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Unauthorized biographies can offer a reader a general look into a star s life, though the facts are not substantiated Yet, this book is fascinating in that the reader is given a opportunity to look at Angelina Jolie s growth and development as an actress and as a Hollywood vamp The concern is to an individual wondering how Ms Jolie Pitt is able to reform her troubling past and behaviors that hurt her family, other actresses actors and her own sense of who she became over the years How does she deal with such destructive behaviors and attitudes Did her body become damaged after so much alcohol and drugs use Will that make a difference in her future life which surely means her children s lives Will this passed set of addictions destroy her as she ages I do not care for Angelina Jolie Pitt as an actress, but find her attempts to assist those people from other cultures find a remedy to their daily existence through human organizations and developing funds for those organizations She must be quite a handful for anyone getting to work with her Of course, Ms Jolie Pitt is so wealthy she is able to create her image and employment into any social organization she chooses. So so as far as the celeb tell all genre goes.It was very sloooow moving in the beginning, too much background about her grandparents Seriouslylike anyone who picks up an unauthorized celeb bio wants to know about the origin of her grandparents SPOILERS Points of interest aka Important things for my friends who want to knowbut not badly enough to bother reading it themselves 1 Serious abandonment issues during childhood.2 Cutter and heroin addict and anorexiclong time.3 Tattoos give her sexual pleasure.4 Laura Dern was dumped by Billy Bob for Ang Laura Dern was Ang s babysitter from childhood.5 Billy Bob is afraid of antiques and silver cutlery Yep He s OCD and quirky All the blood vial swapping stuff was true.6 Billy Bob gave her a white rat for a wedding gift She pretty much dumped him after her first adoptionit was her, not him 7 Goodreads does not have enough bandwidth for me to list all of her loversMick Jagger took him to a bondage club in NYC and Oliver Stone were my favorites She had her eye on Brad for YEARS 8 Many references to Pitt being a stoner No mention of her ever smoking weed, just smoking H which she quit around the time she hooked up with BBT 9 Painted J Aniston as a clingy, pathetic mess 10 There was nothing to the making out with her brother stuff she was always trying to shock get publicity.11 She s always taking off and leaving kids with Pitt and nannies. Amazing EPub, Angelina By Andrew Morton This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Angelina , Essay By Andrew Morton Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Andrew Morton s unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie describes an abused child, raised to be promiscuous and exhibitionistic by an amibitious, selfish, and cold woman who pushes Jolie to succeed as an actress in ways that momma Marcheline never could.Morton asserts that for than a year, the infant Jolie lived in a bare, all white room cared for by an assortment of babysitters, one of whom provided this information He says Marcheline didn t see her for days at a stretch, never read to her, and provided little to nothing to stimulate or entertain the child To emphasize the effects of this on Jolie, Morton quotes psychoanalyst Dr Franziska De George who says, The child whose mother abandoms them at six months not only has severe trauma, but beyond that the child is lacking a relationship with itself the emotional part is missing Psychologist and author Iris Martin adds, We all self sooth by going to the mother within and she doesn t have that infrastructure It s one of the reasons why she is a brilliant actor Ordinary people don t lose themselves that easily in a person or a process 182.On the way to deposing Oprah Winfrey as the most powerful celebrity of 2009, Jolie comforted herself destructively with anorexia, cutting, public sexual behavior, and drugs Her current methods are adopting and bearing children, supporting charitable causes and being a UN Goodwill Ambassador Men in her life have been conquests to be discarded after she s obtained them, and her relationship with Brad Pitt hasn t lasted long enough to rule out that fate for him as well.At slightly than 300 pages, the book is replete with details about Jon Voight, Marcheline and her family, and the plethora of actors involved with Jolie to date If only a small part of it is true, she s lived an amazingly unusual life and will probably continue to attract public attention. Well, this is yet another example of how dysfunctional parents screw up someone s life I really worry about all those kids she is taking in and leaving to raise by others They will end up being screwed up, too Wow, that was harsh but honest. I m giving this 2 stars because even though it was uninteresting and there were no big revelations, Andrew Morton is a good writer and the information is presented well Otherwise I would probably go with one star First off I ll say I didn t like Angelina Jolie prior to reading this and I probably like her even less after reading this I still think she is a homewrecker and a bit of an attention whore I think all of her humanitarian efforts are ridiculous and, quite honestly, very selfish in so many ways as opposed to the selfless presentation she wants you to believe While I do respect the amount of money she donates to charity I just have issues with her whole thing I don t know why but I just don t buy it I guess if I had anything nice to say about this book other than it wasn t poorly written I d say that I didn t get the feeling the writer was trying to paint her in a good or bad light It felt, for the most part, fairly objective Her antics used to bore me and now she just bores me overall because she s kind of boring In my opinion it was just a little too soon for this bio to be written I am sure she has a few relationships to tear up and some anorexia and or drug related drama in her future Perhaps some orphans to adopt Snoozer. For months, Angelina Jolie was looking out at us from billboards alongside a single question Who is Salt The tagline refers to the new thriller, Salt, about a CIA agent suspected of being a Russian spy the movie has an identity crisis of its own, the main character was originally cast as a male But the genius in the marketing, of course, is that we re asking the same thing about the actress herself.Enter Angelina, the unauthorized biography by Andrew Morton, who has penned celebrity biographies of Tom Cruise, Monica Lewinsky and Princess Diana Morton s Salt is a 35 year old, second generation Hollywood actor who has spent her entire life in the public eye, careening through a crazy quilt of rumor, truth and half truth regarding in no particular order or veracity a fascination with death, heroin use, bisexuality, the serial inking of skin, the bedding of other women s men, the winning of an Academy Award, a U.N goodwill ambassadorship and the top spot of Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100 list not to mention having a family of six children with Brad Pitt.If there is a celebrity today who merits the spadework of an unauthorized Morton biography, it s Jolie, with a potential audience that includes just about anyone who has gone through a supermarket checkout line in the last decade, glanced at tabloid headlines about Angelina, say, open mouth kissing her brother or swapping vials of blood with Billy Bob Thornton and wondered What was she thinking Morton s Angelina can t answer for sure none of the principal players in the tale, which begins in 1950 with the birth of her mother Marcia Lynne Bertrand and ends earlier this year with her charity work in Haiti, appear to have cooperated with him Among his most relied upon, on the record sources seem to be a former babysitter of the Voight children and Angelina s alleged one time drug dealer but Morton manages to advance a plausible theory nonetheless.First off, as Morton points out early on and reminds us frequently , Angelina Jolie Voight, born on June 4, 1975, is a Gemini complete with all the light dark, good bad, impulsive reflective duality that the astrological sign entails But, since the world is home to plenty of Geminis who haven t inked Thornton s name below their bikini line on a whim, there s clearly at work.So, in recounting her story, Morton turns to professional psychologists who he s careful to point out have never counseled the actress to offer their opinions By applying that armchair psychology to the version of events he s patched together, Morton presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of a woman with abandonment issues, extreme impulsivity and a knack for leveraging the endless media hunger for every last morsel of celebrity tidbits in a way that allows her to continually cast, craft and recraft her image.If there s anyone to blame here, according to this book, it s the parents, since the bitter relationship between actor Jon Voight and Marcia Lynne later Marcheline Bertrand runs as a subplot throughout Her father left Bertrand for another woman when Angelina was 2, and her mother manager is portrayed as vacillating between being a laissez faire hippie mother and a pushy sort of stage mom who, according to Morton, tried among other things to push her daughter into a relationship with Mick Jagger.The book also reports, in addition to two marriages first to actor Jonny Lee Miller and later to Thornton who happened to be engaged to Laura Dern at the time Jolie s pursuit by a besotted Timothy Hutton, a near romantic encounter with Gary Sinise and a relationship with model Jenny Shimizu And then there s the fireball of fame that is Brangelina which Morton suggests was at least sparked, if not fully kindled, while Pitt was married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston Morton, who knows his way around a nuance, implies with as much certainty as he can muster that they were fully engulfed early on It s at this point that the book seems to move into hyperdrive, with endless rounds of globe trotting, location shooting, child acquiring and philanthropic efforts But the faster it seems to move, the harder it is to put down Maybe that s because, like salt, we have a craving for explanation, for back story, and Morton s book offers a satisfying dose of both While the healthier approach might be to limit the intake by vowing to pick it up occasionally and flip to the index for a snippet like Haven, James relationship with or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, that s not likely to happen.No matter how bad it might be for you, chances are you won t be able to put this book down until your mouth is dry and your blood pressure is racing. Not really sure how to review this book I guess I ll give it three stars because I enjoyed reading it, but it was basically a very long People magazine article.There were two big problems with this book 1 Most of Morton s sources were anonymous and a lot of the conversations events he writes about have no citations whatsoever Frequently it looks like he just pulled this stuff out of his ass 2 Angelina Jolie has always been VERY open about her past there s really nothing new in this book Anyone who has ever read an interview with her basically knows all of the shocking revelations about her drug use, cutting, bisexuality, etc As a result, it s hard to tell for whom this book was really written Angelina s fans already know all this stuff, while those who can t stand her won t like some of the positive chapters that is, if they even care to read a book about an actress they don t like.I did find the chapters about Angelina s parents very interesting, particularly her mother s odd relationship with Al Pacino and her attempts to marry off her daughter to Mick Jagger Marcheline comes across as both a beautiful tragic figure and a horrible human being However, as I said above, Morton doesn t cite WHERE he got his information, so the reader has to take it all with a grain of salt 5 stars for Angie, 0 for the author.Yes, Angelina is an amazing woman, and this book does draw the picture of why she is amazing, in spite of busily trying to paint another picture..This author takes the unforgivable low road of mistaking his subject for his patient and I don t see no Dr in front of his name , weaving the whole book around his thin thread of how Angelina is irredeemably emotionally handicapped by her inability to really feel love Spare me He even employs the tried and true In Touch magazine move of liberally quoting Dr So and So, a psychiatrist who has not treated Angelina Jolie or any of her family , who rants on about infants rejected by their mothers, classic inability to bond , blah blah blah gag me Tacky The book has this moral overtone or maybe it s just the droning, sometimes simpering narrator of affected sympathy Oh, poor little Angelina, she ll never be able to truly feel, and so she s forced to live a pallid, hopeless life collecting children of different colors and being a workaholic Luckily this book is pre Brad breakup, I shudder to think what hay he d make out of that.Good GRIEF, she is one of the world s most accomplished, successful, inspiring, and generous performers and business people She is a goddess among women because of her commitment to embracing and exploring her own sexuality, never suppressing it, until she has effectively transcended it Without compromising or hiding her sexual wildness, she has written her own definition of herself that includes all she is, of which sexual is only a part This is no mean feat for an actress in a world that does it s best to compartmentalize all public women, and if possible, put them into a lockable box marked sex symbol.Not least, she has to rise above know it all eejits like Andrew Morton opining about her emotional limitations Please It s hard enough to pursue personal growth on the ground floor as an unknown prole, but to do so bravely, publicly, and without shame for being exactly who she is and where she is, even when it s messy, on the spotlit pinnacle of fame her entire life She has struggled with challenge and adversity, addiction and prejudice, and she consistently overcomes with devotion, ambition, and passion So, Angelina is amazing, amazing than I knew before reading this book, and now I have some reasons why I ve always liked her so much, thanks to this book grudgingly As for the book, one gets the impression that Angie s story glows through it despite the best effort of the author to reduce her to something small and dismissable Just like she glows through the screen I m sure she will continue to surprise and inspire. This is a very interesting book In true Morton fashion, your held to facts It does not paint Ms Jolie in a very good light From her disturbing childhood to her currant life You d think the odd part of the family would be the Voight side, Hollywood and all, when actually it was her mother s family who thought they were above all They were from Riverdale, Il, and I was raised 5 miles from there, it was or is not now a upper crust community Actually now it is a ghetto The things that Ms Jolie is so proud of, are the things that others would be ashamed of Heroin addiction, casual sex, using people men, ie Billy Bob Thornton a trip to the mental hospital She s proud of this behavior The way she treats her father is despicable Being a child of divorce, some acting out is expected but once an adult you understand that sometimes things just don t work out Holding her father responsible for his ex wife is not realistic.The good she has done as a humanitarian is overshadowed by her neglect of her children, admitting she feels for the adopted ones than her biological onestrue mothers do not say such things She s a great actress but a woman to be pitied.