At His Pleasure An Erotic Historical Romance Epub õ

First 3 books in the popular Ruling Of Bess series for the price of 2His Word Is LawBess is a creature of the forest – free spirited and happy with her life One day as is the custom she is bride captured by the local lord of the manor the handsome and powerful Raoul Bess must be taught civilised ways and that means the acceptance of her husband’s absolute rule and the consequences of disobedienceHer ShamingBess’ disobedience has gone too far and Raoul must be seen to properly punish her or risk unrest among his subjects Much severe measures are called for than normal – no mere spanking will do Raoul has grown to admire his new wife’s spirit though and doesn’t want to hurt her What will win through?Eyes Like A HawkSeeing it as a way of escaping her confines for a few hours Bess takes an interest in falconry Unfortunately getting carried away with the occasion she then goes against the strict instructions of her husband lord and master As a result Raoul is forced to take her to task in the most severe of manners

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