Yorktown Original, Quality Repertoire For The Absolute Beginner Includes Very Easy Original Keyboard Miniatures, The Majority Of Them In Five Finger Positions Contents Dudelsack Unknown Old German Dance Praetorius Curtain Raiser Turk Carefree Turk Roundelay Von Der Hofe Echo Dance Philip Hainhofer Allemand Praetorius Gavotte Handel Minuet Reinagle Scherzino Reinagle Etude Melodique Martin Bagatelle Diabelli Minuetto Hook Duettino Attwood Song In Parallel Motion Kohler Two Little Inventions Jan Jakub Ryba Quadrille Haydn Little Suite Wohlfahrt Two Little Canons Spindler The Wayside Rose Kohl Bear Dance Schumann Contredanse Wohlfahrt Pass In Review Gurlitt Evening Song Chovan Morning Call Chovan Hungarian Play Tune Bartalus Canzonetta Horvath Russian Dance Goedicke Black Key Frolic Gnessina Promenade Gnessina Ukrainian Folk Tune Kabalevsky Little Polka Kabalevsky Cradle Song Kabalevsky Spring Song Bartok Dialogue Bartok Fanfare Agay Galloping Home Kalmanoff


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    If you are just starting and want to play pieces by the well known composers then this is just the job You can start with the melody on many of the simpler 5 finger pieces and be playing real music in short order Its a long journey to get the hand control for good articulation and dynamics so you need to set achievable short term goals which interest you and you can take pride in hitting There are complex pieces for a complete beginner as well so this book can last you quite a while as you progress.

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    A great selection of pieces for the beginner piano student to provide variety and interest Even the earliest pieces sound like real music and are aimed at the preliminary piano student.

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    If you have students or kids who already learned the piano for at least 3 years but don t have a good sight reading skill I think this would be a good book to use.

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    I am an adult beginner who is always on the lookout for good piano books I ve been playing for 2 3 years and progress is not as fast as I had hoped When I saw these books edited by Denes Agay I wondered which to choose, this volume or the Easy Classics to Moderns, Volume 17 Choosing something that is going to be big struggle is going to be a dismal experience You ll eventually get there but the myriad of mistakes and frustration is demotivating So, I m glad I chose this book first The pieces are short and manageable I d say the best way to characterize them would be simple, but not easy The tunes are simple and playing hands separate is pretty easy Playing with the hands together is where the challenge arises, but it s entirely manageable with these tunes.Bottom line, I m glad I chose this book first If you are debating this book or the Easy Classics to Moderns, Volume 17, I would recommend this book You should be able to work through it in a couple weeks and it will be a confidence builder, then you can move on to the Introduction which I m ready to do now.

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    An introduction to Classics to Moderns built my confidence to play Sonata in C by Tobias Haslinger for my piano jury I am at the beginner s level These pieces are so masterfully compiled, that any child or adult can start from a virtual beginner and advance to an intermediate player in just one year.

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    Delightful introduction to classical music My students love these pieces.I teach well rounded lessons, and before playing the pieces, we analyze thechord progressions, and they are trivially easy.The book is a great learning tool, gradually increasing in complexity.

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    Good book Needs to be studied Not as easy as I thought, but study is good expands the mind

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    This book is great once a piano student gets through all the initial theory and basic playing concepts This book promotes good form The key is not to get ahead of yourself while developing your skill This is a great warm up for Classics to Moderns.

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    First of all, the book was in very good condition It was exactly what I needed I played piano for many years but after being stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis I stopped playing for many years I am starting over because I miss playing and I have forgotten some of my notes, my sharps, and flats, and mostly everything that go with great piano playing The easy keyboard pieces make it very easy to get back into playing again.

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    Normally, Hal Leonard methods are not my favorite, but I love this book Most of the pieces are easy to play for an intermediate pianist.

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    Great piano book for an advanced beginner piano player Good easy pieces My 7 year old son uses it and likes it.

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    I like the motivation behind this book, but the arrangements are really basic I wouldn t recommend this for any players with than a year s experience.

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    Great intro to the Classics to Moderns series.this one is a staple for my youngest students GREAT beginning book

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    Not what I was looking for as my students are beginners Will save for later.

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    Very useful as a transitional book between student methods and classical repertoire,