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Completed Novel ~ Alien Abduction
Earth Woman Finds Herself Sold Into Intergalactic Slavery
Part Series

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    ★★★★ = I may not read it again but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I remember reading this years ago and finally decided to track it down. I read it for free on Literotica, and it's still there, as of today.

    From what I remember, it's basically about a human girl who got abducted by alien slavers and sold to a family of male aliens as their "toy". She is stripped of everything morally as she is treated just like pet with no rights or choices, what-so-ever. Basically she was purchased as a sex toy for the alien males and that's exactly what she get's used for. She must wear a butt-plug all the time. She can't go anywhere by herself, not even to the toilet. Only they can feed her with their own hands. She sits on a little pillow on the floor. She is tired up, like a pet. She is treated like a slave, only they don't abuse her or torture her.

    I didn't like the first 40% of this story because of how she was treated. It was painfully slow as she learnt how far she could stretch her freedom and her boundaries. Again and again she would mess up, and again and again they would punish her, like a pet. It was gut-wrenching. The alien's had no pity for the human. In one scene, they tired her to a post and let other alien males grope her, as punishment. I kept thinking "you bastards! you should love her!". Also, it was graphic towards how they handled her. Cleaning her. Played with her. Feeding her. Preparing her. The sex. Everything against her will. All the time I'm sitting there wishing they would come to love her and treat her better. Nope, she's a pet.

    Ciara, the girl, is a fighter. She is so stubborn, and I guess that is why she is always getting into trouble. She never gives up and just accepts her fate. I liked that about her but I swear at one point I felt like saying "give up, Ciara, and just do what they say!" because I couldn't take her being punished, again. We meet another human, Rose, later on, and she is at total peace with her life. She loves her alien owners. She is happy and she is obedient, which, in turn, makes her life better. Ciara learns a lot from her and they become good friends.

    It wasn't until the last part of the story that it became gripping. The alien world opens up more and you get a feel for who the aliens are in their own society. It's brutal. From what I remember, the female aliens rule the planet. The males are slaves to the females (hence the title) and are used for breeding, however, they are allowed to have sex-pets for fun, as their breeding can mean death among their own kind. It's really barbaric, and the females are scarey creatures! The males practically have to team-rape a female alien beast to breed them and it's more like a bloody battle in a Colosseum, than sex *shudders*

    The world building was amazing, weird, but amazing. There are so many aspects to the story that I found myself falling into the depths of their problems and the angst that came with it. It wasn't kind but oh-so clever and well written.

    Towards the end, Ciara becomes a huge part of the alien world as she get caught up with the alien females and their rulers. She also changes, slowly...(view spoiler)

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    This is a WONDERFUL story. It's all online. The web site is Literotica.com and here's the link: http://www.literotica.com/stories/mem...

    I've been trying to get various friends and co-workers to read this for a while, unsuccessfully. Even if the fact that it's online bothers you, it'll only take a day or so to finish it once it's started, because it's THAT GOOD! Read the comments, too. This is one of the better authors on the Literotica site because she actually finishes her stories, while many on there don't. In the comments you'll find a prevailing theme--"you really should publish this"!

    I highly recommend this story. Then send me a message about it so I'll finally have someone else to chat with about it!

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    Sorry, no. No way. Reads as if written by a teenager. A young one. Endlessly long as well. Everything told so far.

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    I read this on lit first and became entranced with it .Brilliant writing and world building and had to buy it when it was finally self published .A rich plot full of twists and turns.

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    Honestly I would buy it if it were in print. I just kind of fell in love with the storyline and characters. I really wish this author would take up writing again... professionally. I've reread this one at least 5 times!

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    A Great Story about Freedom, Equality, and Family