the air race started, we know and care about each flyer, holding our breath as they overcome unspeakable challenges and a lot of chicken dinners Dang it, Sheinkin is good Now I want to re read this book and study his craft he s such a master at all levels, from sentence structure to book structure His prose is simply vibrant This nonfiction book collects stories about the lives of several trailblazing female pilots When you mention female pilots, the first name that comes to mind is always at least for me Amelia Earhart She s here, of course, but this book introduces readers to new names in the field, like Marvel Crosson, Louise Thaden, Elinor Smith, and Ruth Nichols, just to name a few Their stories are all different, but they are woven together in this story to tell the tale of what it was like to take risks in such a dangerous field, when so few had before I loved learning about new people in this field The best part for me was the pictures and drawings that were included throughout the text Seeing the pilots with their planes really shows the passion they had for what they were doing I would definitely recommend this for middle grade readers looking to learn a little bitabout female pilots I was given an advanced reader s copy via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are my own. I read an advance copy of this book for the upcoming Harbor Springs Festival of the Book 2019.From jumping from a shed holding a giant umbrella, to sledding face first down an icy road, the women who became the first aviators shared an adventurous spirit and fascination with tools, the mechanics of machinery, speed, and flight Sheinkin introduces us to daring young women Louise McPhetridge, Marvel Crosson, Helen Thaden, Amelia Earhart and others Their collaborative perseverance in the wake of possible sabotage and a call to cancel the race in progress sets the stage for a suspenseful adventure where women prove they can be judged on individual merit This is engaging nonfiction writing at its best Steve Sheinkin introduces the reader to a group of women pilots who make history Of course Amelia Earhart is included, but the best part is meeting all the other pilots of all ages and from many different walks of life These women broke records and accepted challenges including a cross country air race The text reads like a great fiction book with lots of suspense This is a great book to share with girls to show that women can do anything I will definitely be adding this title to my middle school library s collection Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.