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my heart is just clangin against my chest, fighting against the constriction of my throat, trying to push it s bloody way out of my mouth to be free out of the pure, astonishing accomplishment of this book, which was way too good, way too well, way too mother fucking fresh please excuse my French i swear latrivia s.nelson is smirking at those of us who shun away from her raw audacity i keep using that word to describe her, but it s only in a ghostly, affectionate fashion and astounding talent she truly loves who she is and what she does and she continues to reiterate that notion with every flourishing stroke of her trusty pen this book, this series, truly shines in its own right and remains quite original well obviously the suspense of this continuous plot from the previous story is highly agreeable with its bouts of devastatingly yet calmly handled, cold blooded revenge and murder, the elaborately detailed settings of persons and places all of which are vastly set apart in race, gender and nationality, but not in feeling and emotion these things were carried out quite beautifully by ms nelson and this is what made it interesting to see what kind of person anatoly would turn out to be, compared to his father, which is to say that he indeed, is his own character and not just a re painted picture of his father this is what will make him so memorable along with his cold hearted ness, his fierceness, his will, and yeah, his ability to love as i was reading this, i became very caught up in the author s unique flair and knowledge for each of her characters own psyche they too, do give less of a fuck about what the status quo is on things regarding human nature, race, interracial relationships and other oh my shit like that, which in fact, they don t seem to ever ponder the essence of human nature itself they don t feel the need well at least not like the rest of us do it would just waste breath and time instead, nelson s characters just live with instinctual prowess and they gravitate toward Happy and they Love andthere s nothing wrong with That this entire series cleverly, yet honestly demonstrates that i can t convey just how much that means to me as a writer myself. Well I l be darn another amazing story that I zoomed through, how long do I have to wait for another one of her books So Anatoly having to prove himself as boss of the Medlov crime family goes through a lot in this third addition to the series Lust, Jealousy, revenge, lost, and even love, but the cool thing and the best thing about this book is Dmitry having his sons back on everything, he is truly the man of this series when ever I get to a page and Dmityr s on it I m like dang here comes the real boss His presence steals the show I like Anatoly s relations ship with Renee but did not love it It seemed to come out of no where maybe if there was background of them getting to know each other in the other two books I m mean they were mention in the first book being in the same room as each other when Royal threw a Thanksgiving dinner then in the next book Renne was barley mention at all and if she was, there was no connection to Anatoly Then we come to this book and they are all of a sudden best friends I felt like I missed that getting to know part completely like I got with Dmitry and Royal Everything else was fantastic though, the love scenes, Victoria finally getting hers, and the added addition to the family a cousin named Gabriel being the son of Ivan I hope he gets his own story And last but not least my personal favorite was just of Dmitry and Royal scenes I love that couple I do have say Ms Nelson can sure write some steamy, sexy to die for love scenes that have you wanting to read again and again, there was a couple of times I was like he did what now Hold up I got read that again Well Latrivia still seems to stay on my top list of best I R Authors ever Can t wait for her next book Heres my couple Happy Reading From The Bestselling Series, The Medlov Crime Family, Comes The Highly Anticipated Story About America S Favorite Bad BoyAnatoly Medlov Is The Youngest Crime Boss In The Medlov Organized Crime Family S History Now, He Has To Prove Himself To A Council Who Thinks His Legacy Has Not Been Well Earned, Amidst A Grueling Investigation By Lt Nicola Agosto Of The Memphis Police Department And During Plot To Destroy Him By His Ex Lover, Victoria In His Loneliness, The Only One He Can Confide In Is The Shop Girl, Renee, An Old Friend Who Knows Than Anyone About His Personal Journey However, His Friendship Soon Turns To Love For A Woman He Knows That He Cannot Have Because Of The Feared Code His Is Bound To By The Vory V Zakone When His Estranged Mother Dies Suddenly, Anatoly Flies To Russia To Pay His Last Respects And Discovers A Jolting Secret The Late Ivan Medlov S Own Brutal Legacy Still Lives Through His Son, Gabriel, And His New York Crime Family Anatoly S Father And Former Czar Of The Underworld, Dmitry, Sees This As An Opportunity To Unite The Two Major Families And Blesses Both Men However, Anatoly Sees Gabriel As A Threat To His Empire And Competition For The Affection Of His Father Will Cousins Kill Because Of The Sins Of Their Fathers Gabriel Medlov Has Always Resented His Existence Now As An Undercover DEA Agent, He Plans Destroy The Medlov Crime Family Once And For All Only In Order To Get Close Enough To Destroy The Organization, He Must Also Get Close Enough To Love His Estranged Family Will Blood Prove Thicker Than Water Or Will One Man S Revenge End The Family For Good Follow The Story Of One Young Man Who Fights To Be King In A Room Full Of Royalty And Suffers The Pain Of His Position In The Romantic Suspense Guaranteed To Make You Want Note From Latrivia S Nelson I Truly Hope That You Enjoy My Latest Addition To The Medlov Crime Family Series This Book Is Different, Because It S A Stand Alone If You Have Never Read The Series, You Still Will Be Able To Follow The Characters And The Plot Of This Book Without Having Read Dmitry S Closet Or Dmitry S Royal Flush Rise Of The Queen So Don T Worry For Those With Sensitive Reading Eyes, There Is No Rape Scene However, For Those Hopeless Romantics, There Is Plenty Of Love You Ll See The Complex Relationships Between Father And Son, Husband And Wife, Mother And Daughter, Best Friends, EtcAlso, At The End Of The Book, You Will Have A Few Questions They All Will Be Answered In The Last Book Of The Series Due Out December This Book Was Written With The Suggestions That Have Been Given Over The Last Year In Mind Each And Every Review Has Been Taken Into Consideration, And I D Like To Thank All Of You For Your Continued Support Of My Work It Is My Most Sincere Desire To Get Better And Better At Writing Stories That Take You From Your Everyday Life We Have Enough On Our Plates To Keep Us Anchored To Reality Why Not Have Something To Pull You Away For Awhile With The Medlov Family You Get A Chance To Enter Into A World Of Make Believe Where You Jet Set Across The World To Foreign Locales With Handsome, Powerful Men And Beautiful Women, Go On Exciting Adventures And Still Arrive Back At Your Home In Time To Fix Dinner And Wash Clothes For The Next Day I Encourage You To Read The Books And Share Your Opinions Thank You Again And God Bless,Latrivia S Nelson I enjoyed this book Anatoly is hot headed, street smart, loyal, sexy, and all about his business I keep askin myself Dmitry or Anatoly The father or the son I haven t come up with that answer yet Good book I m ready for the 4th book, to come already. Is that the end Darn it I m kinda in love with this series now In Complete Reign, Anatoly is settling in as the Medlov boss, but soon recieve word that his mom has passed away From there, things in the Medlov family getting even interesting and crowded I really liked Royal and Dimitri, but I ve been enjoying Anatoly since book one It was great to finally see him get his moment to shine for readers to see why papa had so much faith in his boy I think Anatoly still has a ways to go before he s as cool as his papa, but he s a cool enough dude It was great to get so much insight into his character and I loved that even though he s been so set on how he wants to live his life and what s important to him since book one, he s begun to see the wisdom of his father s words and choices I adore him in big brother mode All in all, this series has been really good I m glad I stumbled across it The author has really impressed me and I can see the growth in her writing with each book I hope this isn t the last we read of the Medlov family, but if so, I m satisfied. I want to give this 2.5 stars just like the first but it is not allowed so 2 it is The storyline, plot and characters are good but the execution is still terrible The same things over again I thought that it would improve with this book but it did not I really think the author is messing with the readers with the amount of typos, misspelled words and just plain incorrect words I can not believe that she is supposed to be a college graduate with a MBA Somebody should really proofread her stuff before it is published because all of the mistakes detract from the overall story telling Especially when you have to reread a sentence 3 times to try to unestand it see what I mean.Then there is just plain crazy stuff Moments of WTF I need to administer CPR, Destiny said, adjusting his head to clear his air waves He amerced himself in work, meeting and planning What he felled to tell her was If the character leaves his house to go to a club in a Maserati, how is that 2 pages later he parks his Bentley in front of the club. Excellent I wish I could give it 10 stars Did not want the book to end I do recommend reading Dmitry s Closet AND Royal Flush for background information i have totally falling in love with the series I don t want to give any spoliers away, but you definitely would not be wasting your time or money with this series, THe books are not short, because if they were, you would be disappointed Even if you don t like the mafia aspect, the story line is excellent Every emotional is expressed in this book This series could actually be turned into a a movie, and believe me I would be one of the first ones there Congrats Ms Nelson In the latest installment of our beloved Medlov family we focus on Anatoly Medlov, Dimity s oldest son and Czar of the Medlov Crime Family, whose journey to power is far different than that of his father As Czar of the Thieves in Law, some members of the council feel that Anatoly is too young and inexperienced to be head of the family and try to test the young leader of the Vory v Zakone They are out to kill, but Anatoly is smarter and cunning than they think While the Czar is in Russia to pay his respects to his deceased mother, he receives an unexpected surprise, Gabriel Medlov, Ivan s long lost son Anatoly does not trust Gabriel, where as his father has a soft spot for his new nephew, but Gabriel has a very dangerous secret, one that could take down the Family Meanwhile a scorned lover plots her revenge by making a call to Memphis PD and, Lt.Nicola Agosto is sending in an undercover cop to try and seduce Anatoly and take him down With the world out to take him down, Anatoly feels alone and truly only feels comfortable when he is with Renee, but is there there than just friendship Renee has taken over the shop since the death of her best friend Royal and developed a friendship of sorts with Anatoly, but Renee feels for the crime lord and when secrets are reviled will these too be able to hold on to their budding relationship.Well, I must say, Words cannot express how very much I loved this book If I could give it 100 stars, I would I love Anatoly He is by far my favorite of the Medlov men He is strong, takes no prisoners, and is an all around badass Anatoly and Renee s love story was in a word, Perfect I loved the way they grew together and bonded over loss and loneliness I love that he was Boss Anatoly, hard ass killing machine, gun trafficker son of the most feared man in the world but when he was with Renee, he was just her Ana The story was great and full of twist and turns that had me begging for The secondary characters, Gabriel, Briggy, Destiny, VasiIy and even my favorite cop Nicola where wonderful Of all of the books in this series, this is the one I read over and over along with the books that followed it It s not that I don t like the 1st 2 books in the series, but this was the book that made me want to continue with the series, Anatoly has really come into his own and I hope there is with him and Renee to come I love them. Lust Betrayal Revenge Love All lessons learned the hard way for young Czar, Anatoly Medlov.Dmitry and Anatoly surprised me with what they ignored about Ivan s son, Gabriel but I love the father and son s stance even Excellent writing and detailed storylineI m addicted I was so disappointed of this book and especially of Anatoly He has no problem being ruthless and hurting women but we never see him in love There was no chemistry btw him and Renee, who was such a boring character They are basically friends and it felt like Anatoly was only upset when she left bc he did not want things to change Dmitry adores Royal he is possessive, jealous, and a complete alpha male when it comes to his devotion to Royal I thought that was what we would see from his son Anatoly does not understand his father s devotion with Royal and Dmitry said he would when he fell in love but with Renee he still does not put her before his work This story spent most of the time with Anatoly interacting with other women I forgot all about Renee who was sprinkled into the story in between Anatoly murdering or screwing other women I am shocked that Ms Nelson wrote this after giving us such an awesome couple like Dmitry and Royal.