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Sydney Allen Has A Dream To Dance One Day On Broadway, And Be A Star She S Moved To New York, And With Her Best Friends Portia And Trish At Her Side, Her Dream Is Destined To Be A Reality That Is Until She Meets The Executive Producer Of Her Show Nolen Adams A Wall Street Investment Banker Who S Playboy Ways Are Notorious Among The Big Apple S Socialites His Lust And Desires For Sydney Are At First Spurned She Will Never Be A Casting Couch Bunny But Nolen Adams Doesn T Take Well To Rejection He S A Man Who Always Gets Who And What He Wants Despite Her Efforts To Achieve Her Chance At Stardom Through Handwork And Discipline, She Is Forced To Address The Admiration Of Her Producer His Pursuit Of Her Sets Sydney And Her Friends On A Collision Path Of Pain, Heartache, And Self Discovery That Will Forever Change Their Friendship Every Bond Between Friends And New Lovers Are Put To The Test When Lies And Deceit Overshadow The Best Of Intentions And Sydney Soon Learns The Price Of Fame Can Ultimately Be The Cost Of One S HeartPublisher Warning Strong Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Mild Violence, Strong Adult Themes If You Want Of Sienna Mynx, Please Be Sure To Visit Thedivaspen

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    This book would have to be the most frustrating, annoying, I want to bang my head against the wall and roll my eyes constantly type of read I mean COME ON Besides the hot scenes, Nolan and the plot line concerning Todd and Trish, I really found it so incredibly over the top and unrealistic First of all, small town girl Sydney, who is an untrained, yet aspiring dancer, wins the lead role in an off broadway ballet She also captures the eye of it s financer Mr Nolan Adams This rich entrepreneur is a man who gets what he wants and whatever cost, and is mesmerised by Sydney So basically, she plays really hard to get, will not have a bar of him because she doesn t want anyone to think that she slept her way to the top Okay, I quite liked the chase at the beginning and thought it would play out for a little longer, but soon enough, she found herself in the back of his limo and let s just say that this man has a way to convince her otherwise So, they continue their relationship in secret In the meantime, Sydney s best friends and roommates have their own story going on Trish, who is a struggling artist is sweet and kind and pretty much keeps to herself, but she has a big secret she is keeping from everyone She finds herself, suddenly taken aback my Nolan s friend, Todd He is a successful and renowned fashion photographer, who is a man whore, to say the least He, in fact, is the photographer that Portia the stupid ass, skank hoe, mother fudger , their other friend, decides to go down on to get herself a step in the right direction for her career When, he rejects helping her, after she pretty much humiliates herself, she looses the plot, beats him, trashes his place and cries rape But, Nolan, with all his power and connections, makes things go away and the secret is safe, from Sydney and Trish They are clueless to everything And soon enough both girls and falling head over heels in love with Nolan and Todd Okay, so much drama goes down, but it s not the nail biting, tension filled drama we all love and expect from stories It s the oh my GOSH I can t believe that this shit is happening, it s so predictable, and corny and I don t think I would put up with any of this shit if it happened in real life Like seriously, I know it s a fiction, and meant to be dramatic, but it s just plan ridiculous Pretty much I HATED PORTIA, PORTIA, PORTIA, PORTIA, PORTIA, TRISH S PARENTS who think they could sweep in, demand their grown daughter to come back home with them even though her father did what he didthe disgusting piece of shit , PORTIA, PORTIA, PORTIA, PORTIA, Sydney s whining and carrying on and running away after a fight and being stubborn to no avail, and PORTIA She is the worst character ever to be written She sets women back generations and cries rape every time she doesn t get her way It s women like her that make the real victims of a sex crime, go unnoticed as they are too afraid to come out because no one will believe them since, bitches like Portia, corrupt the system with constant fake allegations I m telling you I was ready to grab her and beat the living shit out of her, she is that bad I really can t believe the shit she caused and blamed everyone else, except her stupid arse self Alright, that s it, I ve had enough of this book and writing about something that has numbed my mind I really can t say anything else about it.

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    The cover is gorgeous well, not the cover, the guy on it, who looks a lot like Jonathan Rhys Meyers , but that s all there is to this book It s awful.

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    In a nutshell, this was a story about mentally unstable people and their dysfunctional relationships However, I don t think that was the author s intention The hero was a thug in a suit with no moral compass, who showed red flag signs of being a future domestic abuser The heroine liked to send mixed signals and then dole out punishment for the resulting reactions And the three best friends were as follows 1 deceitful, covetous whore, 2 Childlike mental case and 3 needy misogynist Lovely.Once you get past the completely unlikeable characters, you have to deal with bad, inconsistent writing and cringe worthy sex scenes Distress and panic, are two words one should never find in a passionate love scene Finally, I understand the need for self publishing, but does that mean you can t gather a couple of buddies to help you proofread Maybe even give you their honest thoughts and opinions I can t imagine someone reading this, cover to cover, and then saying Looks great Don t change a wordThe only reason I m not giving Black Butterfly a one star rating is that I liked the concept and really wanted to like the book 2 5 stars

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    The idea of this book was good The actual book, not so much I tried to like it About two thirds of the way through I found I was actually forcing myself to finish it The gist of the story is a an african american woman moves to New York to become a dancer, catches the eye of a rich white man, starts a romance There is a lot of drama with her two room mates, his best friend, everyone s parents, etc.The characters just weren t likable The heroine of the story started out decent enough She wants to make it on her own, doesn t want anyone handing her anything Except she s kind of stupid She lets people kind of run all over her She lets him strangle her during their first time having sex, without even knowing him, without even a hey, what are you doing Their first weekend out of town, she lets him drop thousands of dollars on her, and you don t hear a peep about how she doesn t want him spending money on her He was just a whiny man boy, throwing temper tantrums throughout the book She didn t even act like she liked him half the time, or was really all that interested in him The secondary characters were also annoying.It kind of felt like, through out the book, that every thing that happens, that everything they think or do was added as an afterthought Like the writer was reaching, trying to add things that would hold our interest It seemed sort of scattered in parts One minute a character is freaking out about something, the next they aren t, one minute something is a problem, the next it s not They flip flopped their emotions opinions morals so much, I almost got whiplash Do yourself a favor and avoid this one.

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    Review complete 28.08.2012 brought from AMZ I don t know what to say I usually don t rely on the customer reviews, I read them only out of curiosity But there were few that made me think that it could be a fun read Boy do I feel stupid now.WARNING SPOILERS I got intrigued at the beginning Even though girl was young and at times came across as a bit naive, I liked the fact that she had goals in life and was determend to reach them by working hard And we have a bad boy, they are always fun to read about I liked that when he asked her to meet him, for the very first time, she got pissed that he have sent her a dress and a car to pick her up, without knowing if she would like that Because he thought that it would work, because it always had worked on other girls before But she was not any other girl.I also liked the fact that she blew him off and told him where to stick it I thought to my self my type of woman.I got the impression that she was the smartest of the 3 roommates and that all 3 of them were really close She always knew the right thing to say and right advise to give.The thing that threw me a bit off was them calling each other family, even though they have known each other just a little over a year But still, I tryed not to overanalyze their relationship.And then there was a scene where she got in to an argument with one of her roommates I felt like it totally ruined her character it was pretty early in the book I get that everyone can have disagreements, and it s perfectly fine, even best friends But when I read that she got slapped in a face, by one of the girls and then she got all up in her grill, dragged her down to floor and they tryed to rip each others throats out, it became too much for me First she acts like dalai lama, giving life relationship advice to everyone and next thing you know, she rolling down on the floor and fighting like 10 year old What Oh, and the fucker choked her the first time they had sex As in squeezed her neck til her eyes bulged out There were no indications that she was into that kind of stuff She is a good girl, remember And they barely knew each other for crying out loud.Even though after that I had lost all my interest I still kept reading, only because I felt like I had to, because I have paid for it.At some point there was a 3 stories running parallel to one another, involving 3 couples It could have been okay, if execution was better But I thought it was all over the place There is nothing wrong with a little bit of mystery in the story Is there In my opinion the whole book was poorly edited It felt like author was trying too hard to explain what was going on, with every singe character, at the same time It made me think that maybe author ran out of ideas, just gave up and tried to get it over with the story.For me personally, it was hard to understand who was running the show there I thought that the whole book suppose to revolve around the Sydney and Nolen and the rest of them should be just supporting characters What irritated me the most was that there was way too much of you go girl , come on girl , what s wrong girl and oh no girl you didn t And the same goes for the guys in the story what s wrong man , talk to me man , what s up man It just went on and onAfter I read the book it made me seriously question intelligence of the people who have given this book a 5 stars review sorry, just thinking out loud I can t believe I said that when I wrote the review back in 2012, but this book was just that stupid and made no sense.

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    Oh My God I m in Awe I loved this book I don t even have words to describe how much, i am speechless There hasn t be any other book I have held to as high a standard as the Fifty Shades Trilogy ever Until this book Its just fantastically and brilliantly written.There are a few stories that make me actually hyper ventilate while read em This is one I can only pray that people read and love it just as i do Its one of those books that leaves you dazed for days afterwards, that you re compelled to pick it up again and read it almost immediately.Its honesty the only book I have read that even though the book delved into other characters other than the main two, i.e Nolen and Sydney, I was genuinely interested in ever single character in the book, and the were all brilliantly written and captivating, every single one I was literally at the edge of my sit form start to finish Words fail, only, I loved it.

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    I really was disappointed with this book The female protagonist Sydney had stupid character lines and I didn t find her likeable at all She pouted and threw tantrums towards the end Her friends weren t that amazing either and I guess I liked the male character a bit better Nolan, but all in all this story fell flat The end was a disappointment Felt like falling off the side of a cliff I thought the characters were underdeveloped and the storyline all over the place I thought the author tried to do too much and didn t do a good job of bringing the reader along Because I read Fifty Shades and Bared To You before it, I was just underwhelmed to say the very least While there were a few good scenes here and there, for the most part it was predicatable I just couldn t connect.

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    Why do I keep picking up these horrible rich boy romance books Lets make this short like the book and sweet not like the book The good I enjoyed the mixed romance, but I don t think it really added any depth to the story It seemed like it was just a thrown in sentence here and there to make it edgy.I loved that she was a dancer, but there was almost no focus on this fact at all.I loved the side kick diva, we needed Juanita The bad and the ugly Lets face it This entire relationship was all about fixing our broken bad boy There wasn t even much drama and in the end EVERYONE kissed and made up blech.There was no kidnapping in this one which was refreshing and no cliff hanger at the end I just cant take the stalker richboy forgivehimeeverythingbecausehehadabadchildhood BS.I wouldn t really put this one in the BDSM genre either It was all pretty vanilla view spoiler accept for the choking thing.that they didn t even talk about beforehand This guy is NO Domdon t even go there hide spoiler

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    Ok, had to review this one because I loved my other Sienna Mynx read Black Butterfly started off really well Nolen gave me butterfiles and Sydney was a strong female lead Somewhere along the line everything went pear shaped and I literally struggled to complete this.Sienna is an awesome writer but her books tend to go on too long and have entirely too much drama, especially this one The drama was wayyy over the top to the point that it was just ridiculous The three female characters were a a ditzy Southern belle, b an emotionally scarred introvert and c a slut Yay for us At the end of the book, I really only fully liked two of the secondary characters and, just barely, the male lead, so that s saying something Nolen was an Alpha male but the author went so over the top with him he seemed mentally unbalanced The heroine was, simply put, an idiot No, Sydney, they are not babying you because you re a country bumpkin You are a danger to yourself because you re stupid I literally skimmed the last 25% of this book just to get to the end There were too many non storylines taking up valuable space and the characters were, for the most part, unlikeable.

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    Okay I am having some trouble with this one.I m not even a quarter of the way through the book and I am already looking for something else to read I feel like this is a good story and it COULD be executed well but it just isn t I m kind of getting a flashback to Gabriel s Inferno because of the downright annoying heroine and tall, dark, handsome, rich, and badass guy love the guy, dislike the girl I feel like the conversation alone is kind of forced between everyone I mean, I do not know one female who says gurrrrrlllllll half as much as these people do If I hear or read it one time I may just hurl by Ipod through my TV just kidding lol Maybe I m just being a little snippy but I can t find the perseverance to finish this book May come back to it later On a positive note, the cover is awesome Woo hoo does he look good Don t let my review stop you from reading After all, it has gotten plenty of positive ones I want to like this book but, sadly, at the moment, I don t.