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Guitar Solo This Berklee Workshop Is Designed For Serious Guitarists Who Want To Sharpen Their High Register Reading Skills And Take Their Playing Expertise To The Next Level It Introduces Studies In All Keys, Using Positions Through And All Major, Minor And Symmetric Scales Individual Studies Consist Of Scale Passages, Arpeggios, Intervals And Notated Chord Sequences In Various Time Signatures

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    Buenos libros de willian levitt,tengo el siguiente y si quieres aprender a leer m sica son bastante eficaces,claro todo con metronomo y estudio diario y pr ctica

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    el mejor m todo para trabajar la lectura de partituras en la guitarra, recomiendo comprar juntos los dos volumenes el otro se llama reading studies for guitar ya que son basicamente el mismo libro partido en dos, uno abarca desde la posicion abierta a septima posicion, y el otro de la octava a doceava y estudios en los que es necesario cambio de posicion Compralos, sin duda.

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    Good for sight reading, delivered in 48 hours A well made book.

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    Come tutti gli studi per chitarra di Leavitt, questo molto utile, quasi necessario per imparare a leggere a prima vista uno spartito con la chitarra Sono studi che vanno letti a prima vista, senza mai soffermarsi sulle battute, evitando di memorizzare il brano, in modo da rendere efficace la lettura a prima vista.

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    This volume builds on Leavitt s Reading Studies for Guitar by taking the player higher up the neck and into multiple position studies where the player has to choose the most appropriate left hand position to tackle the part As my review title suggests, sight reading ability is born of experience and what every players needs is lots of material to gain that experience The strength of Leavitt s material is that it is tuneful and musical but not a collection of old favourites that will let the player depend upon his or her ear to fake through the exercise As well, it demands that the player prepare to read in virtually every key in every position through all sorts of time signatures, rhythmic patterns, and articulations Uncompromising Challenging Sure But this is part of what it takes to become a well rounded, skilled musician If you pay attention Leavitt s rules at the beginning of the book and follow them faithfully, you don t know what kind of progress you can make with your reading ability An excellent source of material for would be jazz or session players, and I m sure that classical guitarists would also benefit from the mental workout.

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    Bellissimo libro con studi di livello come tutti i libri di leavittattenzione in notazione tradizionale niente tablature.

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    Questo libro continua il lavoro di lettura a prima vista del primo libro Reading Studies for guitar, sempre di William Leavitt.Il libro tratta le posizioni dal VII al XII e aggiunge le scale simmetriche a toni interi e diminuita Interessante ma molto difficile, da studiare solo dopo aver studiato il primo libro.

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    W Leavitt una garanzia, questi studi sono molto utili ed efficaci per imparare a leggere a prima vista in tutte le posizioni con la chitarra.