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Quick delivery A Wonderful Book For Drama Enthusiasts, Young Adults And Children, Drama Teachers And Youth Theatre Groups delivery and book both excellent The product the play was delivered in perfect condition, so I can t fault the supplier In terms of the play, personally I feel that the script is poorly written clunky and at times very slow The concept is nice, the execution of the concept on the other hand falls short. Even though most people have heard the story of Alice in Wonderland, Laura Wade brings a new, modern twist to Alice s adventures The characters are original and relatable, especially for high school students What I loved most about Alice was the smart dialogue that is both hilarious and heartfelt I used this play for my school s drama production last year and it was a hit with the audience as well as the actors who performed There are so many beautiful moments in this play that it will quickly become a favourite Wade not only gives the character of Alice a raw and realistic emotional resonance, but she also brings Wonderland into the present through her constant allusions to the real world Alice is a refreshing take for a young, modern audience. Bought at specific request for my nephew I cannot comment further. I m sorry but I didn t enjoy this version of Alice No need for the swearing and far too verbose I felt it lost the sense of magic and fun of the original story. Fab script young people loved reading this play, wittiest and most intelligent adaptation of Alice I have ever read. Really goo