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    Ugh, this was abysmal, truly terrible I moderately enjoyed Nightlight A Parody so I thought I d give this a try This is not even remotely funny, it s just stupid Just changing the names of things does not a parody make, especially when the name changes themselves are uninspired and humorless You can find a parody on YouTube that will give you laughs in 1 minute than the hours it will take you to trudge through this crap Seriously, you want Harry Potter humor Just visit Google.

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    I simply cannot compliment the author and the narrator enough Not only is it a laugh a line funny, but the high level ventriloquism Christopher uses adds a level of shine that outstrips almost any reading experience Just wait until you hear and imagine Barry Trotter hit the redial button on his uncle s address book There are also references to the top actors and actresses of the day, but that doesn t really impede this book s withstanding of the test of time.The book starts off simply, with Barry et al travelling to America to stop the latest Trotter film Michael Gerber simply doesn t believe in the fourth wall, and this helps add to the comedic effect case in point Barry whines about the slow narration, keeping him on the stairs for several pages I loved his parody of England s Sun newspaper althought it was a case of TMI at one point.While this is certainly not for everyone, those who enjoy toilet humour and R rated comedy will enjoy this book with a 99% probability ratio.

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    Did you ever read Bored of the Rings The Harvard Lampoon s parody of Tolkien is one of the funniest little books I ever read Crude, adolescent, and now terribly dated, it was also witty, inventive, and most of all funny With fond memories of that parody in mind, I was looking forward to Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody While it has all of the crudity and adolescence of it s illustrious predecessor, it fall short in one major category It isn t all that funny While the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was a quick read at over 700 pages, Barry Trotter was a slow read at under 180 The book parodies the series, the writer, the business of publishing and moviemaking, marketing, and pop culture fandom, but has very little to say about any of those things that is either original or funny I can recall only two occasions when I thought the writer had been genuinely witty, but he so overplayed the joke, as if in fear that his readership would be to stupid to get it, that he bludgeoned all possible humor from it Note for all future writers of literary parody just messing around with the names and making the characters a bit shabby does not equal instant humor.

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    I could write a really long review explaining the manifold ways in which Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody was a stupid b really stupid c really really stupid and d disgusting but I m not going to waste my time when I can sum it up in a few words endless toilet humour and sex jokes Strangely I don t find the idea of Dumbledore pissing on a model of Harry or Hermione s top being turned invisible absolutely fucking hillarious, I wonder why Maybe because I m not a thirteen year old boy I shall now be petitioning Gerber for the 50p I wasted on this back Helpfully, he included a form to do so

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    I got to page 70, but didn t get any further because I found it rather boring What humour there was seemed rather dry and dull calling Fred and George Ferd and Jorge or whatever it was isn t my idea of good wit There was little plot, which mostly seemed to centre around how run down everything was.I found the original Harry Potter books were funnier And the stories had substance My advice stick with them.

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    I m not gonna finish this crap And I m not saying this because I Love Harry Potter and cannot laugh about parodies It s just stupid and exaggerated It s like the Author put every thought he had into one big bowl and picked randomly which one to use next

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    Horrible Unfunny Humour in this book consists of having silly names for well known people and things A chore to read Novelty lasts about 1, maybe 2 pages Zzzz

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    This is definitely the stupidest book I ve read in a long time It was kind of funny in parts, but mostly just ridiculous Fortunately, it s not very long.

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    This was one of the dumbest things I ever read It tried too hard It started out funny but got insanely annoying very, very fast Skip it.

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    I read this book and although I was confused seems to be an extended theme in my reviews at first if I liked it or not However as I read on I found it to be hillarious and it s spontaneous way of creating odd situations for the characters Also the ending really throws you, But it s a good throwing, it took me a while to catch up with the book but toher than that it was a wonderfully funny read.