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Pepper Pace S Interracial Fairytale Is The Story Of Beast A Marine With A Destroyed Face And A Plus Sized Beauty Who Has Identity Issues A Lesson Learned Is That Beauty Is Not What Is On The OutsideIn This Romance That Is Taken From The Beauty And The Beasts Fairytale, It Will Leave You Questioning Who Is The Beauty And Who Is The Beast

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    Oh my goodness This is one of those that has a sappy romantic like myself sighing A lonely, isolated man A woman who has it together or so it seems, but is a wreck on the inside And they find each other.The Beauty and the Beast retelling doesn t get old for me After all, I am a die hard romantic and a die hard fairy tale lover Pepper Pace does both so well here Yet, instead of the Beast being grumpy and surly, Christopher is the sweetest teddy bear although he probably resembles a Grizzly bear imaginable I loved him Pace challenges the reader here Our Beauty has a significant weight problem And the weight problem isn t her issue, but the emotions underneath it, the ones that caused her weight issues, and the results of them If you ve ever been overweight, you know how it is for Ashleigh The comments that hit like barbs, because someone thinks they have the right to say something or the fact that they are insensitive, because they ve never struggled with weight problems The assumptions made about you because of your weight On the other side, she doesn t make Ashleigh into a completely harmless victim Ashleigh has some shallowness issues to work through But that s the beauty of this story She is able to see the beauty beneath the horrible scars and disfigurement that Christopher has I truly loved the emotional connection between Christopher and Ashleigh And there was also a very sensual component to this book, for romance readers who need that in their stories Lots of spice and hot love scenes to go with an emotional love story that feels so authentic and timeless When I got to 38% on my Kindle and love declarations were made, I wondered what else could happen in this book Well, plenty This is a love story about not just two people finding each other, but also also finding their way to healing Making a life together in spite of obstacles they both face.When you read these kinds of stories, the stubborn person in you is determined to be upset if the problem is fixed, such as the heroine losing weight, or the hero getting his disfigurement repaired But is that truly fair to the story for the characters not to go through that passage just because After all, it s easy to stay where you are Even harder to take that step of faith to change something about yourself for the right reasons In this case, the resolution made so much sense and only added to this story.If I could change anything That s a matter of personal tastes, and I m sure many will disagree with me However, I could have done without some of the graphic language in the love scenes While they were scintillating and the chemistry powerful, I guess I didn t need to read certain terms when it came to body parts That s a small quibble.I m personally no grammar stickler, but there were a couple issues there I feel bad even pointing them out because a 100% accurate book doesn t necessarily tell a story that I love, like this somewhat imperfect one does Overall, I found the writing very poised, professional, and so emotionally stirring that I couldn t help but give this a five star rating.This was a beautiful love story That s kind of ironic, because this story is about how what s on the surface doesn t show you everything That what is at the heart is worth fighting for in the end.Highly recommended to romance readers who enjoy a sensually descriptive love story, or just any old sap who can t resist a tried and true love story.

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    I appreciate a good retelling of an old tale Beast tells the story of Ashleigh Dalton the plus size person in her group of friends She s mid thirties, successful in her career as an analyst for the government looking from the outside in you would think she s got it all together except she s just found out that her boyfriend of three years just married his other girlfriend of six months Lt Christopher Jameson, 6 7 302lbs, Special Ops Marine, works in the same building as Ashleigh After meeting in the company gym, the sparks fly between these two.I ve read some of Pace s other work and I think that there s a lot of story telling talent there, so it was with a pleasant surprise that I saw this recent publication and I literally couldn t wait to sit back and relax with Ashleigh and ChristopherAshleigh is one of the most immature characters I ve read in a long time and I didn t see a substantial change by the end I should have suspected when she introduced herself to Christopher she not only gave him her name, she also gave him the spelled version with a gh Really, you re over 12 that should have already fallen out of your introductory vocabulary But I digress After finding out about her very good looking boyfriend s betrayal, Ashleigh decides that she ll start losing weight because she s realized that good looking men don t want size 22 women umm gentlemen is that true There s a whole backstory about the Ashleigh s behavior with her ex boyfriend that I found very disturbing After going to the gym a few mornings, the guy with the nice butt and great legs wearing a hoodie begins leaving his workout music for Ashleigh to enjoy setting the foundation for her and Christopher s growing friendship Christopher is a country boy through and through He s got the drawl and the homegrown manners that make his Mom proud His friends, who are all Special Ops, call him Beast not because of his misshaped facial aesthetics due to bilateral cleft palate but because he s a beast on the field of combat I really, really liked Christopher and I thought he could do so much better than Ashleigh view spoiler One of Ashley s many problems is not that she s a foodie but that she s bulimic and I m not convinced that s a topic handled well in this romance novel even so complicated by pregnancy hide spoiler

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    5 out of 5 Stars WOW WOW WOW I could not put this book down I love absolutely everything about this story This one is a gem that will certainly touch your heart To my core I felt what these two main characters were feeling.Christopher Totally fell in love with this man Don t think I ve ever read such a perfect combination of an Alpha Beta male on the written page Couldn t imagine what his shoes would feel like if I were the one who had to wear them, but I felt him just the same.Ashleigh I love her I cried with and for her Cheered her on Got ticked screamed at her, but ultimately just prayed her personal prison of suffering would end Cos the bottom line is, she deserved better Way better These two Christopher Ashleigh were beautiful together Just beautiful Who they are in their own rite, and who they became not just for themselves, but for each other was nothing short of incredible.I ve seen in some reviews where others felt that the pace of this one slows in some areas of the story IMO, the pacing was perfect It kept me interested and eager to know what was going to happen next I think this one flows beautifully.You have alot of interesting secondary characters plots that blend great within the story This story, I would call an Onion of the fiction world There are definitely alot of layers peeled back as you go Each one that is revealed is just as intriguing, beautiful, heartfelt, and shocking in it s own rite This one is a gripping, romantic, erotic, emotional, all consuming read I HIGHLY recommend that you read it

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    This is my first Pepper Pace book and I feel like a total idiot Why did I wait so long to read one of her books I know why Misconceived notions of the type of stories she writes This book was called Beast a man who was deformed due to a a Cleft Palate and bad surgery at a young age when I read the description I said no I can t read that it will be sad and definitely not sexy Like I said I am a Idiot this books is Very sexy and sweet the love story is wonderful I fell in love with Christopher just like Ashleigh ,I saw past his face to the beauty within him I rooted for him and I was so proud of myself and Ashleigh for doing it This story about love pure and simple love that starts from the inside out You know what I m about to do look for another Pepper pace book to read

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    Written August 29, 20143 1 2 Stars Nice, thoughtful and romantic and two lovable charactersA twisted Beauty Beast romance A Beast with a destroyed face and a plus sized Beauty who has identity issues A good nice one I liked to listening to this story, well narrated and a kind of simple ears entertainment Ashleigh Dalton is a short plump plus size , beautiful light skinned Af Am woman in her mid thirties She is a smart, friendly, funny and successful in her career, as an analyst for the government, but she is still a single waiting for Mr Tall Gorgeous Dream Man Ashleigh thought she maybe already had that man but she s just found out that her so called boyfriend of three years just married his other girlfriend of six months A slim and slender girl of course Life kind of sucks for dear Ashleigh, and everything is mostly because she is too chunky and fat her opinion Nice goodlooking men don t want to date the chubby girls at least not as future girlfriends or wifes Time to make a difference be at the gym every morning at 6 30 Puffing and panting, it s hard work Special Ops Marine, Lt Christopher Jameson, is a shy huge 6.7 white country boy, who works with security in the same building as Ashleigh He was born with misshaped facial aesthetics due to bilateral cleft palate Sadly was his parents poor people and with that were these defects unfortunately not cared for by the best surgeons and doctors then when he was a small child The scars are to be honest horrifying but his aka name, Beast, has Christopher primarily for his very tough strong style on the battlefield Christopher runs on the treadmill, is muscular and well shaped, eat lots of healthy food, plays guitar and has a cat but otherwise he s very lonely Most often, he pulls the hood over his head and run past so that no one will stare at him Like, you guessed, they meet in the basement gym and soonish the sparks fly between these two Overall is Beast an sweet important story It deals with many important topics and current issues in a good and natural way It is about your appearance, dieting, food and nutrition, fitness and exercise, family and skin color, and various prejudices The Beast is kind and safe The Beauty must find her way Christopher Ashleigh are two nice main charaters I liked them and I enyoyed their story I felt for them and with them They were a perfect match They are both two young lonly characters seeking for love They have both many flaws and external shortcomings, an ugly scared face and a too plump body, compared to today s appearance ideals This is of course a romance, and you know what happens in romances 1 Lose weight and work off a few pounds of fat and let your beautiful hair gently blowing free from tight knots 2 Put away any ugly glasses and buy a very sexy dress 3 Put on your sexiest heels and new minimal black lace underwear and it s all easy fixed A lucky romance Cinderella, or a male Cinder, has blossomed again Exactly that way wasn t it this time, but almost I must point out that they were both very, very much worth it This narrator LaShone Garth made it good in many ways I don t know, but I felt that she lisps a little bit very charmingly She also had a soft girlie voice black for Ashleigh I liked her voice Listening to smexy hot scenes view spoiler Sometimes it feels both embarrassing and a bit corny to listening to some sexy moanings and hot mutterings read high and loud for you by a narrator I usually turn down the volume and think about when it s time to change the laundry in the washing machine, or what is needed for dinner, or the upcoming review hide spoiler

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    I m learning, sweetheart Just please be patient with me It s hard to undo a lifetime of insecurities She gave him a solemn look I know 3.5 stars for overall plot4 stars for the story it wants to beThis story is a spin on the old tale, Beauty and the Beast, but really, the beast is than a scarred man who falls in love with a beauty.In this story, both the hero and the heroine carry a beast inside of them, the hero with his inward loneliness and outward isolation due to his deformity, the heroine with her self seeking vanity and battle with obesity Further, there are outside beasts that are battled as well, in the form of other people s superficiality, prejudices and ignorance Yet these are never so strong as the struggle both the hero and heroine face as they learn to trust and accept that good IS out there, just waiting for them to grasp it To see it Benefit from the beauty of it Beast is aptly named even if the cover is a poor complement It hits upon some deep issues, sometimes, in almost very poignant ways meaning I was touched, but not floored by them More to the point, some changes in the characters circumstances, I questioned, but totally understood why this writer took those routes.This is one of those times when I, as a reader, was taken by the sentiment and intentions in the author s purpose, but recognized some slight mis fires in execution It s a story that s written a little rough around the edges, but it MERITS attention.

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    WowPepper Pace does it again I think that out of all of her books that I ve read so far, this is my favorite Sure, there were editing issues, but this story was just beautiful.I actually liked both characters the female protagonist Ash didn t make me want to give her a beat down As for Beasthe has got to be one of the best male characters around, disfigured face and all I like when characters grow and learn from life s lessons, and the H h in this story did just that 4.5 stars

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    This is a book that I probably wouldn t have ordinarily bought based on just looking at the cover however this was a very nicely told story very modern beauty and the beast The story is about racial couple with insecurities about there appearance These insecurities have been something that bothered him for a lifetime sort crippled them a bit But each finds something other needs in each other The story is written by pepper pace I am never disappointed when I l read one of her books she always has an interesting twist to all of her stories definitely a five star read and I highly recommend this book.

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    I am completely biased, because I think everything Pepper Pace does is perfect That being said..This is the most fantastic version of Beauty and the Beast All re tellings of fairytales should be this unique and well written I loved Christopher and Ashleigh, how they were both flawed but still perfect, and how they found love and support in each other.