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One Night Of Passion Leads Two Lovers On A Passionate Journey Neither ExpectedOn The Night That Should Have Been Her Two Year Wedding Anniversary Charlie Brown Finds Herself In A Bar To Drown Her Sorrows Over Her Deceased Spouse One Thing Leads To Another And She Seeks Comfort In The Arms Of A StrangerJake Wanted Charlie The Minute He Saw Her, But Knows He Must Take Things Slow With This Sexy Damsel In Distress When His Offer Of Help Turns Into One Steamy Night Of Passion, He Knows He Can Never Let Her Go Too Bad She S Disappeared From His Bed And Out Of His Life The Following MorningThree Years Pass, But Charlie Is Never Far From Jake S Mind, So It Comes As A Shock To Him To Discover That His New Employee Is None Other Than His Dream Woman Charlie Is Equally Shocked To Find Herself Employed By Jake S Company Because Now She Has A Secret

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    Charli Brown host her husband Paul on her first wedding anniversary.Paul was a firefighter and died as a hero.Charli was a heart broken widow who lost love of her life.Jack Fox was a successful CEO of a software company and was all love them and leave them type untilCharli sat in a bar drinking and trying to drown her sorrow of her 2nd anniversary and loss of her husband 1 year ago.Trying to stop the pain of loosing her husband by drinking.Jack was stuck by a beautiful women sitting in a bar alone drinking and clearly trying to get away from her pain.But out of every thing he could only think of one thing was that how beautiful the women was.This is avery different story with lots of funny and sad moments and a very different type of heroine.Jack wanted to talk to the women of his dream so he paid for the drinks charli had but charli did not even bother to say thank and just said i did not ask him to pay.Jack was left a little sad by the fact he would never see her again,but destiny bought them back together because charli was to drunk she could not drive so she when to hotel for a room but the hotels were full and there comes jake the superaman at the rescue.Jake wish came true ,the she was standing in front of him.All the rooms were booked so jake offered charli to stay in his room as it had two beds but the that led them to one heat streaming one night passion Charli disappeared before jake could say anything leaving jake heart broken but destiny had other plans for them there one night passion left them with a string that would bring them back toghter The thing i would leave for suspence

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    Read this years ago and it is NOT SAFE

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    I know some friends that like this book, but I was turned off by several things in it Call me a prude, that s fine I didn t like the hero at all to me he came off as a user of women even if they are consensual I don t like when the hero doesn t respect women and uses them for sex with no tender regard for them For those who are squeamish about erotica, you might want to avoid this book I bought it for the secret baby plotline which is less common in IR and it turned out to be very in your face sexually with some objectionable language and discussions to me I guess my naivete was the factor, but I had a bad taste in my mouth and feel like I bought the kind of book that I don t care for and wasn t clearly warned for what kind of book it was I think Ms Vaughn is a very good writer This one is just not my cup of tea I really wish I had bought a paper copy so I could trade it Since I bought an ebook, I will just have to delete it.

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    I like the theme of a secret baby and this one was after a one night stand It is a usually a hit with me and I have to say even though this one had its eye roll moments with lots of holes, cheesy dialog, porno sex scenes, and cliche situations I actually liked it and read it in one sitting The cover was creepy though

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    As a lover of awesome Interracial Multicultural Romance fiction, I am seriously picky about the books that I read For over 1 year, I d been tempted to read this book, but for some reason or another, something held me back from buying it Fortunately, one of my fellow friends on GR was kind enough to loan this book to me For that act of generosity, I am most grateful, because after reading this book, I can definitely say that I would have had a problem with paying 4.99 tax for it Although Eve Vaughn is an established Interracial Multicultural Romance writer, this was not one of her best works of IRR fiction Not to say that it was horrible, but it just wasn t a perfect read Being the persnickety reader that I am, I have a serious problem when I have to endure unrealistic scenarios, stilted dialogue, overcooked porno style erotica, and not to mention, stupid stubbornly ignorant heroines heroes In this story, our heroine, Charlie, is mourning the loss of her late husband, who died in an accident about 1 year ago Charlie hooks up with Jake at hotel in a city away from home, and both characters have mad crazy sex after only knowing each other for a day The morning after, Jake is in love lust with Charlie, but she regrets their tryst, thereby making haste to get away from Jake, before he becomes too attached Unfortunately for Charlie, Jake has left her with a little reminder of their tryst, thereby inspiring Charlie to evade Jake s advances when they meet again almost 3 years to the date of their 1 night stand All in all, I thought that this book was ok, but in my opinion it wasn t spectacular That s not to say that there weren t moments of sheer brilliance in the book, because there were, but the moments of annoying porn style dialogue sex, and not to mention the ill placed paranormal element, threw the story out of balance for me To be fair, this book kept me engaged for about 2 hours, so therefore it was somewhat captivating, but at the same time, it was annoying as well If Ms Vaughn had kept up the pace throughout the book by inserting delicious drama and better choreographed sex scenes, this book would have garnered a 5 star rating across the board Giving this one 3 stars.

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    The heroine and her parents were TOO MUCH The heroine was so contrary that I kept wanting the hero to wake up and cut his losses The heroine s parents DEMANDED to know the name of the father of her baby despite the heroine being a 33 year woman living on her own and taking care of her child She breaks down and tells them, they don t like her TONE so they cut their vacation short and leave in a huff.The hero kept putting himself out there and his feelings on the line to no avail The heroine had no problem dropping her knickers at a simple touch She wanted the sex, she just didn t want him because she was afraid of loving and losing him Her argument and justification to herself got old really quickly.This book is a reissue and was originally published in 2006 This is one of the nicest Eve Vaughn heroes you ll ever read from her Trust me.

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    2.5 starsAnnoying heroine, Likeable hero That was probably one of the nicest hero I ve ever read Even though it ends with HEA, I m not really happy with how it s going The push and pull relationship is so frustrating I think I like her romance thriller better Perfect is my favorite from her That book seriously a guilty pleasure for me Yum yum.

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    Definitely Memorable A Night to Remember , is not exactly what I would have selected for myself This book was a gift from a friend and it s not what I usually read She calls herself trying to broaden my horizonslol This is the first novel I ve read by Ms Eve Vaughn, and I thought she did an amazing job with the character development, I found them to be quite memorable I thoroughly enjoyed the lead characters Charlie and Jake the attraction and desire between them was very intense The secondary characters were also unforgettable and added extra spice to this tale The storyline was well thought out and had an enjoyable flow The only thing I didn t like about this story was the explicit sex and the graphic language It was TOO MUCH I thought it took away from what could have been a very sweet, romantic and captivating tale The love scenes came across as extremely pornographic, instead of heated and sensual And the language was just over the top , I mean dirty talk can be sexy at times, but this was just way too vulgar for me and it took some the enjoyment out of the story Having said all that, I still believe Ms Vaughn to be a talented author, and very capable of writing a intensely, passionate tale And despite what I felt were flaws, that being the explicit sex and graphic language, this novel was still a page turner and at times moved me to tears.

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    Okay I just finished this one I was really surprised It s like it turned into a completely different story during the 2nd half of this book and I was actually tearing up a few times The HEA was awesome Charlie got on my nerves alot, but I understood her motivation behind certain choices mistakes that she made Jake too Their redeeming qualities was the simple fact that they loved each other and at the end of the day they chose to submit, commit, love one another.Now the first half of this book It started off okay when it was speaking of Charlie and her husband Paul But then immediately after she meets Jake and it goes into how quickly they hook up, it got kinda Bleh. Just because I felt like the physical scenes with them were trying to come off as erotic but they were just smutty, and luke warm with feeling So I had a hard time reading that. I did not believe that Charlie and Jake had a chemistry until going into the 2nd half of the book up to the end So if the story itself, the dialog and the chemistry had not improved I would have given this one 1 or maybe 2

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    I have had this book for ages and have only now gotten around to reading it Boy I felt for Jake he was practically begging Charlie to let him love her and she was hard on him every step of the way It was torture reading how much this man loved this woman and she was just totally incapable of showing that she loved to him back A great read.