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Offering Unparalleled Insight Into Beethoven S Creativity, Here Are Superb, Authoritative Editions Of Three Great Orchestral Masterworks Filled With Drama And Great Beauty Includes Symphony No In C Minor, Op Symphony No In F Major Pastoral , Op Symphony No In A Major, Op Lists Of Instruments

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    I am aware of the reservations expressed related to possible inaccuracies, and I take these seriously, having experienced scores and parts with exasperating mistakes in them, but these generic full scores of the Beethoven Symphonies are simply fantastic for overview and general study of the works Very good job at providing this outstanding study material at this price point I would highly recommend this series

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    These Dover score editions are best known for their low prices For the Beethoven symphonies, these are pretty much just reproductions of the 1865 Litolff edition, which contains numerous mistakes that were corrected in later, better editions The 9x12 format is good for the full score format, making it easy to view all the orchestral parts at the same time The note heads are big enough to be clearly legible.Knowing the deficiency of the source edition, my major complaint is there are no measure numbers so it s a big inconvenience for anyone wishing to study specific points in the score.BTW, all these are available for free download as PDF on But for me, having these in a book format beats having to print out page after page of PDF which gets messy.

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    It s really convenient that symphony 5 7 are together I love the lay flat binding BUT There aren t ANY measure numbers Who does that I knocked off one star because I have spent a couple hours now numbering all my measures Huge waster of time Otherwise, the print is easy to read.

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    The Dover company printed a genuine manuscript from the original score of the 19th Century.

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    I know that the mistakes have been talked about, but as a student when you re buying so many other books and things it is nice to have an affordable option for scores like this You can sort of think of it as you get what you pay for if you really are discouraged by the mistakes, but it is simple enough to make the corrections and you get to study this wonderful repertoire for a cheap price.