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Guitar Book Have You Ever Wanted To Play Some Great Jazz Tunes, But Found It Difficult To Locate The Best Fingerings For Guitar This Book CD Pack Will Help You Play Terrific Bebop Standards In Their Definitive Keys, With Tablature And Play Along Tracks Major Scale Patterns And Chord Diagrams Are Also Included For Reference And Study Songs Anthropology Be Bop Boplicity Be Bop Lives Conception Confirmation Dance Of The Infidels Donna Lee Groovin High Half Nelson Shawnuff Tempus Fugit Well You Needn T

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    The Book has nice accurate tabs and a great set of backing tracks, but does not give the entire solo, just the melody According to the Product Description, this book gives note for note transcription and even fingerings This is true only for the beginning and ending song melody, and as I said, not for the entire song You have to improvise over the backing track with your own material.I guess you could go and transcribe a version of one of the songs and then play it along with the backing track, or you could just improvise over it if you have the ability but understand, there is no note for note solo performance given or transcribed.You have to be careful with some of these product descriptions.

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    I highly recommend this book I love jazz guitar and bought this book about a year ago Shawn made great selections and provided clear notation and tab It has beeen a blast to play along with the tracks Some of these tunes have challening tempos and progressions and I find when I learn the song and return to it a month later, I learn something new This is a great book on bebop jazz guitar.