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A Jade's Trick the first installment in Lilly Black's Jaded Series tells the story of Evan Lucien F a former runaway left frigid by years of sexual abuse and Cain Ballantyne a strikingly handsome billionaire who is accustomed to getting everything he wants all the timeuntil he meets his match in Evan Streetwise and hardwired to expect the worst in people she sees right through him instantly recognizing him for what he is a rich playboy just out for a good time but this playboy comes with much darker desires than she could have imagined Determined to prove her assessment wrong Cain spares no resource in seducing her reminding her at every turn that he is the one who will succeed where all others have failed and when Evan surrenders to his charms she finds everything she ever wanted In her Cain finds everything he never knew he needed becoming the man he pretended to be to make her his On the arm of San Diego's most eligible bachelor the poor girl from New Orleans finds herself thrusts into the spotlight among the Southern Californian elite where she learns that the people in Cain's world all seem painted and fake like the tricks of a jade Everyone has secrets and hidden motives beneath their perfect facades even Cain himself and over the course of the four book series as their tumultuous yet unstoppable love grows he gradually begins to share his secrets with her amid grand gestures of love and phenomenal mind bending sex all while a killer hunts among his ex submissives Enjoy the guilty pleasures of sensual bondage switching and Femdom as Evan finds her sexual muse and reshapes Cain's sexual normsand maybe yours as well

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    Wow Just WowHot steamy and romantic with off the charts chemistry I experienced all the emotions possible reading this book including utter sadness and anger when it became apparent what Jade had experienced in her pastA beautiful love story with an ending that I never saw coming Looking forward to reading book 2

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    Absolutely AwesomeWhere do I beginfirst you must read this book Omg when I first started reading I thought it was just another love story with a BDSM flare Boy was I wrong so very wrong Lilly takes you on a wild ride of love pain passion and oh yeah a murder Bet you didn't see that coming cause lord knows I didn't This story has pulled me in and won't let go had me on edge the whole time reading it Now I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I am mad at Cain right now how could he play Evan like that I actually need t know what he was thinking after she opened up to him and then he justread the book to find out

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewI started this book the other day and I have had such a hard time putting it down Its a great story and different from other books in the erotic category Sometimes you can just predict what's going to happen because some but not all follow the same path I'm very happy to say that this book is very different It introduced a story that I haven't read before and I was instantly hookedI instantly liked Evan She is a very strong willed character and not afraid to speak her mind She has had a very rough childhood but she escaped and started a new life with her best friend Nicole Her sole focus is work and forgetting her past She still has trouble with certain things but is determined to put it behind herEverything seems to be going fine until a certain playboy enters the bar one night She has seen his type many times before and is determined to ignore him But that proves to be much harder than she anticipatedCain is what is a good way to describe him dominate passionate and downright hot He is used to getting his way and not used to anyone avoiding him the way Evan does but with time and some very determined moveshe finally gets his way I was really intrigued by Cain At first you think he is going to be very much like Christian grey but he is in a league of his own Just the way he treats her was amazing Perfect book boyfriendThis story is not just Cain dominating Evan it also shows Evan embracing her own dominate side The tables were defiantly turned and it made a very interesting book A mysterious murder and a crazy group of ex girlfriends will keep you on the edge of your seat This story shows two people who are learning about each other who fall in love despite all of the crazy obstacles thrown in their wayI am so ready for part 2 in this series I have to know what happens Lilly black is now one of my go to authors Amazing job

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    Evan won't give Cain the time of day as she figures he is a playboy who is only looking for another notch on his bedpost He finally gets through her defenses and has her seeing him for himself not a composite of those who have hurt her in the past Their relationship is unlike any either has had in the past and their future looks brightI liked this book I hated the cliffhanger ending I want and am not waiting patiently for book 2 I liked Evan and Cain Both are strong willed Both protective of themselves but they opened up for each other Even when they looked like they were breaking up they managed to get through the anger and eventually talk the problem through Cain has too many secrets Evan is insecure but finally opens up about her past I really thought after that breakthrough they would make it work Unfortunately the ending came and it was not what I expected or wanted I was in agony from it Actually I was pssed by it The story is believable The BDSM works well within their relationship While Cain is dominate most of the time Evan has her share of dominance Cain's eyes are opened by Evan's play Evan discovers and owns her sexuality There are some secondary story lines I want to see play out Nicole and Caleb the past the murder the exes and the future What does it hold for them? Right now I hope Evan sticks it to Cain I am so mad at him

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    I received this as an ARC from Lilly Black for my honest reviewIt's much than a girl meets rich boy storyEvan is a troubled girl after years of abuse who ran away with her best friend to escape her troubles She's still uite strong and confident however and can see through people Well that is until she meets Cain at the bar she's working in She resists for some time but eventually he gets what he wants and they begin dating as friends until things take a turn Lots of hot sex BDSM jealousy and ex partnersI kept telling myself I'd read just one chapter but I found myself with late nights unable to find the right point at which to take a break So very hard to resist Lilly Black writes this genre superbly and I now need to read the next book as this one ends with a massive cliffhanger Don't let the cliffhanger put you off reading You will love it

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    Wow I didn't see that coming You'll find yourself saying that a couple of times while reading this gem I was given a copy to read and give my opinion to the author I have to say I'm really excited for the next installment to this series I bought everything in this book Evan is strong yet damaged Cain is every woman's dream and controlling but not over dramatic about it Drama wasn't drama for no reason BDSM in this is light which plays well for the characters I bought the idea that Evan is exploring this for the first time If your looking for something new give this a shot I doubt you'll be disappointed I wasn't and I read a lot

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    A Jade's Trick introduces us to Evan Lucien a former runaway left frigid by years of sexual abuse and Cain Ballantyne a handsome billionaire who is accustomed to getting everything he wants But Cain wants Evan and will do anything to get her Both Cain and Evan have secrets that are hinted at in the book I assume they will be revealed in later books and now have to deal with a killer in their midst I fell in love with the characters and their story The book was so well written that you felt like you were in the story I cannot wait for the next book in the series

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    48 stars for me This was an intriguing story This story reminded me of 50 shades of grey but in this they both shared the control and consent in the bedroom If you are not into BDSM then don't read The twists and turns will keep you wanting The things i didn't like about this story was the fact that it was so long I had to take a few long breaks to get through it and i'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers But if you are then this book will be great for you

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    First let me start by saying Wow This book was free on my Nook and I am glad I downloaded it Evan and Cain are made for one another both are strong and sassy but at the same time scared of losing the love they just found The BDSM in the book is both hot and not overwhelming as in some books I have read Lilly didn’t make it dirty and uncomfortable she actually made sure you followed the characters emotions and feelings as they both learned how to be submissive to one another The story is a roller coaster with Evan letting go and then holding back her emotions her demons try to take her over and as she fights for control you feel her pain I will not give the story away but I will say the end is a cliff hanger that makes you want of Evan and Cain Read A Jade’s Trick it will not disappoint you

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    My first book my Lilly Black and it won't be the last BDSM is so vivid and you you feel you are in the dungeon with both Cain is the handsome billionaire playboy type where as Evan is the tough but damage woman but can hold her own with Cain The ups and downs between them give you a ride of emotions So mad at Cain how could he The murder threw me and still trying to figure it out ready for book 2 to see when Cain and Evan goes even Lucy